A0677: How will the situation in Ukraine develop?

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We can tell you exactly. Ukraine will not survive this month as a sovereign state because Russia is now starting to increase the pressure on Kiev. The city is facing a siege and the suffering of the population will ensure that those in charge will give up in the name of humanity. When this is announced by the current president of Ukraine, there will still be insurgents in the president’s own camp who will vehemently try to exert pressure so that the situation will not only come to a head in Kiev, but all metropolises in Ukraine will be affected. Mariupol will look like a shambles because the anti-Russian forces are concentrated there. The west of Ukraine will mostly be spared because many Ukrainians are now emigrating to the western part of Ukraine. The fighting continues after the surrender, because the forces in Kiev do not want to give up, so that March will be marked by the siege and the surrender, and until mid-May there will still be many skirmishes, which will never cost many more lives. By the end of May, everything should be finished so that the occupying power, Russia, decides how Ukraine may continue to exist. Russia already knows how the subsequent division is to take place, but it will cement it with a referendum to be decided by the population. Most Ukrainians want a change and because many anti-Russian forces in Ukraine and elsewhere have now been destroyed, the vote on this can also take place according to the rule of law. Many Russian-born Ukrainians want to be annexed to Russia, but President Putin will only allow this in isolated cases, so the areas of the Donbas may join the Russian Federation and many Western-oriented areas of Ukraine will choose a neutral status. Kiev belongs to the Ukrainians and this will not change in the future, but Kiev will have to significantly reduce its sphere of influence and Ukraine will be a demilitarised zone over which the Western powers will have little influence because they are now targeting other NATO accession countries to challenge Russia. Finland will still play an important role in this and we also think that if the war starts over Finland, Britain will be exposed for what they are, they will set fire wherever they can to destabilise Europe and if Finland starts negotiating to join NATO, Putin, strengthened from the Ukraine conflict, will know how to prevent this rabidly. The submarines that are seen everywhere and that are used to simulate Putin’s force in front of the Nordic countries are quite quickly unmasked as British submarines that are supposed to represent a Russian scenario so that these accession countries are now driven by fear to push for accession to NATO. If these countries are intimidated into trying to join NATO, Russia will ensure that Britain pays a huge price for doing so, resulting in the loss of face that will reveal to the world that forces in Britain have been trying to bring down Europe for a long time. There will be an act of war where you don’t suspect one and many will rub their eyes in wonder at what Russia is capable of. Ukraine will still experience very peaceful times this year, when the pacification by Russia will have been fully completed in a few months. The candidates for accession to the European Union will increasingly doubt whether it is really the right step to take. The arms industry will profit from it, as in all conflicts, but the normal population will not agree to the sanctions for much longer, because they are the ones who suffer throughout Europe, so that in exactly three months the sanctions will be dropped for the most part. Once Ukraine has held the referendum on how to proceed, the situation will relax all over Europe. Many statesmen will be shocked and since there is little they can do, they will pretend to be benefactors of their state by lifting the import ban on Russian products. NATO has not only lost face, but it is also struggling with its members because NATO’s incompetence is now being officially addressed. At the end of the year, this will lead to at least one member state having a vote on whether the state should leave this alliance. How this vote turns out is not so important now, but it is another domino that has fallen and now many countries will also think about it. Germany will be the last country to leave NATO, so Germany is spending a lot of resources to keep this alliance alive. When tranquil life has returned to Ukraine, Finland will see her troubled times as a target of Britain. Finland will not be occupied, nor punished with sanctions by Russia, but what will happen in the coastal towns could not be more curious, but you will see it. People will die and when the short but violent conflict breaks out, no one will believe what they have been led to believe for years. What exactly happens will be hotly debated for years to come and in the process the machinations of the British government will be caught in the crossfire of public perception and that will be the end of all evil. After that, a time dawns that is attributed to the President of Russia for having the foresight and determination to expose Britain for what they are in front of world public opinion. Forces in the British government have been fooling the nations of the earth for decades and most especially the United States of America. When this is revealed, there will be a new understanding between nations and believe us, by the time this present decade is over, so much will have happened that interstate conflicts will no longer be so important in retrospect, because there will still be events that we have already discussed in detail.

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