A0676: Did Amazons fight with the Atlantians?

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No, there was no such thing because the Amazons fought other tribes together with the New Atlantians. The tribe of the Amazons really existed, but there were also men among the Amazons, although the men were not trained for fighting outside the homeland. First we have to tell you how it came about that there was a tribe in the first place, which did not call itself Amazon, but later this name was used to describe the mythical deeds of this ethnic group. There were fighting women not only among the Amazons, but many tribes lived the equality and if a woman decided not to raise children as a mother, but to live her further life as a hunter and fighter, then not only the body of the woman reshaped itself, but also the nature of the woman resembled more and more the nature of a man, so that female warriors were just as merciless as their male chambermates. But female warriors have another advantage that you still underestimate today. When a woman takes care of the household, children, shopping and the well-being of her husband, she has to foresee and plan an incredible number of actions, and since family life cannot only be harmonious, a woman needs a cool head to be able to manage all these things. Some women fail at this and other women succeed, so that everyone always wonders how this woman is able to do this and where this woman gets the energy and the will to make seemingly impossible things possible. Women were constructed this way and the man was constructed for other tasks so that the coexistence of the two people could also work. Most men are hopelessly overwhelmed when they try to replace the woman for more than a few hours. Men can be very rowdy, which most women lack as a trait, and men have more stamina physically, but there are big differences there too. If a rough man tries to act like a woman, he only succeeds to a certain extent, because a man is subject to very strong automatisms that make it very difficult for him to discard these automatisms. With women it is different, but only if the woman has not yet given birth to children. Before a woman conceives a child, she can consciously decide against it, and if she is strong-willed, the body will adapt to the will, so that the woman appears excessively strong and enduring for her sex. The woman retains her abilities because these abilities are inherent in every woman, just like the automatisms to which men are subjected and which they can hardly tame. Now there are scrappy women who are physically no worse than men and these women have abilities that they could use very well on battlefields because they constantly kept track of exactly what was happening and what to do next. Men are like warhorses, rushing unleashed towards the supposed enemy without knowing exactly how to act tactically. Women warriors were different and the Amazons especially, because the Amazons descended from the New Atlantians who inhabited the island of New Atlantis. Each Amazon came from a high house of the New Atlantians. Not every one of these highly respected Houses also provided an Amazon, but many young women felt obliged to represent their House as an Amazon. How did it come about that women became warriors among the New Atlantians in the first place, we ask? It originated with the Lemurians, because we have already told you that a Lemurian family could act absolutely independently. There were therefore no dependencies on Lemurian society, but like every human race, Lemurians love the company of other people. However, when a family moved into the wilderness because they wanted to, it always happened that the father died or was injured in such a way that the man’s tasks could no longer be carried out. If there was no male descendant who was already willing to take over the father’s tasks, then the women took over. If there was a young girl among the women who had not yet given birth to a child, then she could decide to take over the father’s tasks in the long run. This woman then decided not to become a mother, but to hunt for the family and defend it when necessary. These women then developed extraordinary qualities that did not go unnoticed by Lemurian society, so although these women were rarely encountered, they were always special. The New Atlantians knew this and because they also always had a dispute with other tribes, one day it was decided that there should be a unit of young female warriors who were to be trained for special missions. That was the beginning and at first the women warriors stayed on New Atlantis, but one day it was decided that a neighbouring island should be inhabited and guarded by the special group of women warriors you call Malta. Malta is in the Mediterranean Sea and Malta, from a certain point in your history, was a place of special importance because the Battalion of the Amazons was stationed there. The Amazons could sail anywhere they were needed in a very short time and in New Atlantis a cult broke out around these warriors, so that many young girls from good families decided to travel to Malta to fight in the battalion of warriors for New Atlantis, which they often did. The training of the warrior girls was for one purpose only, the destruction of fighting groups that were against their beloved New Atlantis. We would not say that the so-called Amazons were brainwashed, but the cult of the Amazons was so strongly woven into the culture of the New Atlantians that no one could escape the heroism of the Amazons. On Malta the young warrior women were trained and if they did not die fighting for New Atlantis, they lived on Malta until their end. The reputation of the Amazons preceded them and when it was said during a conflict that the Amazons would soon arrive for reinforcements, the opponents of New Atlantis became frightened because the Amazons really knew no mercy. They wanted to fight and if that meant their death, then it was only right for them. The battalion of the Amazons also had men, so there were also men on Malta, but they did not have the status of an Amazon and not all men were New Atlantians, because the Amazons kept lust boys, whom they used when they felt like it. As the young girl grew into a fighter and her body was transformed, automatisms were also strengthened that are actually more strongly developed in men, so that sexual desire was strengthened and Amazons not only liked to use the lust boys, but were generally very sexually active. If an Amazon became pregnant, she retired from active service and could then devote herself to other things on Malta, which always had to do with supporting the Amazons. The children were delivered after birth so that families on the island of New Atlantis could have additions to their family. The statue of Heracles does not look in the direction of Malta for nothing, because this island has always been used by the New Atlantians and at the time the statue was built the Amazons still existed. The Amazons were the spearhead of New Atlantis for a long time, but their time also came to an end, so that one day the cult of the Amazons no longer received the attention it needed for young New Atlantians to decide to become an Amazon. As Malta hosted fewer and fewer of the Amazons, one day those in charge of the Amazons decided to abandon the Battalion of the Amazons, so that Malta was still a base for the New Atlantians, but this base was so insignificant that nothing exciting happened there any more. The Amazons were notorious, and rightly so, because they usually returned victorious from their battles. There was no queen of the Amazons, but an Amazon was always in charge and was highly respected everywhere, so that you can compare this Amazon with a highly decorated female general who also went into battle. There was an order among the Amazons and this order was earned, so that never an Amazon received the highest rank who had not distinguished herself for it in battle. The Amazons also knew intrigue among themselves, but fighting was always the focus until the battalion was abandoned and the remaining warrior women were integrated into the society of New Atlatnis. Fighting women were not rare, especially at that time, but the Amazons really did extraordinary things and therefore the fame of these women is justified because they fought harder and more intelligently than a man could. Women are the best strategists and if they are part of the fighting force, then that is a gain, but only if the fighter has not yet given birth to a child. If a child is born, the fighter’s body will change again and her nature will become that of a woman again. The willpower of a woman can move mountains, most men cannot do that, so praise your women, they are superior to you men in many ways and if need be, also in fighting.

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