A0669: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 8

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Today we discuss once again the special phase transition that separates two Earth shells 72 km below the surface, which formed when the young planet cooled down and became more and more life-friendly from that point on. When the first millions of years passed, your planet was no longer a glowing ball of fire, but the shells of the Earth began to form and that always has something to do with temperature differences. At first the planet gave off its enormous surplus of energy in the form of heat rays, but the cold in space worked against it, so that one day the surplus of energy in the form of heat no longer had the potential to maintain its temperature and that’s about how the Earth’s first shell was formed. This outer crust continued to cool and the temperature on the planet’s surface continued to drop. Since the excess energy could no longer be released into space at the previous rate, it remained in the outer shell as a kind of energy potential, so to speak, so that the outer Earth shell acquired a potential that could not dissipate its energy fast enough as heat. The first Earth shell became thicker and thicker because the potential coming from the interior of the planet could no longer diffuse through the Earth shell at the rate at which it was created. From a certain point on, the first Earth shell was so thick that the kind of energy from the Earth’s interior could no longer escape. The inner processes were driven by atomic processes and when the inner process experienced the congestion of energy discharge, the inner processes switched over. The atomic discharge underwent an energetic change and now the process was switched so that other types of energy were released by the atomic processes that could penetrate the first shells of the Earth again so that the excess energy in the Earth’s interior could be released. Now a new form of energy emerged, which gave rise to the next type of Earth shell, until this Earth shell had also cooled down to such an extent that it, too, could almost not be penetrated by the type of energy that was created by the atomic processes in the Earth’s interior. The energy build-up in the interior again ensured that another process started so that a type of energy was generated that could penetrate the earth’s shells so that the surplus energy in the earth’s interior could escape. If these processes continue, then over many millions of years different Earth shells are formed by different forms of energy and before a new form of energy is developed, the previous form of energy was stored as a potential in the last Earth shell that was formed. Each earth shell therefore stores a different form of energy because the processes will always ensure that the forms of energy are created in a planet that the molecular constitution of the central star dictates. If you have a large sun, then you have different forms of energy stored in the Earth’s shells than if you have a dwarf star as your sun. All these different forms of energy are always connected to the sun and you have already partly understood this connection, but you did not know until now that a planet stores all these forms of energy in the earth shells like a capacitor, so that each form of energy also supports different processes of formation of the earth shell. You will find different types of rock in the different Earth shells and if you were to go very deep you would find types of rock that are so rare on the surface that they seem very valuable to you but actually are not. You have developed processes so that under high pressure and temperature you can produce what appears to be diamond-like rock, but if you knew the energy form that produces that type of rock you could easily produce any size of diamond that you liked, because that is what the Earth’s shells do: through geological processes they reshape an energy form into matter that appears very solid because it was not solid before. Molecular constituents combined with energy forms can create any kind of solid matter because that is exactly what is happening everywhere in your Universe. Energy forms transform molecular constituents into solid matter that did not exist before. If you know the energy form in a rock, then you also know at what depth it was formed, and if you observe your sun closely, then you also know what these energy forms are, because a sun also goes through exactly the same process as a planet orbiting this star. The sun only has much more potential, which is why the cooling processes take place much more slowly than in a planet. Your sun already has shells that store energy potentials, which is why the sun also radiates different light over time. Because the sun has great potential, only beings who consider this kind of energy to be ordinary can exist in the sun’s shells, and so they exist on a different level than you humans do. A different frequency range also means a different kind of life, but these beings are also intelligent life forms that established outposts there long ago because it is only too natural for interstellar travelling species. If you ascend to an interstellar-travelling species after official first contact, you will later establish an outpost on planets in the same way, and it is in that particular phase transition that life forms on a planet. The sun provides everything for life, as you define it at this time, to arise in a planet. That is why there is this particular phase transition that provides life as you know it. Other phase transitions provide another type of life that exists around you unrecognised by you. Other dimensions you call them, but we tell you they exist only on another plane of existence that you do not know of at this time, and it has nothing at all to do with other dimensions because other dimensions are something else that we have already explained to you in detail. The particular phase transition in your planet separates two forms of energy that you have already observed in part and that we would now like to briefly describe. The energy form that exists above the special phase transition is well known to you because you know what electromodular waves are. The electromodular waves will ensure that electrical components work as they were intended to. Every electromodular wave adapts to the circumstances and we also think we have to say: You still don’t really know much about it. Every electromodular wave presupposes that an energy is set into oscillation, which you then measure and from which you derive conclusions as to how this oscillation was changed. The form of energy you use in these modular vibrational frequencies corresponds to the form of energy stored in the mantle of the Earth’s first crust. At a depth of 72 kilometres, another form of energy begins, which you have already partially discovered, but which you have not yet specified, as it is still uncharted territory for you. We are talking about the so-called zero field energy that exists and that is extremely potent. At a depth of 72 kilometres there is a space where this zero field energy exists and every biological body can use the zero field energy for itself, because your energy stores in a body cell can also use the zero field energy very well to partially recharge themselves. The zero field energy will ensure that your reproductive cycles in the body tissues can start again and so your body cells are not bound to their predetermined reproductive cycles which then guide the ageing process, but they can generate new body cells again and again. If new body cells can be generated then the ailments will disappear and the ageing process would be dramatically slowed down. You will not get eternal life at a depth of 72 kilometres, but a human being will then be able to live longer than the 124 years and in the best of health. Every living being is long-lived and in the best of health in this particular phase transition. The form of energy in the phase transition is neither the form of energy that occurs in the earth shell above or below, but when two forms of energy meet, the dark energy always ensures that these two forms of energy are separated from each other and the dark energy will develop a new form of energy that keeps these two forms of energy at a distance. This particular phase transition is this new form of energy that keeps the two forms of energy of the earth shells at a distance and this new form of energy supports biological life because the two earth shells represent biological life. All the ingredients are represented there for life and from this comes life on every planet. We will come back to this in later blog posts, but for now we will tell you what else you will learn in the last two blog posts for this series. What species of animals besides the underground spiders live in these depths and what causes the New Lemurians to keep exploring new caves that are currently uninhabited are topics that will be addressed.

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