A0665: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 6

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The city-states of the Lemurians are enormous and we mean 56 km over the longest axis can become these enormous underground cities and these dimensions do not reach caves that are round in plan, but a combination of several caves result in this enormous length. The width is one third less. Small underground states have a circular cross-section and the dome is also a dome, as you would assume for such a cave. The neighboring cave of modern humans is always smaller because, although the population number tends to always grow along with the number of New Lemurians in the neighboring cave, the New Lemurians always outnumber the modern humans. For every three New Lemurians, there are two modern humans. Because modern humans do not do research, their central buildings are also much smaller because administrative tasks tend to be performed there. Because the modern humans usually also perform their services in other underground caves, they also need less space than the New Lemurians. New Lemurians love nature, but they need much more space to relax because they are constantly absorbed in their work and when they start to relax, they need a lot of nature to feel comfortable. The modern people also like it nice in their cave, but not as much as the New Lemurians from the neighboring cave. When a New Lemurian teaches modern people how to perform the services, training is done with very many modern people, so there are real classes. The New Lemurians have created many devices with which the modern people can easily perform their activities. Devices for hollowing out rocks are still used today to create the enormous caves. Other devices serve other purposes, but always these purposes have something to do with repairing something or creating something new. The New Lemurians have no army, but many modern people control the tunnel systems, and they have been specially trained and equipped for that purpose. There are no weapons as you know them, but a modern human would have the ability to render another human unconscious with a wave of his hand. These devices are also used against the creatures underground when the species try to spread into the inhabited caves. The creatures from the time of Atlantis still live sporadically, but what we are about to tell you will send a shiver down the spine of most people of the surface, but it is true and we also think that you are now ready for it, also to experience something that will frighten you deeply at first, but rest assured, these creatures will not see the light of day, so far you can trust us, because they are creatures of the underground. We told you that the New Lemurians created many creatures that were gruesome to behold. We told you that huge giants had to fight very large spiders in the arenas and that these spiders were changed so much that they were not only more aggressive, but their heads mostly looked exceedingly human. But what we didn’t tell then was the fact that these huge spiders were not created by the Atlantians in this size, but these spiders are as big as a middle class car when full grown. This species has been living on your planet for a very long time and we are already saying it is not an intelligent species but a very large spider species and this species of spiders was already living on the planet when there were no humans on Earth. They were created with the dinosaurs and since spiders are only creatures that exist in secret, they retreated underground quite early. When the New Lemurians started to go deeper and deeper underground, they came across this species of spiders quite quickly, so they captured these spiders and exhibited them in the arenas until they started to train the spiders and let them fight against other creatures. The spiders underground feed differently than the spiders on the surface, so we can also report that underground spiders keep herds of other creatures to feed on. The underground has always been riddled with caves, so over time many types of insects and animals have also accumulated to feed on something that grows on the cave walls. We have not yet reached the point where we can describe processes that accurately describe these processes. Caves are not dead holes where nothing can thrive, but as in the deep sea, there are always processes that support life, no matter how life-unfriendly an environment may seem. When these spiders look after their flocks, it is nothing different from what your farmers do with their animals. When the spider needs to feed again, it always takes old and weak animals from its herd to feed on. Big spiders do not suck their food, but they cut it up and eat the pieces like crayfish do. These spiders do not pose a threat to modern humans or the New Lemurian, but they are not welcomed either. Therefore, large spiders that stray into the tunnel system are quickly chased away. The underground spiders are not intelligent beings like you are, but they are like animal creatures. Underground spiders are smart and learn quickly, so chased underground spiders usually do not return. Humans have also been killed by spiders, but this was extremely rare. Exiled New Lemurians know the danger and they also do not stay where these large spiders exist. If a human comes into the territory of a large spider, the human is first warned and believe us, New Lemurians also prefer to look the other way before messing with these creatures. An underground spider looks somewhat different from an ordinary spider, so we will now describe these creatures. An underground spider is always recognisable as a spider, but some characteristics are different. An underground spider has no skeleton, but the internal structure is strengthened with a kind of muscle mass so that the external skeleton need not be so heavy. When the spider grows, it sheds its old shell and is very vulnerable during this time. When a spider lays eggs, it usually weaves a cocoon. An underground spider cannot shed a web, so this ability is not present at all. The rear body armour is not very large, but the legs are very strong, so an underground spider can run very fast underground. Spiders move, but only when they have to. Underground spiders have not evolved a diversity of species, so there are very few differences to spot. The pairs of eyes are not fixed in number, so there are underground spiders with four or eight eyes. The pairs of eyes are extremely important so that a spider can classify its size in relation to its surroundings. Due to their anatomy, spiders are extremely sensitive to vibrations, so they are always found where it is very quiet. Every sound causes an echo in a cave and ultimately also the finest vibrations, so New Lemurians could chase these creatures away by trampling loudly. Basically, however, it can be said that only young underground spiders stray into the underground caves of humans and when they appear, modern humans also come to the help quite quickly and they chase the underground spiders away. These underground spiders have a funny habit that we would like to mention briefly. When an underground spider is excited, it starts to tremble. When the exoskeleton starts to vibrate due to the shaking, then the spider buzzes. When a spider buzzes, it wants to confuse its surroundings, but this usually results in it being located. The higher the buzzing sound, the smaller the spider. All underground creatures know this behaviour and since underground spiders have no natural enemies, the buzzing is always perceived as a warning signal. If you descend into the underground caves that you know, you will not discover any of these underground spiders because we have not yet revealed to you how deep these underground caves actually are. We will reveal all of this in the next entry in this series, and we will also reveal some details about your earth’s crust.

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