A0670: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 9

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We have told you that there are more New Lemurians living in the special phase transition of your Earth than there are people on the surface, and this is only because this underground level radiates so much positive energy that only promotes life. People at a depth of 72 kilometres live to a very old age and because the ageing process is very slow, these people give birth to many children during their lifetime, so that New Lemurian grandparents can also still produce children. When the human being on earth has passed the age of fifty, the body reshapes itself, because then the time of reflection begins, during which most persons neither bear children nor plan to found another family. For New Lemurians in the underground cities, this phase of their lives only begins when the body no longer has the possibility of continuing to flood the energy stores with zero field energy. New Lemurians in the underground cities can live to be several hundred years old, but they usually stop bearing more children when they have passed the age of one hundred and eighty. Parents who have just given birth are not older than 200 years, so New Lemurians live beyond 200 years. 300 year old New Lemurians exist, but they are rarely found, so we set the upper limit at 270 years of age. 270 years is a long time and if New Lemurian children are independent at a fairly early age, then a New Lemurian couple can bring a lot of children into the world. That’s what the New Lemurians do because they really don’t miss anything at a depth of 72 kilometres. They have waters, they have fresh air and everything is taken care of by the underground city they live in, but because the New Lemurians have such a great birth rate, they have to constantly provide new underground cities and for that they work closely with the modern humans who, similarly to the New Lemurians, live to be very old, but over 200 year old modern humans are absolutely rare, so we put the average age of modern humans at 187 years when they die. The birth rate is similarly high, so the symbiosis of these two human races is extremely successful. Modern humans work a lot, even if they don’t have to at all, but the fun of work makes them more and more motivated to work because there are hardly any schedules that cannot be kept. The New Lemurians plan each new underground city very carefully because each new underground city is always a moment when the New Lemurian builders can try something new and this often has something to do with the central buildings and the surrounding parks. The basic construction of city states has hardly changed since Atlantis because the layout of a city state is absolutely mature, but how exactly the city state is designed is up to the responsible builders, who always come up with something new to make the new city state more attractive. All city-states are somewhat different, but the external conditions leave plenty of room for the builders to incorporate ingenious innovations. When the New Lemurians explore a new underground cave, all the explorers involved are overly excited because they never know exactly what to expect. New underground caves are first explored mentally so that the risk is minimised, but even then the New Lemurians are very often surprised because what they experience then can be completely unexpected. Every natural underground cave is already very old and because the first organisms were able to thrive there undisturbed billions of years ago, life is so diverse in continuing to evolve that researchers are always amazed at what there is to see. When the New Lemurians have mentally explored the unknown underground cave, they will try to take samples on site to study them more closely in the laboratory. Each New Lemurian researcher has several ways to analyse a sample. They can mentally travel the DNA of the sample or they go on a journey of discovery on a molecular level. Researchers can also examine the sample in a very classical way, much like modern humans do. When the samples have been specified, the findings about them go into a knowledge library so that anyone interested can access them. Interested beings do not have to be New Lemurians, but many intelligent species have built up a mental knowledge network where they can deposit their findings and in such a way that other species can also understand what exactly the information is supposed to represent. The Grey species has perfected this procedure and all scientific beings have adopted this procedure in order to lay the foundation for this knowledge database. You also have access to it, even if you are not yet able to do so. If you have access to it after the official first contact, then you could discover useful and interesting details in it again and again for many human lifetimes, which would allow you to progress very far in your further development. All the knowledge is stored there and you will then come closer and closer to the actual creation, because it has all been recorded and has been for several billion years. Creation is actually quite simple, but the diversity of creation seems immeasurable because even after all this time there is always something new to discover. This knowledge base is inexhaustible and yet it is not perfect because life is always looking for new ways to unfold. This knowledge database has no errors whatsoever because very many beings work there, therefore every discovery is immediately verified by very many researchers. No researcher would knowingly deposit something wrong there, but especially when the information is still new, it can be subject to misinterpretation, so that all findings have to be checked again and again. This also means that there are many reasons for the different beings to meet to study and discuss the latest findings. Now you are probably very curious to know how such a meeting of extraterrestrial researchers comes about, and we will tell you. Imagine the following situation and believe us, it happens almost every day. The New Lemurian explorers are studying a new underground cave that has not been explored before. The researchers are looking for new life forms, which are then studied. If it has been recognised that this life form appears unique because it has not yet appeared in the large knowledge base, then the findings about it are shared. Since all extraterrestrial researchers are connected to this knowledge database, countless researchers will learn that something new has been discovered and studied on Earth. The first results are then already available and all scientists not only have access to the results, but the course of the entire exploration is stored there, also why the researcher proceeded the way he did is extremely interesting for all extraterrestrial researchers, so that they can understand the motivation of the researcher and also the path to the knowledge, which then represents the research result, is part of it. If the new knowledge seems interesting, then the different researchers of the different species meet to discuss the discoveries. Many of these research excursions lead these extraterrestrial researchers to Earth, or if we want to be precise, 72 kilometres below the Earth’s surface, because there are many underground cities that were created especially for these extraterrestrial excursions. Many alien spaceships arrive on Earth transporting these alien explorers. They fly directly to the special phase transition at a depth of 72 kilometres without being hindered by the Earth’s mantle because the technology to travel through matter is already ancient, even the extraterrestrial surveillance drones are able to do this. Every extraterrestrial explorer is given the opportunity to make such excursions because it is something that all intelligent species support, so you will see a wide variety of creatures on the extraterrestrial spaceships and they are all united in their knowledge of things. Why not simply consult the spiritual world, we ask? Because a researcher experiences the greatest satisfaction precisely when the results have been worked out, so that the knowledge of it generates much in a researcher being that is worth undertaking just so. Every researcher does research on different things, but it also happens that researchers from different disciplines plan an interdisciplinary research trip that can then also have the goal of studying the development on a planet that has not yet been inhabited by intelligent species. These research excursions are the highlight of every researcher’s heart and every researcher will then rave about this excursion for the rest of his life because it is something very special, which we will tell in the next and last blog entry in this series.

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