A0672: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 11

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The New Lemurian researchers put a lot of effort into being able to start an expedition, so that even small micro-organisms, in their opinion, absolutely have to be examined on site in their natural habitat. A New Lemurian loves his underground city, but an opportunity to join an expedition is hardly missed by a New Lemurian explorer, so everything possible is done to find a reason to start an expedition. New Lemurians are also occasionally found on the surface, but only in areas that are not or only sparsely inhabited. There, the environment will then be investigated, because your extreme pollution will also be investigated. Your environment is being cleaned and this process is also monitored by the New Lemurians. The New Lemurians do not care about the people of the surface as long as they do not penetrate the special phase transition at a depth of 72 kilometres. To keep the modern people of the surface from getting that idea, the New Lemurians have done something that we will reveal in a later series when we tell you who actually built the Great Pyramid at Giza and for what purpose. Therefore, today you are still unable to learn mental skills that can be learned in a few short years by all people on Earth. When the New Lemurians come across the discovery of an uninhabited planet on which the first microbiological life forms have been discovered in the network of the great knowledge database, then there is great excitement among the researchers, because excursions are then planned, and not only by the New Lemurians, because many researchers on many planets would also like to go on this excursion. Who is allowed to go on such an excursion is always decided by the council responsible for this area. All researchers can apply to this council for permission to take part. Does this council coordinate the excursion, we ask? No, it is planned by a committee that specialises precisely in such excursions, and we also think that this committee of researchers is represented throughout the universe, so that this committee is always the first port of call when researchers have received permission from the respective council to take part in an excursion in the area. Why doesn’t this committee also decide such things, we ask? Because the committee would be biased and thus would not make fair decisions when it comes to who is allowed to participate in the excursion. The committee is largely made up of researchers, and these researchers want to discover, not take into account interstellar events that will determine which researcher is allowed to participate in the excursion and who is not. Councils are always exceedingly fair in their decisions, so it is up to the council to decide who may and may not participate in the excursion. When modern man of the surface get the opportunity to take part in such excursions in a few years’ time, the councils will take great care to ensure that these earthly researchers only go on the excursion with extraterrestrial explorers who look very human at first, so that the earthly researchers do not conduct research directly with the grey races or with species that could frighten the earthly researchers. The earthly researchers will only work with the Grey scientists at a later stage because the earthly researchers must first be accustomed to non-human species. Once the acclimatisation phase is over, earthly researchers will work with many of the species we have already described. The Anunnaki do not belong to this research community, because the Anunnaki are only concerned with mineral resources, nothing more. They also do research, but only on things that give them an advantage over other species. The New Lemurians are part of this research community, but you will meet them later because they do not intend to reveal themselves earlier than necessary. We describe the New Lemurians in great detail, but only a very small group of people will believe our explanations at first. Even when the process of official first contact starts in a few years, the majority of people will hardly notice our revelations, and even if they do, everything they will read sounds just too crazy for there to be any truth in it. Only many years later, when the official first contact has long since ended and earthly humanity has risen to become an interstellar-travelling species, will our revelations be perceived by the general public for what they are. They are revelations that welcome you as earth humanity into the interstellar community, because all interstellar-travelling species know where they come from and how to interpret the commonalities in your universe. For this, races on a planet are prepared well in advance. All previous attempts on your planet to do this have failed, to say the least, because there were so many conflicts of interest on your planet that always nipped this knowledge as revelations in the bud. Now it is different because it is not only the writer who is working on it, many mediums are doing it, but the writer is the most successful at the moment because revelations have to be earned. Many more mediums will come forward to share information, but what the writers blog has in store now can indeed be considered like a revelation library. Back to the topic. Researchers who are allowed to participate in a field trip will be contacted by the committee and everything else will be decided by this committee in collaboration with many researchers. When the excursion starts, the researchers are gathered on the respective planets and they travel together to the object to be explored. What about the individual level of knowledge of the different researchers, we ask? That is exactly what an excursion is for. Not only is research carried out on the object, but the beings taking part in the exploration are also trained, by the researchers who are predestined for it. At first, the earthly researchers get an insight into how such an excursion is conducted, and later they are taught more and more. Once the earthly researchers have been acclimatised to non-human researchers, the actual teachers come into play. Many races of the Grey species are researchers and since this species has perfected researching, their approach acts as a blueprint for all other researching species. The little grey researcher will be your teachers for a long time, until you yourselves are able to lead these excursions, which will not only accumulate new knowledge in the great knowledge database, but many species will be trained in how proper researching should be practised. We hope to get a question on this at some point so that we may describe the procedure in advance. The New Lemurian researchers are part of this research community and they themselves are teaching other species, but they will not wish to have contact with you at first because it will take you a long time to become so calm and serene as a race that the New Lemurians will not feel uncomfortable next to the modern humans of the surface. You still radiate so many powerful frequency patterns with your second energy body that would greatly affect sensitive beings, so the surface humans always negatively affect the frequencies of New Lemurians. They can bear it, but they prefer to wait until you are ready so that this frequency influence is no longer so powerful. Now we have come to the end of our series on the underground cities on your planet, so we ask: What more is there to tell about them? Nothing, because we have already revealed everything important. We will certainly touch on these underground cities in other blog posts, but you have already gained more knowledge about them today than has ever been possible before. You will fill in some gaps as time goes on, but all that is being added now is specific detailed knowledge that can only complete the bigger picture around it, but already you know what this picture is all about. When you hear stories of an inner earth, you now know where the imagination of these storytellers started and how much of it is really revealed as fact.

Question: Why is it that in deep drilling, temperatures have been measured after only a few kilometres of depth that make life practically impossible? What do we not yet know that the New Lemurians already had to know as they dig deeper and deeper into the earth’s layers?
This is a good question that has been communicated to you, and we are delighted that there are readers who have tracked down this fact. In order to answer the question conscientiously, we actually need another part and therefore we postpone the answer to the twelfth and last part of this series.

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