A0671: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 10

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When New Lemurian explorers go on an expedition, they will always be very well prepared because anything could happen. Let’s imagine that a New Lemurian scouting party has discovered an unknown underground cave and this scouting party maps the surrounding area and then arrives at their underground city with the first results. A New Lemurian scouting party always has the task of physically getting to places that have not been mapped before. Each underground cavern has many tunnels, each with a purpose, but in addition to the artificially created tunnel systems, there are also natural tunnel systems that are so extensive that they seem to never want to end. Scouting parties are constantly sent into these tunnel systems to check whether any danger can emanate from them. Dangers lurk everywhere, so everything is also constantly checked. A New Lemurian scouting party usually consists of a crew of eight, although it is actually always the men who take on such tasks. They have a flying machine because most unexplored tunnel or cave systems lie long distances away. These flying vehicles only lend themselves to transport, so they are not enclosed capsules, but rather a flying transport platform. Even today, the New Lemurians need little technology because they deposit all findings in the astral plane of the special phase transition at a depth of 72 kilometres. Each discovery is then carefully evaluated by the researchers, and when the scouting party has spied out the desired location, the underground city decides whether researchers should take samples on site. Since larger animal species are often discovered, such an excursion can also take some time, so the New Lemurians need a place to rest and for this they have useful equipment with them. We have already told you in detail what an influenced space is and we have told you that an influenced space is a space that does not occupy the space on your plane of existence as you are used to. A very large space could exist in your room without you being aware of it. Extraterrestrial surveillance drones carry sporadic influenced spaces so that they can collect, for example, soil samples that are much larger in volume than the small surveillance drone could provide. New Lemurians also use influenced spaces, but not as carelessly as the New Atlantians did on the island of New Atlantis, because these inhabitants themselves are responsible for the fact that ultimately the careless use of influenced spaces caused their island to sink into the Mediterranean. Had the New Atlantians placed these influenced spaces on the surface of the island of New Atlantis, this stunning island off Cyprus would still exist. New Lemurians place an influenced space in such a way that they can also carry this space. Therefore, not only can samples be deposited in an influenced space, but the space in an influenced space can also contain shelters and laboratories. If a door in an influenced space opens seemingly out of nowhere, there may be a large city behind it, but this is not something the New Lemurians do because they are very aware of the danger with it. There must be something in conventional space that represents this influenced space. Let’s say you could create an influenced space and the space would be the size of a small room. You would place a bed and a chair there. An influenced space also needs an entrance, but it is not necessary at this time because we have never discussed the process of creating an influenced space. The room has no walls because influenced spaces are not bounded. What about a floor, you may ask, and we say the following: Influenced spaces arise where they are created. That space always remains where it is created, but the space can be carried along on your plane of existence. We do not mean the access to it, but the space would be wherever you take it and also where you created it. If such an influenced space has been created, then its spatial limitations are determined and the creator of the influenced space knows where the influenced space starts and where it ends. This space is actually existent and not because the space where the influenced space has now been created has been reorganised. The dark energy removes interstices from space on your plane of existence and creates a new space where normal space also exists. The new space corresponds to a type of energy and this amount of energy can be transported. This energy space is coupled to a device, for example, which also immediately transforms the energy that is needed to maintain the influenced space. As the space in your room has been reorganised, the space areas of the influenced space also belong in your room, so you are taking a space out of your room, so to speak, which will then re-exist where it was created when the energy that sustains that influenced space is removed. When you have created an influenced space, the lower level of the space is the floor because you have determined the coordinates. The influenced space is then initially seen as a copy of your room. If there was a bed and a chair in the room before, then these pieces of furniture are not present in the influenced room, because an influenced room is always empty at first. But there is no vacuum there, nor can you fall through the floor, but the influenced space borders the floor and let’s say the influenced space is smaller than the room in which it was created, then the so-called walls are the area that borders the influenced space. If you are in the room and you have not opened access to your plane of existence, then you cannot see out of the influenced space into the original room, nor can you see into this influenced space in the room. Let’s say there is a chair in the room that has been placed where the influenced space exists and there is a bed in the influenced space where the chair is in the room, then at the same time one person could be sitting in the chair and another person could be lying in the bed and no one would notice the other person. What happens if in the influenced space the person gets out of bed and goes to the so-called wall that borders the influenced space, we ask? If the person just stands in front of it, nothing happens. If the person puts her hand where the influenced space borders, the person will not feel anything. If the person continues to push her hand against this so-called wall, the space disappears because something has now occurred, which is only natural. The influenced space collapses because the hand cannot exist in both spaces at the same time. That is why the New Atlantians have also created their influenced spaces in rock, because then this situation cannot happen. The borders of the influenced space end at the rock and the rock borders the space in such a way that a person in the space at the border of the space would perceive something that corresponds to the rock that surrounds this influenced space. However, it is not the original rock, but the dark energy has created something there that is composed of the nothing and the rock, because two energy levels are separated from each other here. The influenced space is therefore limited and it cannot collapse if the boundaries of the influenced space are physically contacted in the space. The researchers built the original space in a central building, so to speak. The space was then transformed into an influenced space where the shelters and laboratories are then deposited. We have only explained the influenced space in a simplified way today, so we will go into more depth on the topic of influenced spaces later. We actually wanted to tell something about the excursions of the New Lemurians, but we got a little off topic. We will need another blog entry to describe these extremely interesting excursions of the New Lemurians, because they are not only undertaken in or on Earth, but many species join together to study unexplored planets, as there is always something new to discover.

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