A0679: Why is there now a pyramid where Atlantis was founded? – Part 2

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When the council was determined, all factions presented their point of view so that everyone present knew exactly why they were for or against. When the New Lemurians made their point of view known and thus also their demands, there was a great commotion because the New Lemurians wanted to ensure that the modern people of the earthly surface should not only be influenced in their development, but they also had plans how the modern people of the surface could not learn any mental abilities at all. They had good arguments, which we will present in detail. First to speak was a representative of the New Lemurians.

“High Council, honoured guests and comrades-in-arms. We have come together today to discuss an issue that could not be more topical and we, as the representatives of planet Earth, hope to be able to convince them of our points of view, because we demand nothing other than peaceful coexistence, which is threatened by forces on the surface of the Earth. We want to guarantee a protection that not only protects our people under the surface of the Earth, but also protects the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth from their own kind. We have long seen the surface dwellers do terrible things to their own kind, and we also know that the human race is not only overly rapacious, but also scheming and brutal. We have recently seen in Atlantis what this human race does when their mental faculties are developed. They will never be satisfied with what they have and have achieved, but always want more and will settle for nothing. They slaughter their own kind to gain influence and they always think of themselves and only their advantage seems to matter to them. We have experienced many things with them in the past, but what they did only a short time ago should give us all pause for thought because they never tire of extending their influence. We are only advising that this human race be cured of their urge to influence and that is why we have worked out something that will not only quiet this human race, but the protection of all of us would one day be jeopardised if they not only wreak havoc on the earth, but if this human race expands, all of you present will one day have no protection from this warlike human race. Therefore, we ask for approval to reduce the spirit abilities of this human race so that they can never leave the surface of the planet, neither physically nor with their spirit. We hope for the approval of all Council members because the danger posed by this human race is so enormous that it could one day threaten the universe. We, as the inhabitants of Earth, are the first to be affected and we must eliminate the danger before they can threaten and destroy us. We hope we have explained our view of this in an understandable way”

The representative sat back down with the other councillors of his group. The New Lemurians who travelled to the council meeting as a party comprised six men. You must understand how a council meeting is conducted. There is a dispute and the two parties fighting the dispute do not come to a decision, so a council is made up of an equal number of members from each of the disputing parties. Councils will usually have twelve councillors, but there can be fewer, but the number of members on both sides must be equal, because councillors have a vote, which comes into play when a vote has to be taken. When a council is formed, the disputing parties have previously been able to resolve many points of their dispute, so a council is only convened when there are still a few contentious issues to be decided. The factions that noticed what the New Lemurians were trying to do to the modern humans on the surface first contacted the high council of your solar system so that any interference by the New Lemurians was first prohibited. After the Council had made an overview of what was going on on the surface of the Earth, the High Council arranged for the disputing parties to be heard and then when the dispute really got going, it was determined that councils would be appointed to deliberate on the subsequent changes that the New Lemurians wanted to make and then ultimately a decision would be made so that the peaceful co-existence of the two races of humans would be guaranteed. When the representative of the New Lemurians had presented his point of view, a human of the surface came to speak and was able to report how coexistence is arranged on the surface. The human could not refute that the human race acts brutally and warlike, but he could conscientiously explain that there were also humans who could live very peacefully and harmoniously with other humans and nature as such. This hardly convinced the New Lemurian faction and a grumble could be heard among them because they did not speak a language. The grumbling intimidated the humans, so an observer of the situation called for calm. Since it was a sensitive issue, observers were admitted to these council meetings to ensure that the council followed the rules. These impartial beings have no direct influence on the outcome of the council meeting, but are to be seen as referees who make sure that the council meetings are held according to the rules. The Council meeting was not held on Earth, but in a moon of your solar system. Jupiter has many moons and many of them harbour life, but one moon is special, so that this moon was chosen for a council to decide the fate of earthly people. The solar high council has chosen this place because only there is something that we will describe later. Whatever this council will decide, this decision is binding for all factions involved. The Solar High Council has determined that the decision on the further development of the earthly people of the surface shall be decided by twelve beings who are wrestling on a moon of Jupiter as to how the mental development of the earthly people of the surface should be dealt with. Everything they will decide will then be so implemented. Next, a council member presented the point of view of his group, who demanded no interference with the earthly people. The Chinese on your planet are not so high in population for nothing because an alien human race introduced the Asian characteristics into the gene pool of earthly humans a very long time ago, so two council members came from this alien human race. One councillor came from your solar system because there too human races inhabit planets underground. One councillor made the arduous journey because that councillor represents a Nordic-looking human race that also entered the gene pool of earthly humans. This Nordic-looking extraterrestrial being represents a broad-based race of people who long ago engaged in a colonisation of the galaxies and who one day also visited your planet to join a group of people that today represents Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Germany is not one of them, because the pagan custom grew out of something we will look at in more detail later. Two councillors from different star systems that are not native to your galaxy have also joined in with you Earthly humans, and these human races will also soon appear with you when the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species starts. This first contact will be conducted by a human race that sat at the council table over 37,000 years ago to determine your fate. It was these two human races who discovered the efforts of the New Lemurians. Even today, the New Lemurians would have preferred to see you riding horses and living in wooden huts. At best, you should have built metropolises that would have provided a little glamour, but only as far as you were able to do so through your own hands. You would never have developed anything like a modern form of society and the curiosity to improve or invent would hardly have come out in you. You would still be living today as you did 37,000 years ago because the New Lemurians were able to direct this very condition from underground so that you would not evolve into something that would be barely survivable. The New Lemurians wanted to accomplish something that the Atlantians wanted to install in Atlantis just before their demise, only this time there would be completely different frequency patterns in the global hemisphere and the other human races wanted to prevent that, because every human race has to mature so that it can make its evolutionary leaps, which you on Earth would never have been able to do if the New Lemurians had done what they first intended to do. 

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