A0666: Why is war in Ukraine with Russia inevitable?

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This is not easy to explain, so we must first discuss another topic with you so that you can correctly understand the motives of those in power. When is a war started, we ask? Whenever one side of the quarrelling parties does not see its interests protected. Then the physical conflict starts. But before that, something has already been done to end this conflict before it could take on a physical expression in the form of an act of war. All parties will argue about how to end the conflict. Russia has great fears that NATO will be able to dominate more and more lands in Russia’s sphere of influence and this is to be prevented at all costs, if necessary by the military violence that is currently escalating in Ukraine. So why have these talks between these parties had no positive effect, we ask? Because NATO sabotaged all the talks. Russia wanted Ukraine to have a neutral status and that also means that militarily Ukraine must be able to act sovereignly. No foreign units may be permanently stationed in Ukraine; more than that, all foreign relations must be structured in such a way that Ukraine does not develop any dependencies on other states or organisations. Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO would be just such a dependency, which must be prevented at all costs. Russia will not oppose Ukraine’s westward orientation, but only if it does not develop binding dependencies on the West. All the processes that are currently being gone through were worked out by the strategists a long time ago and we also think that the military conflict was not avoidable at all and for the following reasons.

  1. NATO never intended to hold back from Russia’s borders, but its doctrine is to expand further and further east. Russia, under the leadership of the current president, figured this out and started making arrangements to prevent it a decade ago. The so-called Maidan was so initiated by the US ambassadors and all the events around the day of the Maidan were a US foreign office operation. The US did not act alone because British intelligence played an important role in how the insurgents were directed. The uprising in Ukraine was intelligence orchestrated and really nothing was left to chance. All that had to be done was to generate an outcry in the world, just as they had successfully done in many countries before. The President of Ukraine was aware of this and he ordered to take absolute control of the demonstrations without using violence. What he did not understand until then was the determination of the secret services that initiated all this. They wanted to create a massive outcry and that can only be done if many innocent people also die in the process. The snipers were trained by the military in other countries to be able to act so conscienceless. Everything else is history, but this action is a blueprint that has been and will be carried out again and again by the British and American special forces, because these so-called outcries are also planned from a long time ago. British intelligence is leading the way, so much so that we would almost like to say that the American contribution to these upheavals seems almost minor. Have you ever noticed how reticent Britain is to react to these events, we ask? That’s right, they want to remain undetected and feed the narrative that it is actually the US that is in charge. Even the US believes this, but in fact it is British domestic intelligence that is perpetrating these acts of terrorism on behalf of the British Crown. They are clever and they are cunning, but the Mossad in Israel was the first intelligence service to find out and since that time British intelligence and the US cannot operate in these areas as they did before. President Putin knows all this and this president is the only one in power who has the guts to stand up to it. The Crown knows about it, but they have no power of disposal over British domestic intelligence. 
  2. If Russia is no longer a great power, then all the other great powers on the planet can do whatever they want. Russia is currently the only bastion holding out against this and Russia has had to pay a huge price for this not only in the past, but also now. Everything the West does is always aimed at discrediting and disintegrating Russia. No NATO member is allowed to violate this because the British government never tires of making everyone believe that Russia is an aggressor that must be fought. Britain, along with the USA, is the main problem you have on your planet. Everything done under the British leadership is to destabilise Europe, no matter how they sell it to you, Britain wants to one day become as powerful as it once was.
  3. Ukraine is the next Bishop on the chessboard to be thrown to the enemy to prove once again that the great power Russia is the real enemy. This time they underestimated the supposed enemy and we can acknowledge with admiration that Russia has never forgotten how to play chess. President Putin will soon go down not only in the history of Russia as the greatest strategist, but the entire world will one day recognise what this man has actually achieved to date and what he is still capable of achieving. Imagine the following situation. You are a kindergarten child and you act like a normal child in the group of kindergarten children. Now there are one or two children who, for some unknown reason, do not like you. Behind your back they will spread lies and they will do it in such a way that these lies can never come back to these two children as rumours. All the other kindergarten children are constantly manipulated and you as a child do not understand at all why all the children tell these rumours about you and avoid you. Now what does this have to do with President Putin, you ask? President Putin knew that Russia would never reach the level in the international community that Russia should be granted as a great power, and President Putin was also aware that this would not change, so he concentrated all his efforts on how Russia could nevertheless find the recognition it deserved as a great power, without Russia being accused of what is too readily spread as a narrative behind its back. Neither is Russia an aggressor, nor a peaceful country, but Russia is a great power that is trying to gain a better standing in the national community, because then the lives of Russians will also become better and better. President Putin has played along with the kindergarten game because he could see through it and more than that, he has placed his Bishops very well so that in the long run he can expose the kindergarten children and in such a way that all the other kindergarten children can see that they have been used and manipulated. We can already reveal that Putin has triumphed in the long run and everything that is coming now has been planned exactly the same way by him. The British government will lose face when the final moves on the chessboard have been made because now President Putin will dictate all further action. Everything is aligned with Russia and one day all parties will have to acknowledge that Russia was never the aggressor but the master of the chess game that brought down the British Empire. This is a metaphor, so Britain will not be attacked, nor will it suffer an internal revolution, but all the peoples of the earth will realise that they have always been manipulated and abused by the Empire. Even the United States of America will recognise this and they will end the Anglo-Saxon ties that bind the USA to the British Empire, so that in just a few years the world will be able to breathe a sigh of relief because there will be little that British leaders can do. All this started with the recognition of Crimea, because in fact Russia did not steal Crimea, nor did it sneakily invade it, but Crimea was and always will be a part of Russia.
  4. The British government was so arrogant that it really believed that Russia would give up Ukraine, but Russia was aware that such a thing could happen and prepared for it. What had already seemed possible in Georgia was improved into something that then not only brought Crimea back into the fold of Russia, but Ukraine was divided. The Donbass is Russian, no matter what historians will claim. The Donbass was taken by Russia, so we also claim that since that time Ukraine has been occupied by Russia. Everything that followed was planned that way. The invasion of Russian troops is part of the plan, as is the prior recognition of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk. Everything that follows is unstoppable and even if a nuclear power were to come to Ukraine’s aid, Russia will not turn away from its original plan.

Question: What exactly is this Russian plan for Ukraine?
For this we have to go back to the British officials because they are now under fire. The British government, and also many other states, have made many promises to Ukraine that are now not being kept. The whole world can now see that the NATO allies are completely helpless when the great power Russia does something. All the promises are worth nothing if the promises are only followed by empty words when Ukraine demands these promises. No country will still consider the USA or NATO effective if they do not even have the power to help Ukraine. Russia will stop any support for Ukraine by force, no matter who offers it. Is Russia afraid of NATO, we ask? No. NATO is a brainchild of the Western world that can do nothing at all against Russia because NATO is a construct that unites so many power-hungry elites who, when push comes to shove, will chicken out and then figure out how to get out of this dicey situation. Whether it’s the US, France or any other country, they will all falter if they have to go to war with Russia. Even if you in the western world can hardly comprehend it, autocrats are capable of influencing world events in this way. The Chinese president, just like the Russian president, are such weighty persons and no American president can hold a candle to such autocrats because they simply do not hold the power that such an autocrat can exercise. The Russian president knows this because he has carefully studied his image on the chessboard. The ball is in his court and his bishops are already scouring Ukraine to ensure that his constant assertions are found and revealed. Does this Nazification exist in Ukraine, we ask? No, not like in the times of the Second World War, but it is similar because these forces have been operating underground for many years and instead of demonising Judaism, they demonise Russian culture and way of life. These forces are becoming stronger and stronger, even if it doesn’t appear so from the outside, so that today special troops of the Russian military in Ukraine are already tracking down these nests and eliminating these people who acted with all their might against Russian citizens during the Maidan protests. Only when this operation has come to an end will calm return and Russia will ensure that Ukraine continues to exist and that it will be free of any influence. We see the land mass of Ukraine diminishing because many republics of Ukraine will follow the example of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Russian troops will leave again, so we assume that the main goal will be achieved in a few weeks. NATO will have to make concessions and from that point on, the alliance will crumble and fewer and fewer countries will still have confidence in NATO because Russia will now start to control world affairs. More and more states will notice that coexistence among themselves will become more and more peaceful because the Western community can exert less and less influence. If you now believe that there will be fewer wars, you are wrong, because now Great Britain will try to weaken Russia’s supremacy in isolated instances, so that we foresee another short but fierce war, which will bring about the decision. The British government will be blamed for this and many reforms will then ensure that these manipulations of the peoples, which are responsible for the inhuman suffering of the people in other countries, will cease. The Russian president has foreseen all this and he still has many Bishops in his hand that he can use wisely. Ukraine, which will remain after the republics split off, will have to be supported by the West from that point on and this Ukraine will no longer play a weighty role because it will live a shadowy existence that would never have been necessary if Russia’s interests had been heard and taken into consideration. NATO will not survive this decade and believe us, this is the best thing that can happen to the world because this alliance was never necessary and has caused so much suffering. If the alliance breaks up, Vladimir Putin will be celebrated all over the world, except by those in power who are still in power now. The European continent will blossom and this will be seen first in all the Eastern states, because that is where most of the oppression by the Western alliances is currently taking place.

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