A0685: Do these so-called ascended masters really exist?

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This is a question we have been waiting for a very long time because this subject is so important to you. What is an ascended master and what are the plans of these beings? We start today with an overview of this topic and hope that one day the writer will ask us about it again so that it can become a really interesting series. First we have to refresh your basic knowledge so that you can follow our explanations. We told you that there are spiritual and physical beings and we also said that there are beings who can take both forms of representation at the same time. By this we mean the following: You are human beings and your body is present in the worldly world. Your consciousness is spiritual and because it is bound to your body for the time of human life, you experience yourself as a physical being. Far more advanced species are also physical beings, but their consciousness is not so strongly bound to their body, so that they can also enter spiritual spheres with a portion of their consciousness. But there are also beings who are both. How can that be, we ask? Imagine an incarnation in the spiritual world and suppose it is given the choice of incarnating either as a physical being or as a being that is both. Why should the incarnation choose a physical being when it can choose both? It will choose the physical being if it wishes to accumulate a great deal of power in a relatively short time, and it will choose a being that combines both forms of representation if it is dedicated to a task that is to ensure that spiritualities are promoted in the mundane worlds. Now you are amazed, but that is exactly what we mean. What actually is spirituality and why can spirituality appear in different forms, we ask? Spirituality is something you cannot comprehend. For people of the Middle Ages, many of your technological achievements today would be something that could only be explained by spiritual practices, because the processes behind them were not comprehensible to them. When people are very spiritually inclined, they usually have no clue how to describe something they do perceive. Religious people go one step further, because they refuse to explain the indescribable processes. If a spiritual person understands how to interpret a process that he could not describe before, then he is a bit less spiritual than he was before. But if a being thinks that these processes that cannot be comprehended are something they must not question at all because that is tantamount to sacrilege, then these are very spiritual-religious people. They are spiritual because they accept something they cannot comprehend and they also dare not question it in order to understand the process behind it – that is why they are religious. What does all this have to do with the so-called ascended masters, we ask? These beings ensure that you develop a spirituality and if need be, they also ensure that this spirituality takes a religious direction. These beings were created by the Wingmakers for intelligent life to develop spirituality. When spirituality has been created on a planet, it depends on how the social structure is designed to possibly also create religions, which should promote the cohesion of the beings. Spirituality is brought to the physical beings in several phases, so that this is like evolutionary spirituality leaps that all races go through. The so-called ascended masters have permission to contact beings on alien worlds to train them in spirituality. What makes these so-called ascended masters different from us, the masters and teachers of the writer, we ask ourselves? We are spiritual beings and our powers are limited when it comes to training the writer. If we train him, then he will have to take care of his own increase in power, because realisations arise in him that received their starting shot through the trainings. We are not allowed to give the writer power just because he always writes down every word that we tell him, but the writer has to work hard for every ability and he receives nothing at all as a gift. The situation is different with religious people, who receive power through their faith alone, without having lifted a finger for it. They receive power by believing everything from their religious environment without objectively questioning a single thing about it. Spiritual people are to be evaluated similarly, but they have a tendency to change spiritual direction abruptly, so that these people often have to do more for their abilities than religious people. If a being is neither spiritual nor religious, but it deals with these issues because the being knows there is something there and is looking for answers, then such a being does not earn any abilities just because it deals with it. We would say that these beings have it the hardest, but there are also possibilities for these beings to gain abilities, but for this they have to invest a lot of work. All other beings are rewarded with abilities according to their degree of faith. We are not allowed to give out any of these rewards because as spiritual beings we do not have the permission to do so. The so-called ascended masters have this permission and depending on how much faith an embodied being has in spirituality, the higher will be the abilities that this being receives as a gift for its spirituality. We have said many times that if you master virtues you will automatically be rewarded by the Universe with more power and if you are very spiritual these so-called ascended masters will reward you with abilities that you will never question because then you would not be so spiritual. If you have earned such an ability through your faith, then that ability will remain until you die, even if one day you have lost faith. These beings make sure that you experience spirituality and that you take a step in the direction that these so-called ascended masters see fit for you. Every being is allowed to lie to you, because there is no rule that says we and all other beings cannot. That is why different mediums get different answers to the same question, always depending on how strong the belief is in the medium. If we were to take the writer and evaluate how strong his faith is, he has none, because we have long since ensured that the writer does not simply believe, but questions everything that interests him. He himself intended it this way so that the processes behind spirituality can finally see the light of day and for this he is paying a high price, because to this day not a single ability has been given to him by the so-called ascended masters and this will remain so, because the writer will never believe in spirituality again in his life, because he already knows too much about it. What about you readers, we ask? You are all at a crossroads that will either make you a spiritual person because you either don’t know all of our texts; haven’t understood them properly or the faith in you is still so strong that you are still receiving rewards. The more you study our texts the less spiritual you are and then if you want to develop abilities you have to work hard for it. The so-called ascended masters are beings who exist simultaneously as a physical being and as a spiritual being. When they go about their task of teaching spirituality to physical beings in all universes, there are different phases of spirituality that you are taught and depending on the social structure of a planet, either spiritual gurus will take on the task of establishing spirituality from the so-called ascended masters in a race or religions will have to take on this task because the gurus there simply cannot gather enough followers around them or because the race itself hardly supports spirituality. With you on Earth, religions have had to contain the spiritual proliferation, so that today gurus still emerge who are trained by the so-called ascended masters, but because religions have prevailed over time, the gurus will also only be able to gather a small crowd of followers around them, who are then rewarded by these so-called ascended masters, depending on the strength of their faith. You belong less and less to them, the more you read of our texts and should you want to learn abilities, then you should start quickly with it, because every text from us makes the possibilities more difficult. We still have a lot to tell you about the so-called ascended masters, because you have just read the basic knowledge about them or do you now know with certainty where these beings are supposed to have ascended to? No, because now begins the charade that has been started in your minds. This charade will soon produce a winner and we believe we know who that will be. If we are ever allowed to start a series on this subject because the writer asks us, then you will hardly be spiritual any more because we will be allowed to reveal much that you currently lack as a basis of knowledge to glimpse the bigger picture behind all the puzzles. This subject will change much of your perception of the spiritual world and little of your previous spirituality will remain.

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