A0667: What does a community of peoples stand for and what is its purpose?

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If we have previously told you about the actual background to the Ukraine crisis, we would like to use this blog entry to shed light on the community of nations on your planet. What exactly do we mean when we talk about the community of nations, we ask? A community of nations is a group of like-minded people who discuss living together and ways and means of making that living together work better. If measures have been devised that can improve this living together, then it is up to each member of the group to implement these measures. A community of peoples is such a group and all peoples should be represented here because your planet is home to many peoples who should get along with each other. This community has a name and it is based in the United States, but your community of nations is not complete because you once decided that a great power was not worthy of consideration at all. If this community is not complete, how can it be a mouthpiece for all peoples, we ask you? The United Nation is supposed to represent this community and not all peoples are represented there and have a say. A few peoples assume the right to speak for all, but this is wrong because these few nations can determine everything they want. Russia is represented there, but Russia does not have the say that this people deserves, because the few nations do everything they can to ensure that really everything Russia puts forward is made absurd. The United Nations is not what it actually wants to represent, because here a few nations speak for many nations that do not get any say at all. Russia is a great power that should be given exactly the same voting rights alongside the other nuclear powers as the USA or, as we think, the states that are controlled by Great Britain. If China, Russia and a few other nations were to leave the United Nations and form their own community of interests, the house of cards of the British Empire would collapse, because they would then be steering nations that could not make any difference at all. If there was a counter to the United Nations, China and Russia would be more powerful than all the rest of the United Nations and that is what China and Russia are seeking because they have been tired of being paraded around by the British Empire for a very long time. The next few months will be crucial in determining whether China and Russia together will initiate this breakaway of the United Nations and if they do, this action will amount to a global earthquake because the cards will now be reshuffled for all nations. The Western-oriented nations will remain in the United Nations, but many nations will take the opportunity to walk away because their interests were never heard anyway. The Eastern bloc will be so formidable that the United Nations will look like a playground for old masters who can no longer do much. The present United Nations is so corrupted by intrigues and power claims that there is no point at all in continuing to hold these negotiations. Russia and China still have many aces up their sleeves, but they are currently at odds about whether they should really go down this road. Everything that is discussed in these meetings has only one goal, to harm Russia and also China in the long run and many conflicts have been launched to get closer and closer to this goal, but Russia has now launched a counter-offensive that will really upset the old structures also in the United Nations. Russia will be the great power that will put an end to everything so that a people’s understanding can actually be practised. If Russia is expelled from the United Nations, this will only accelerate the process and those responsible in the British Empire are also aware of this, but as is so often the case, a momentum can also develop that will cause Russia to be expelled from the United Nations without the consent of the British Empire, since at present the organs of government are so synchronised that a small note or hint can set off a chain reaction that will make it impossible for the British string-pullers to stop it again. Whatever the final outcome, the United Nations has long since had its day because it neither represents all nations nor accepts other opinions, but has an agenda and that is to serve the British Empire, nothing more.

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