A0663: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 4

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An underground city has many openings because there are routes in and out. An opening can be seen as a tunnel and each tunnel leads to a destination. If two neighbouring cities are to be connected, then a tunnel to the next underground city is not built, but stations are created where passengers can change. Previously, direct connections from one underground city to the next underground city were used, but if there are many underground cities, then ports of call are better suited to travel to any underground city, no matter how distant. The New Lemurian tunnel network is very old, but it is constantly being modernised because technology has advanced in some areas that the traditionalists could not resist. When a technology entered Atlantis, the traditionalists could not and would not resist it, at least not technologies that guarantee comfortable travel. The stations today are very modern and can hardly be compared to your stations on the surface, because nobody has to buy a ticket, but every New Lemurian has a confirmation to be allowed to reach the destination. Whether the journey is for professional or personal interests, every New Lemurian has to inquire in their city-state if they are allowed to travel to another city. The flow of people is heavily monitored and most New Lemurians are not stopped on their journeys either. But there are also New Lemurians who step out of line because they do not want to submit to the general public. What do we mean by that, we ask? Every underground city is enveloped by an energetic hemisphere and the frequencies within it largely determine the behaviour of the population. New Lemurians tend to have a calm disposition, so the frequencies in the energetic hemisphere need only strengthen the frequency of calmness a little. Just as there are many people on the surface who can be described as serene, there are also the exact opposite, so that troublemakers always stand out to disrupt the general social gathering. The New Lemurians also have such tending troublemakers who have strongly developed the frequency of reluctance. The energetic hemisphere with its dominant frequency patterns is also unable to initiate serenity to these troublemakers. Everything these troublemakers do is always aimed at going against the prevailing norms and this is particularly noticeable in the New Lemurian community. These troublemakers rebel at a young age because they do not agree at all with how the norms of society should govern their lives. When such a troublemaker grows older and wiser, they will still cause trouble, just in a different way. These troublemakers are a big problem for the traditionalists among the New Lemurians, so responsibility for these citizens is gladly abdicated, as these troublemakers are exceedingly fond of travelling. They travel around constantly, only to realise after a short time that they are not very welcome in society. However, as there are very few of these troublemakers, they have hardly managed to organise themselves. They have built up a network, but most of the troublemakers have different goals, so it will probably be a long time before they will have a weighty voice in the societies of the underground cities. Are there violent crimes in these underground cities, we ask? Yes, but very few. Many crimes are interpersonal relationship crimes because falling in love, even among New Lemurians, makes them virtually sane. When couples find each other, they move into their own dwelling quite quickly and it always happens that after some time the couple realises that they hardly fit together. What happens then you know only too well on the surface and we also think that most separations are very peaceful, only very rarely does the situation escalate and lead to outbreaks of violence. The New Lemurians are very peaceful and they abhor violence, so murders hardly ever happen. If they do, the New Lemurians are not squeamish and banish the New Lemurian. There are an incredible number of abandoned tunnel and cave systems. If a New Lemurian has committed a very serious crime, he is released into these cave systems and must henceforth fend for himself. No underground city-state will house such an exiled person, so they usually have to eke out their remaining existence alone. Many exiled New Lemurians have taken their own lives at some point because this existence seemed too brutal for them. No exiled New Lemurian could start a new society anywhere. All underground cities are monitored and no large animal is able to enter an underground city unmolested, so exiled New Lemurians have also never been seen again. If a young New Lemurian does something stupid, it is judged differently than if an older New Lemurian does the same stupid thing. The buildings in the underground cities cannot be compared in height to the buildings in the metropolises on the surface, but the central buildings were built bigger and bigger because the underground cities also became more and more enormous. When a New Lemurian enters an administrative or research building, the building just flaunts because New Lemurians have always found ancient Greek history very impressive and imitated the sculptures and statues, only more enormous in scale. This contrast in New Lemurian culture is easy to explain because New Lemurians love modesty, but they are also very talented artistically and where could artistic expression be best displayed? Exactly, in the general buildings that are meant for everyone. That’s why you won’t only find imposing public buildings, but in the buildings it goes on just the same. As the buildings were also built higher and higher, visitors also had to climb more and more stairs, and since climbing stairs is exhausting even for New Lemurians, a kind of lift was conceived that is operated neither with ropes nor with chain links, but crystal-like tubs under the cabins provide the necessary lift. However, these lifts do not work in the horizontal position, but only connect all floors vertically. Since crystal awareness can be programmed, there are hardly any operating errors, nor accidents. Lifts are one thing and transport vehicles are another. When a New Lemurian travels from one side of the city-state to the other, it is not on foot, but shuttle buses automatically shuttle around the city-state and any resident can use these shuttle buses. Such a shuttle bus has no wheels and thus does not travel in the classical way, but floats. There are also no drivers in these transport vehicles, but programmed crystals move these hover buses. Neither do these hover buses bump into anything, nor has there ever been an accident with these transport vehicles, because firstly they are controlled by an intelligent crystal consciousness that can perceive much more space than a human being and these transport vehicles are also not really fast. They follow predefined routes and when a New Lemurian thinks of getting on such a transport vehicle, the crystal consciousness in the transport vehicle perceives this wish and stops. The same is true for getting off these vehicles, so there are no stops and no matter where you are, a vehicle will appear in a very short time if that is your wish. The openings at the borders to the underground cities are guarded and the transport vehicles to the stations are incredibly fast. If someone wishes to travel or arrives, the guards of the underground cities know this wish in advance because all travel activity is monitored and this information is shared at different levels of the New Lemurian mental network. If a troublemaker wants to travel, the responsible authorities already know very well what kind of New Lemurian is making this request and there are actually hardly any reasons that would speak against travelling, so that these New Lemurians are never prevented from their desire to travel. New Lemurians who have not distinguished themselves as troublemakers always have a specific reason why they undertake a journey and if the destination has the capacity, then this New Lemurian is also not prevented from changing the underground state. It is also determined whether this change is undertaken for a short or longer period of time. Can residents travel to the surface of the earth, the writer wonders? No, they used to, but for several hundred years the inhabitants of the underground cities have not been given permission to do so, and we also think hardly any New Lemurian would want to do so voluntarily. The surface is polluted, poisoned and everywhere you can see the clashes of modern humans. Who would want to go there voluntarily when the underground cities can offer everything a New Lemurian holds dear. There are entrances into the tunnel system of the New Lemurians and neither the North Pole nor the South Pole have large openings leading into a cave or tunnel system, so these stories are not lies, but misunderstood and completely exaggerated. New Lemurians do not yet care what you do on the surface, but they spy on you mentally and can do many things if someone sinks their nose where they had better not look. The New Lemurians do not have flying machines that you would call classic UFOs, but they do fly with alien races and species from time to time to do physical studies off Earth. In the next part, we will talk again about the building activities of the New Lemurians, so that you also know why there are also underground cities of modern humans and why these underground cities are so important for the New Lemurian culture. There are social bonds between the modern people and the New Lemurians in the different underground cities that you will be very interested in. 

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