A0674: How can an energetic hemisphere be created? – Part 1

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When a person wants to create an energetic hemisphere, there is always a reason for it and it usually has something to do with the person’s fear of being harassed by energy beings. How can a person imagine such harassment, we ask? Imagine a person who makes a negative impression just by being there. If you feel uncomfortable when another person is standing next to you, it is usually related to an energetic nuisance, and we also think that it does not matter whether it is a seemingly spiritual being or another human being that is doing the nuisance, it is always your energy bodies that have something to do with it. Your second energy body sends out a lot of information that other people can perceive unconsciously and the second energy body also receives this information from other beings, so that a received information is processed and triggers some reaction in the human body, which is then received by the personality consciousness. When a person feels joy, this joy is also radiated by the second energy body and other people in the environment receive these frequencies and usually the body reacts similarly because the joy can have a contagious effect, so to speak. If a person is very depressed and feels hatred, then these are extremely strong frequencies that are received unfiltered by other people and processed further. The persons who receive these frequencies are immediately overcome by an eerie feeling, so that the uneasiness has such a strong effect that the influenced person immediately wants to leave the place. What applies to a person also applies to groups, so that especially highly sensitive people can immediately analyse the mood of a group. Highly sensitive people are particularly at risk of being influenced by strong frequencies, although this is precisely why they are highly sensitive, so that they can recognise group moods in order to have a calming effect on these groups. The second energy node is specially configured in these people so that they can perceive the subtlest frequency differences. Genuine highly sensitive and introverted people are again something very special, which we have already described in great detail. If negative frequencies can have an influence on people, then positive frequencies will also have an influence. If you could adjust the second energy node in such a way that you no longer receive frequencies because you expect a calmer life if you are no longer influenced by the frequencies of other people, then you yourself can also no longer emit frequencies. Imagine the following situation. A child silently and secretly thinks of a joke to present to other children. The child finds this joke so terrific that he starts laughing before he can really present the joke. Since the child already starts laughing while delivering his joke, no other child knows exactly why the child laughs incessantly, but they cannot help it at all and have to laugh heartbreakingly along. What exactly has happened here, we ask? The child who was going to perform the joke had to laugh beforehand while performing the joke because the child just found it so funny. The child emitted such strong frequencies of joy, representing this joy in the child, that all the children received these strong frequencies. The children received these frequencies through the second energy body and their bodies reacted to these frequencies of joy, so that the children could not help but laugh at a joke that they had not heard at all. This sounds plausible at first. Now imagine the same situation again, only this time the second energy node has been adjusted either by the child performing the joke or by the other children in such a way that neither frequencies can be sent out nor received. The child starts to recite the joke and doesn’t get very far because he now has to laugh so heartily about it that he can’t say another word. All the other children would look at the laughing child in amazement, but none would start laughing because either no frequencies of joy are being emitted by the laughing child or the other children cannot receive the frequencies. Since no one wants this, there is another way in which a person can protect himself from foreign frequencies and that is an energetic hemisphere that can be built up and from which neither frequencies emanate nor do certain frequencies enter this energetic hemisphere, because such an energy bubble is to be interpreted as an astral plane of its own and the creator of this energy bubble also determines what frequencies may enter such an energy bubble. All frequencies in this energy bubble remain in the energy bubble, no matter what the frequencies are and how strong their effect is there. A spiritual being needs the consent of the creator of the energy bubble to be allowed to enter this energy bubble. Strictly speaking, this is not formulated correctly, because all spiritual beings are also present in the energy bubble, but spiritual beings need the permission of the creator to be allowed to work there. If the writer were to create such an energetic bubble and not allow us, as his masters and teachers, to work in the area of the energetic bubble, then we would still be able to communicate with him, but only in a limited way, because many things would then be taboo for us. Many manipulations are done by a person’s masters and teachers to train the person. If you create an energetic hemisphere, then we are no longer allowed to do that, because that is a separate astral plane where the creator determines what a spiritual being is allowed to do and what not. If you had such an energetic hemisphere, then another person could visit you and if we assume that the energetic hemisphere includes the living room, then the visitor would enter this astral plane in the living room and all the spiritual beings who trained him before would now not be allowed to do anything. You would have a quiet place where all spiritual beings are present but they can no longer perform any actions. Would miraculous healings happen in the living room, we ask? That depends on how much the persons have been manipulated by the spiritual beings. If there are tensions that seemed inexplicable and are very persistent, then these complaints could quickly disappear. If the person has trained the tensions through a wrong posture during work for years, then rather not. Mood swings can also appear or disappear spontaneously, always depending on what phase the person is going through in their life. What about mental abilities, we ask? Here we come to a point that will be of burning interest to one person or another, but we have often explained to you that a person has to earn these skills and no one wakes up in the morning and can practise a skill that they did not have the day before. If the ability was earned before and for some reason the abilities were suppressed by other beings, then things are quite different. Such a person would notice a difference immediately after entering the energetic hemisphere, because now many barricades suddenly fall away that were erected especially for the person to develop, because what would such a person do with it now, we ask? Exactly. The person would use the abilities and everything that the spiritual beings of the person would still like to train is now in vain, because on the one hand they no longer have access to the person and on the other hand the person is now busy with other things for a long time. This is not in the interest of the spiritual beings, so this is not a good idea if a person thinks they are being manipulated in this way. What does a person have to do to create an energetic hemisphere and where does the energy come from? We will reveal this and much more in the next part of this series, because there are already people who have created such an astral plane, but only very few of these people understand exactly what this means for you and what the effects will be for you.

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