A0687: Why will the ascended masters make you experience spirituality? – Part 2

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As we begin to describe the work of the ascended masters on your planet, you should first learn who these ascended masters are in your teachings. They are the angels and devils who are to teach you how to live a better life through many examples of history. One day it was too much of a good thing and many spiritual beings were snubbed at the way the angels were bringing the teachings of the spiritual world to the people, so there was a counter-movement sent to earth to correct the teachings of the spiritual world. The faction of the angels was responsible for the Middle Ages becoming so cruel and in order to correct these errors, the ascended masters on earth were no longer allowed to act as they did before. For everything they did to correct the erroneous belief which they cemented into the minds of men with their teachings only made it worse, so that the faction of demons was summoned to earth to put a stop to the erroneous belief of men. We say the following about this: The demons succeeded sporadically, but they were not able to completely counteract the harm that the angels spread with their teachings, because the angels, in their arrogance, had long portrayed the demons as absolute evil. The faction of demons provides just as much security in the spiritual world as the angels and devils, only that they celebrate the most extreme procedure in doing so. Demons get into mischief just as much as the angels or devils. All three factions ensure that coexistence in the spiritual world appears harmonious and that troublemakers and rule-breakers receive punishment after they have been caught. We have reported in great detail in the series on the factions of the spiritual world how the demons, devils and angels go about this and we also said that the demons are feared everywhere because they always push the punishment envelope completely when a troublemaker or rule-breaker has to be punished. Also, the angels and devils are constantly at loggerheads with the demons because they are so at odds with each other. When the angels teach spirituality to the beings on the planets because they want to convert the young races as ascended masters to a form of spirituality, they have made it their business to make the devils and especially the demons look very bad in these beliefs. The devils and demons have known this for a long time, but they could never do anything about it, because it is up to the angels, as ascended masters, to spread the faith in the spiritual world on the planets, so that the devils and the demons now saw their time had come, when in the Middle Ages on earth everything became worse and worse. The Middle Ages are typical for a race on a planet, because during this time a lot of religious knowledge is gathered, which is supposed to strengthen the cohesion of the race. With you on Earth, this backfired, to say the least, and instead of strengthening cohesion, the social forms were used to divide the masses of people. The religions only reinforced this effect, so that the angels undertook things that were very questionable. Among these are the crusades initiated by the ascended masters to strengthen one faith. When it became clear that earthly people were increasingly falsifying all teachings in order to gain an advantage in society and that faith was also often used as a pretext to justify shameful deeds, the spiritual world recognised this as a failure of the ascended masters and countermeasures were initiated to minimise the damage on earth. First, the ascended masters were forbidden to create more prophets without consultation to spread the next delusion to compensate for the previous damage. Then the devils and demons were ordered to earth with extra powers to stop the delusion. When a spiritual being pursues a task on earth, many rules state what the spiritual being is not allowed to do and how it must behave. A spiritual being is not allowed to manifest on earth without a compelling reason for doing so. Ascended masters are not spiritual beings, even if a form of representation represents a spiritual being, but ascended masters belong to the physical beings, therefore they are also allowed to act quite differently on worldly worlds than spiritual beings. One rule states that no spiritual being may appear to a physical being as a so-called angel, unless it is an exception granted by councils responsible for such things. If a spiritual being violates this, the being receives severe punishments which are carried out in the spiritual world. If a spiritual being receives an exemption, then the being is allowed to appear as a so-called angel in order to perform an action that was previously discussed with the councils. Such an act took place on earth to teach a person the true faith, regardless of the prevailing misbelief. A story occurred in the 7th century that cannot better represent what was done in many places and at different times to turn people away from the messed up erroneous belief that they still celebrate almost exactly the same way today. Paulus was a God-fearing man and because he had much prestige, the spiritual world decided that Paulus should be delivered from his erroneous belief and this could only be done if he could be convinced that the belief he was following was not the belief once taught to people by the ascended masters. First of all, a plan had to be made how Paulus could be convinced that the faith was not interpreted correctly and for this it was inevitable that a so-called angel appeared very impressively to Paulus so that Paulus would also trust the angel’s explanations. The angel was not a faction member of the angels, but a faction member of the devils took over this task. 

“Paulus, how are you?” 

Asked a voice in Paulus his head and Paulus was startled because it was not his voice and he also knew beyond doubt that no person was speaking to him.

“Paulus, don’t you understand what I asked you?” 

Asked the voice again. Paulus was unsure and he looked around his bedchamber in confusion until he found courage and began to speak.

“Who is that talking to me, where is that voice coming from, I ask?”

“You hear this voice only because we have chosen you, dear Paulus. We would like to speak to you personally. Would you agree to that?” 

The voice asked, and Paulus did not know the answer at first, so that both beings remained silent for a while. Paulus then took heart and spoke into the void.

“If I knew who you were, then I could also assume whether I would be inclined to have a conversation with you” 

Again a silence broke out when suddenly a strong vibration set in and an angel appeared in Paulus his bedchamber. The angel shone brightly but not dazzlingly and all Paulus saw was a warmly glowing figure standing in his bedchamber. This figure did not float, nor did it have wings, but the figure was human in nature and very beautiful to look at. It was not clothed in golden armour, nor did it have a halo around its head, but before Paulus stood a wise man who seemed to shine and this man smiled at Paulus. Paulus stood in his bedchamber struggling to say something intelligible until the apparent angel began to speak.

“Paulus, we would like to talk to you about something that interests us very much about you people, because we still do not want to admit that you people have still not understood our faith. We have given you so many hints on how to interpret the true faith and yet you are running in the wrong direction. We would like to talk to you about this, to also explain to you that your present faith orientation is not the one we once taught you. What do you say we talk about it, just to find out where we interpret the faith differently?”

Paulus still looked incredulously at the luminous being before him to then speak the following sentence.

“Who are you really? I see only an old man before me, nothing more“

The spiritual beings had not expected this, so that the devil impressively changed his shape before Paulus his eyes and now a so-called angel hovered before Paulus, who could not have been more impressive. The angel looked exactly as Paulus thought a real angel should look. The being and Paulus had many conversations, but the apparent angel always took the form he first assumed when he appeared to Paulus. This incident is true, even though the dialogue was in a different form, but in terms of content it is to be regarded as authentic. When we tell you that any spiritual being can take any form or shape in your mundane world, but you must also remember that spiritual beings are not normally allowed to manifest in any shape or form, so many efforts to correct the misconception of the ascended masters are mentally guided, manifesting to a person always being the most effective. In the next blog entry in this series we will reveal something to do with the most famous person in your history.

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