A0686: Why will the ascended masters make you experience spirituality? – Part 1

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What exactly an ascended master is, we have explained in the previous blog entry and now we would like to summarise it and deepen the knowledge about these beings. An ascended master has two forms of existence. On the one hand, an ascended master is a physical being and at the same time an ascended master is also a quasi-spiritual being. We do not call it a quasi-spiritual being without reason, because it appears similar to us, even though it is not described correctly in that way. We are spiritual beings and we possess a great deal of power because, for example, we can be in several places at the same time without then being two different spiritual beings, but our perceptive faculty is so great that we can perceive both forms of existence in parallel. This is actually not very difficult to grasp, because you can also constantly handle several things at the same time. You are driving a car along a long monotonous route and while you are driving you are thinking about many things. You are in a state similar to our dual form of existence, where you can usually recall either driving or thinking. We could accomplish both at the same time without our attention having to constantly switch between the forms of existence. We are fully aware in both places at the same time. But an ascended master has a difference from us that actually seems very serious. An ascended master has very little consciousness compared to an unembodied spiritual being. Because he no longer has the consciousness potential that he had before embodiment, he cannot perceive himself fully consciously and simultaneously in both forms of representation. It can happen that the embodied ascended master wants to accomplish something that the spiritual part of the ascended master contradicts. How is this possible, we ask? An ascended master must split his total consciousness because two forms of representation are now inhabited by the ascended master, and since the spiritual form of representation also represents a body in the conventional sense, the body always has a say in decisions as well. The human body controls a not very conscious person to a high percentage and higher evolved beings will always reduce the influence of their body on decisions, but they are never exempt from it. The quasi-spiritual body of the ascended master has its own concerns, as does the body of the embodied ascended master, so that both forms of representation can look at an issue differently and they can lead to different decisions because the overall consciousness of the ascended master must constantly switch between the forms of representation, reacting very indecisively when the forms of representation of an ascended master do not agree. When an ascended master makes a decision, the decision is always to be seen as the compromise of these two forms of representation, and since ascended masters make decisions that will affect an entire race of a planet, the decisions of two forms of representation are also necessary. The embodied ascended master represents the viewpoints of the physical beings and the quasi-spiritual form of representation represents the viewpoints of the spiritual world. Both forms of representation find their purpose in this, because the Wingmaker has created the species of ascended masters solely for the purpose of establishing an interface between embodied beings and the spiritual world. All ascended masters pursue this purpose and how they do so will be explained by means of examples that have happened in exactly the same way. In this blog entry, however, we will first describe the work of the ascended masters. What exactly does an ascended master do and how does it relate to the fact that you have religions on earth? This is actually quite simple to explain. We will start with a fictional example and in the next few blog entries we will reproduce the events from your history that happened exactly like this. Imagine a planet on which a race lives that is constantly at war with each other. Whether this race is technologically advanced or not is not important at first. Ascended masters are very powerful and they are able to grasp the world events on a planet. As they progress through the universes during their existence, because they are able to do so, they will repeatedly look out for young races in the quadrants of the universes to determine how their development is progressing. This will determine not only the peacefulness of the beings among themselves, but also the successes in their social advancement. If the beings are very humane among themselves, but their society seems to have stagnated for a long time, the time is ripe for ascended masters to take care of this race. If the race is very brutal and the humanity is less and less apparent in that race, again the time has come for ascended masters to visit that planet. Both categories of behaviour of the native species magically attract the ascended masters, because that is exactly what they were created for. The Wingmakers have known that the gap between spiritual and physical beings will widen the longer the universes exist, and as more advanced species will also develop more and more abilities of spiritual beings, they have found it appropriate that young races be trained so that these races may gain easier access to the spiritual world. As these races progress further and further in their development, they also network more and more with the spiritual world. Therefore, the species of ascended masters was created to provide easier access to the spiritual world for the young races. For this purpose, the ascended masters are inhabited by spiritual beings who are already exceedingly powerful in the spiritual world. These beings belonged to the faction of angels, which can be interpreted as the police of the spiritual world. These spiritual beings will not inhabit the body of an ascended master through their consciousness, but the spiritual being manifest these two forms of representation of the ascended master and they will proceed in manifesting the bodies as it is written in the blueprint of this species. They cannot use the whole consciousness of the incarnation for this, so that a partial consciousness dwells in the spiritual world. If a partial consciousness dwells in the spiritual world, then the partial consciousnesses of the ascended master are to be valued smaller than the partial consciousness that does not inhabit a body of the ascended master. Now, if an ascended master feels that a race on a planet needs to be supported because its development is either stagnating, it is becoming too inhuman, or the race is showing maturity without a basic understanding of the spiritual world, then the ascended master will see to it that this changes. Ascended Masters will select individuals from the native race to instruct them in the art of spirituality. What kind of this art form is learned does not matter because it will always fundamentally lead to the individual learning what humanity means, how the spiritual world is created and the following is the most valuable thing about this art form – how society can be transformed so that the race can progress. Take an indigenous culture. If indigenous peoples have not yet produced shamanism, the ascended masters will see to it. If a race enters the industrial age without having believed in anything before, then a religion will emerge. When a people or a whole race is to be trained because it has lost its humanity, then prophets will emerge who can do many things that would resemble sorcery. These prophets appear on every planet because every race will one day be visited by the ascended masters. They do not come individually, but many ascended masters together will make this change on a planet. If individuals have been chosen, these beings are trained to learn the art form of spirituality and when they are ready, these prophets excel as the chanters of the ascended masters and the better they trumpet the dogmas of the ascended masters to the world, the more they are rewarded. Prophets are also the so-called gurus, so the second energy body of the guru starts to emit frequencies that are received by potential followers. If a potential follower has been stimulated by the frequencies of a prophet, the follower is magically attracted to the prophet. The prophet’s followers now learn the art form of spirituality and in return they too are rewarded with abilities for practising the art form so beautifully. The ascended masters will now guard the planet for a very long period of time so that their art form can also unfold in the race on the planet. If other beings were to try to undermine the maturing of spirituality because they want the race to understand that the ascended masters are only acting in self-interest because they want to teach the race an art form that is full of fantasies, then the embodied ascended masters will appear to stop this nefarious endeavour. Why does this all sound so strange, you may ask, and we will clarify this matter in the next part of this series.

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