A0680: Why is there now a pyramid where Atlantis was founded? – Part 3

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The Council that was to decide whether the earthly humans of the surface would be influenced in their evolution took upon itself the task of determining the level of influence, because all concerned were frankly aware that there was indeed a danger emanating from the extreme brutal human race of Earth that would also affect the entire universe, because the earthly human race had been given the most extreme attitudes of the human blueprint. When Earth humans make their final evolutionary leap millions of years from now, they will represent the most advanced species in your universe because you have received from the Wingmakers the most extreme attitudes regarding your social and physiological characteristics. You humans of Earth will then also develop mental abilities that resemble a spiritual being. A spiritual being can create and destroy planets with only one thought. Spiritual beings, however, have to abide by special rules in the universes, which is why we are not allowed to use our powers without further ado. Physical beings are not bound by these rules, so a physical race possessing powers similar to a spiritual being would be exceedingly powerful and it could pose a threat to all species in your universe who, even after achieving their final evolutionary leap, do not even come close to these powers because they were not given such extreme attitudes as earthly humans when they were created. We have revealed all the background to this in the series on your human history. Every being in your universe has concerns about this, but very few races have done anything to deal with the future superiority of Earth humanity, and now the New Lemurians of Earth set out to nip this problem in the bud by preventing Earth humanity from making even a single evolutionary leap. This was also their aim at first, until they received instructions from the Solar Council of your Solar System to immediately stop all actions taken up to that point, until it was decided what the New Lemurians were allowed to do at all against the brutal human race on the surface. This led to a council being called together to decide the fate of you humans on Earth on a special moon of Jupiter. Now one council member was about to defend the earthly human race. A human being from a neighbouring galaxy gave a flaming speech for the preservation of the status quo on Earth and we would like to reproduce the speech so that you can understand it.

“Dear Council Members and those present. Today we stand before a tribunal and not in a council, because the fate of earthly humanity seems almost sealed, although this human race has not even had the opportunity to prove itself yet. If it were up to the other faction, it never will, because the possibilities are suppressed from the outset. Like dull apes they are to live in communities because none of these beings can ever rise above themselves. In millions of years they will not have progressed one iota further in their development than they have now. What is more, if the other faction prevails, the development of this human race will not only be stopped, but it will even be set back, and this is something that has never happened before, because every indigenous race has a right to further development. These people are not fulfilling their purpose in any way if they cannot develop physically, mentally and therefore socially. Everyone present here knows very well that their origins never guaranteed peaceful coexistence, but that each race faced great tasks that had to be overcome over a very long period of time so that we could all evolve on every known level. There are quiet times and not so quiet times that each race experiences on a planet. While this faction is now a native species on Earth, they are not the original race of Earth, nor have the New Lemurian race contributed much to the gene pool of Earthly humans. If their population were not already so large, we would have to assume that this faction as a race is just running an outpost in Earth, as many non-Earthly races do on Earth. So I ask them, why does the original human race of Earth have to be suppressed in its development, when in fact this faction of New Lemurians should hardly be recognised as the indigenous race of Earth? We, in our faction, have introduced our seed into the gene pool of earthly humans, as is usually done, and this faction of New Lemurians have done nothing of the sort, but have always lived side by side with earthly humans, without there ever being any social or genetic mixing. The New Lemurians eventually took over the planet from the native species, nothing more. Why is there a tribunal now, when every indigenous race is supposed to continue its evolution unhindered, and there has already been a breach of the general procedure for establishing outposts on Earth? This faction has taken over Earth even though there was already a native race there! That is why this tribunal should be stopped immediately and we should not be discussing how to handle the suppression of the mental faculties of Earthly people, but this tribunal should be used to set the New Lemurians their limits, because strictly speaking the New Lemurians were only visitors on Earth. Now the fact is that the New Lemurian faction is not entirely wrong when we look at what is happening on Earth, so we will agree to a process for guiding Earth humanity in its development so that it can mature into a more peaceful human race and which can then also use its mental faculties more consciously, but we refrain from degrading them into mindless primates who cannot evolve one iota. We sincerely hope that the other faction will realise that they do not have the right to rule over earthly humans and that they should also realise that each group may choose its own path, no matter how it is shaped“

It was the last words of the council member that caused the New Lemurians to start grumbling again, so an observer once again called on the New Lemurians to be quiet. The New Lemurians had once been the original people of the Anunnaki many millions of years ago, and when the original Anunnaki began to reshape their society, one group opposed the change, so that many millions of years ago on the Anunnaki homeworld, two cultures existed side by side. The Original Anunnaki began to introduce genetic changes into their race, so that the second society of traditionalists saw no other way out than to create colonies on other celestial bodies so that the traditional way of life of the Original Anunnaki could be preserved. One colony was established on Earth, which was the human race of Lemurians. We have also discussed the Lemurians extensively in a separate series, so the reader will also know that after the demise of Lemuria, some surviving Lemurians founded the conglomerate Atlantis on Earth and the Lemurians have since been called by us the New Lemurians because the traditional culture of the Lemurians underwent a change. These New Lemurians came from this small group of the original Anunnaki and that is why they felt it was an affront what the council member implied with the last words. They wanted to change the earthly people now, as the non-traditionalists of the Original Anunnaki wanted to do with themselves millions of years ago and their ancestors did not agree with this at all. We believe that this rather daring comparison had its effect, otherwise you would indeed still be living today exactly as you did over 37,000 years ago. In the next blog entry, we will go into the different reasons that led to a pyramid standing on the Giza Plateau today, and then describe the time of the pyramid’s construction in detail. 

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