A0675: How can an energetic hemisphere be created? – Part 2

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As we tell you today how you can create an energetic hemisphere yourself, we must also warn you because every energetic hemisphere also harbours dangers that you should be aware of.

  1. Every energetic hemisphere requires energy to maintain the energy bubble.
  2. Each energetic bubble always contains fundamental frequencies that have a strong effect.
  3. Every living being that enters the energetic hemisphere is influenced by that energy bubble, so that a living being marches from one sphere of influence to another sphere of influence. You are always influenced by the prevailing frequencies no matter where you are.
  4. An energetic hemisphere does not heal you, it only affects the person differently, so you should not get your hopes up when it comes to severe physical ailments.
  5. When a person with negative frequencies enters the energetic hemisphere, the energetic state of mind does not disappear into thin air, but the frequencies in the person can now fully unfold unhindered. If people are not mentally stable, then they will suffer horrible agonies in the energetic hemisphere, because now all the problems that are still suppressed come to the surface and want to be resolved. No one is able to tame the conflicts in a person in this energy bubble, so we would absolutely never recommend anyone to visit an energetic hemisphere who still has mental problems to work through. Entering the energy bubble will cause traumatic experiences to rise up in the person, which will then affect the person unfiltered. Normally we are the ones who make sure that trauma sufferers first repress the trauma and then gently bring it out at the right time so that it can be processed and resolved by the person. Make sure that no unstable persons enter such an energetic hemisphere, they are not yet ready for it, because only stable persons can benefit from it.

If you now consider where the energy for maintaining the energetic hemisphere comes from, then there are exactly two possibilities. Either a potent crystal generates this energy or the creator serves as the energy source. How can a human being serve as an energy source, you may ask? Think about what an energetic hemisphere actually is and you will be able to put one and one together. It is an energy bubble and that is exactly the kind of energy bubble that every biological life generates around itself. You call it an aura, we call it an energy field, but it is an energy bubble that is generated and that energy bubble is yours alone and you are the creators of that bubble. The energy field seems very far away from you, but there is not much potential in that energy field. Therefore, the creator must ensure that the human body is charged like a battery, then you will receive more and more potential and the energy field around you will be strengthened. If you want to store energy in your body, then you should also know the following: Only people who have evolved very far can store energy in their bodies for long periods of time, because storage affects your consciousness. When consciousness is expanded, because the amount of energy in the human body also enriches the potential of consciousness, then you would be capable of more than before. However, before you can store the energy, you must have earned the ability to do so. If you have earned the ability, then you are so far advanced that you no longer fear being harassed by energy beings. If bad-tempered people appear to such an evolved person, then the negative frequencies of the person cannot influence the evolved person at all. If you are still being stimulated by these negative frequencies of other persons, then you are not yet ready to store quantities of energy in your body. For all those people who have already made this spiritual leap, we will now give you instructions on how to store quantities of energy in your body. First we will briefly tell you what else you can do with this energy once it has been stored. Have you ever thought about how telekinesis works, we ask? No? Then we’ll tell you. Telekinesis is the redirection of energy potential and as you will soon have a lot of this energy stored in your body, you can also redirect this potential. Put a box of feathers under a glass cover and blow on it hard. If the fine feathers continue to lie still, imagine that you are creating a negative pressure above the feathers and a positive pressure below the feathers. As you have stored energy, your consciousness will use amounts of this energy to create the overpressure and underpressure around the feathers. If you don’t know how to imagine the overpressure and underpressure, relive the feeling you get when you suck on a straw or blow on something. Your consciousness will know exactly what you are doing and it will use some of the energy that you have stored in your body. The greater the potential you can use, the easier it is for you. But now let us explain how evolved persons can put this potential into their human bodies. Not at all! Because it is not the human body that stores these amounts of energy, it is your energy bodies. Now, how can you use your energy body to store unknown amounts of energy, we ask? By imagining it. Imagine you are lying on a table and your body envelopes can be side by side. All seven energy bodies together correspond to your energy field, which you also call your aura, but the second energy body is special because it not only emits frequencies but can also absorb them. Imagine a frequency as a packet of energy. If you now choose an energy body in your imagination with the intention that this energy body is the second energy body, then you can also imagine how a bright energy beam hits this energy body and the better you can imagine this, the more energy is absorbed by this energy body. You can do that with any energy body and you will then strengthen the task that energy body has. As we have already written about the meanings of each energy body, you can read this to choose a particular energy body for you to strengthen something that you have been working on for a long time. If you keep imagining the second energy body being flooded with a beam of energy, then you are, so to speak, charging this energy body and an energy body that can handle a lot of energy can also accomplish more. When the second energy body has been charged, then this energy body also radiates the mood of the mind much more strongly into its environment, so that a calm and level-headed mind leads to all living beings around this person appearing very calm and level-headed. These living beings now receive very strong frequencies that represent this state of mind. But if the person’s mood is hateful because they experience something that changes that state of mind, then they will emit very strong frequencies that represent hate and all beings around the hateful person will experience a very uncomfortable feeling that can degenerate into panic. You see, only calm and wise people should be able to do this because the effects can be dramatic. That is why most people do not get the opportunity to store large amounts of energy. People who are already that far along should try it out, because the knowledge of it will reveal new abilities that can then first be trained. Let us move on to the second possibility of creating an energetic hemisphere and this would only be possible through an object in which vast amounts of energy can be stored. Each accumulation of energy causes the energy field around the energy accumulation to extend further and further, so that this energy field resembles an astral plane that can be used to keep out spiritual beings and foreign frequencies. However, as you are hardly in a position to produce a crystal battery at the moment, we do not need to discuss this possibility any further for the time being, so we will explain the theory behind it to the writer, which we will then reveal to all interested parties in a few years’ time. This concludes this short series on energy bubbles, which are present everywhere and are only noticed by very few people.

Question: What unknown energies can be stored in an energy body?
Good question. If you visualise a bright beam of energy, then it is exactly the type of energy from which you draw your energy as an incarnation. When you want to store healing energy in the body because you want to perform a healing on a being, you again visualise this bright beam of energy that you direct this time into the seventh energy body, remembering that this energy is to be healing energy that you want to store for a later healing. The spiritual healer present knows exactly what you intend to do and he will flood your seventh energy body with a great deal of healing energy, which will then be released from this seventh energy body automatically or by will of the human healer. Your energy field will be greatly expanded and the being to be healed will receive a great deal of healing energy which will enable it to cure even severe physical ailments almost instantly, as in a miracle healing. A human healer can also release the stored healing energy in portions or leave it stored for a longer period of time. A human healer who stores healing energy temporarily in this way will also build up a wide energy bubble around him, but this energy bubble is designed differently because the healing energy has healing consciousness and this healing consciousness will ensure that the energy bubble is of a different nature than an energy bubble that you store by the amount of energy in the second energy body. If you want to store energy potentials in the sixth energy body, then this is again of a different nature because the sixth energy body is a superposition of all the other energy bodies so that you should actually perceive all the astral planes with your mind’s eye, but because each energy body has different potentials, the overall picture before the mind’s eye will never reveal all the details of the astral planes. If you visualise a beam of energy where you locate the mind’s eye on the forehead, you will charge all the energy bodies at once, which is very helpful to us as spiritual beings when we need to do something about the physical body. You charge yourselves with energy potentials, which we can then use for your good. The writer can’t help sneering at the moment because he constantly suspects us of manipulating him, which from his point of view is not for his own good. At least you are fully charging yourselves through the mind’s eye on your forehead. How could such a charge be practised most effectively, you may ask? Imagine a face, it is not important that you recognise your image in it, but a rudimentary head shape is enough and you just know that this is to be your head and your face. When you focus on the forehead in your visualisation, imagine a hole there where you think the mind’s eye should be. The end of the hole is not relevant, but that you have an idea that this is a hole. Now, if you imagine a beam of energy, you can also at the same time create a feeling of shuddering or something like that, which can help the energy flow. If you just imagine the energy beam, that is fine. How long should you imagine this, we ask? As long as you are able. The longer you practice this charging, the more energy is stored in all the other energy bodies. When you feel it is enough, the charging of the energy bodies also stops. You could also load different types of energy or even frequencies so that you only have to think of the energy of joy and serenity and the bright beam of energy will represent exactly that type of energy. You can store all types of energy there, but you will only be able to store as much potential as is appropriate for the advancement of you humans. This also means that a person who starts to store only amounts of energy in his body will not be able to absorb more energy after a certain point in time, because then the respective level of development limits the absorption of further amounts of energy. An evolved person already has more power, therefore he will also store more energy in a certain period of time than a person who accumulates less energy in the same period of time because he does not yet have the same power. A person who has a lot of power because he has worked hard on himself and his behaviour not only appears calm and level-headed, but the fractal of consciousness is much more detailed than that of a person who has not yet made this leap in development. If you are such a person, then you could perform magic with a thought, because that is all that consciousnesses do, they redirect amounts of energy and if you are very powerful, then these energy redirections seem like magic because all the other people are not powerful enough and therefore cannot replicate this natural behaviour. It all has to do with how much energy you can divert in a certain period of time, that is the power that counts. 

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