A0673: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 12

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Today we will explain how the New Lemurians were able to reach a depth of 72 kilometres without being burned or suffocated by the heat. If you look at a depiction of volcanoes, you will usually see a kind of chamber underneath the volcano that serves as a vestibule for the accumulation of magma. This chamber can be several kilometres deep and the enormous overpressure in these chambers always seeks a way out and that means lava reaches the surface. How can all this work at all and where does the chamber under the volcano get the magma from, we ask? These are the questions we must first address so that you can understand why the New Lemurians were able to penetrate to the depth of 72 kilometres in the first place, to enter the special phase transition of two Earth shells that support life. This special phase transition is the incubator for biological life that exists on almost every planet, so that almost all planets, no matter how hostile the surface of the planet may appear, produce life in this special phase transition, and life so diverse that your biologists would not be able to stop marvelling at all. When the New Lemurians discovered this special phase transition, they did not go deeper because they would then encounter layers of earth that are even more hostile to life than the magma chamber under the volcanoes. So where does the lava that comes out of volcanoes come from, we ask? The lava is created where fissures in the earth rub against each other, because the earth material becomes liquid due to the pressure and friction, and this creates a magma chamber, but not under the volcano, but much deeper. We told you that when the first shell of the Earth was formed, at a certain point in time, the energy could not come out of the planet as fast as it was produced inside the Earth. Therefor the energy was released more slowly and the excess energy was stored in the first earth shell where it is still present today. All the energy that was deposited there is constantly being reshaped because geological processes mean that the energy has to be restacked. For this to happen, there are many minerals that can store energy so that the geological processes can flow, so to speak. The stored energy is slowly released one day, like an electrical capacitor, so that the planet winds slowly without breaking anything. If these windings occur too much, the energy has to be dissipated somehow, and quickly, in geological time terms. Lava is created and the continental plates can flow where the stresses are greatest. At 48 kilometres depth, most of the faults will trigger these lava flows, but very slowly and the amount is so small that we would say: The continental plates float sporadically on a very thin film of lava because there are no minerals to absorb the stress energy. If you were to look at such a continental plate from the air, then you could discover the areas at a depth of 48 kilometres that have no minerals and where instead a very thin film of lava ensures that the stresses can be dissipated there. The continental plate would be heavily perforated like a Swiss cheese and the holes are where there are minerals that can compensate for the tensions in the first earth shell. The holes do not have to be completely filled with these minerals, but there is a high concentration of these minerals. These minerals are known to you because we have already reported something about them. What did the New Lemurians do as they worked their way deeper and deeper into the earth, we ask? They knew what the rock types were for and they also knew where to find the minerals because they had already been digging for them in Lemurian times. The crystals and minerals were already mined by the Lemurians, even if they never went as deep as the New Lemurians did later. The Lemurians also already mentally scanned the layers of the earth and they also knew where to dig, even though dissolving rocks was already practiced in Lemurian times. The Lemurians already knew the connection of the mineral holes in the continental plates, so the New Lemurians also had this knowledge. The New Lemurians only penetrated into the earth’s interior where the mineral deposits are, because they did not come across lava chambers there either. The continental ring of fire shows you impressively where there are few minerals in the 48 kilometre deep faults. When a fault fills with lava at a depth of 48 kilometres, this produces hot gases that pierce through to the upper layer under enormous pressure and often the lava follows the gas channels, which then collects in free faults a few kilometres below the surface. When this magma chamber is filled more and more, a volcano is formed because the pressure is discharged further to the surface. The pressure is followed by the gases and the lava, so that a volcano is formed. If you come across hot gases at a depth of a few kilometres, then you’d better stop drilling and close the borehole, because otherwise the pressure will be released above it, which at best is just hot gases. These layers of earth are still very interesting because every geologist is starting to think about them. Your drilling has been sporadic, so at the moment you don’t have a clear picture of what is actually found a few kilometres below your feet, but we will keep bringing this up in future blog entries so that you get a clear picture. How is the air at these depths, we ask? Very bad, which is why the New Lemurians developed a ventilation system, which ensured that the tunnel and cave systems were flooded with an air breeze. The air in biotope-like constructs is not necessarily imported from the surface, but we can’t explain that to you exactly today because we have to work out a lot of background information on that first, so we will also postpone that topic for another time. One more thing we want to tell you: With your deep drilling or even open-cast mining, you will never be able to reach the depth of 72 kilometres. Therefore, you will have to wait until after the official first contact to be told that you can travel through solid matter with a craft. You could travel with a craft through your entire planet without encountering any obstacle. If you plan a flight past your sun, then travel through it once, because there is also much to discover there. We have already explained why this is possible when we introduced you to the principle of influenced space, but we must also say that flying through solid matter works a little differently. We will have many more opportunities to tell you about this, because these are topics that are of burning interest to the writer. We are waiting for the question on this and we are already saying that this will be an overwhelming series because you will again get to know concepts that answer many things that still seem like mumbo-jumbo today. Be curious, it will be very exciting.

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