A0678: Why is there now a pyramid where Atlantis was founded? – Part 1

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When the conglomerate of Atlantis disappeared because the last city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau pulverised itself, there was not much left on the plateau to show that the most influential city on earth once existed here. Now great heaps of sand covered this plain where before there had been bustle. The city-state of Atlantis disappeared and the surviving modern people from Atlantis gathered on the coast of the Mediterranean to migrate to the metropolises that existed on the Mediterranean at that time. Some of these survivors founded the island state of New Atlantis to the west of Cyprus, of which you have learned some in Plato’s records, but we have already revealed to you the entire history of New Atlantis. We also said that the human race of New Lemurians had migrated to underground cities some time before and thus existed separately from Atlantis. Relations between the city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau and the New Lemurians in the underground cities increasingly deteriorated, so that the New Lemurians also did not shed any tears for the vanished city-state of Atlantis. We would like to pre-empt future speculation and announce the following: The city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau was destroyed through the fault of the scientists there, and no New Lemurian from the underground cities had any hand in it, so we hereby nip all speculation about it in the bud. When the survivors arrived in their new homes, the New Lemurians from the underground cities looked around and inspected the area where the city-state of Atlantis had previously existed. It could only be guessed that a thriving metropolis had existed there before, so the New Lemurians left again and consulted in an underground city about how this area should be treated because a very strong energy beam enters the earth there. 30 metres below the surface, two very potent main crystals were deposited, which had been deactivated long ago, but much too late, otherwise at least something of the city-state of Atlantis would have remained. As the energetic bubble collapsed again and again, all matter particles were affected by it and after almost everything was pulverised in the sphere of influence of the energetic hemisphere on the surface, some surviving New Lemurians were able to deactivate the constant building of the bubble from afar with difficulty. When they realised that the entire city-state had disappeared, they retreated and lived a solitary life in the forests on the African continent. The main crystal was still active, but it was interrupted in generating the energetic bubble. There was a great danger that humans might again try to activate this main crystal in order to abuse the Earth’s potent main energy beam. If the New Lemurians had only taken the crystals from the energy beam, then future generations of modern humans could abuse the energy beam again, so the specialised researchers in this field in the underground cities thought about how they could prevent such abuse by modern humans. After considering many options, the researchers came to the conclusion that the energy beam should be used differently and future access by modern humans would have to be protected from it for a long time, so that modern humans would not think of using this energy beam at all. The New Lemurians decided over 37,000 years ago how your further evolution should take place and this was something that caused turmoil across much of the Universe. Many extraterrestrial races of human beings have introduced themselves into the gene pool of Earth modern humans, and they still see the different races of humans on Earth as their brothers and sisters, even though Earth humans have gained little knowledge of this. Rumours arose that the New Lemurians not only wanted to hold back the modern humans in their development, but it was rumoured that the modern humans were to be dulled so that they would no longer be able to acquire mental abilities that could be a later danger to the New Lemurians of the underground cities. The rumours were exaggerated, but they were not entirely wrong, so that a resistance was forming in the human races outside Earth to thwart this action. We do not say that there was warfare, but the subject was hotly debated, so that the solar council of your solar system was approached to make a decision on the matter. The New Lemurians were represented there, as was a faction of human races who were determined to prevent the New Lemurians from proceeding. What happened next will be described in detail in the following blog entries, so this blog entry should only be interpreted as an introduction to the following events.

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