A0662: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 3

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Each underground city has its own ecosystem and by this we mean the following. If a city wants to feed its inhabitants, then the city needs agricultural land sufficient to grow all kinds of crops. If the variety and quantity of food is sufficient to feed the population all the time, then the inhabitants need other materials to clothe themselves, to provide housing and the necessities of life must not be lacking either. If all these things are available in sufficient quantities, then the energy supply must be guaranteed. All supplies are provided by the city and this is where the problem of underground cities begins, which had to be solved first. Let’s start with the food supply. Underground cities have to be planned so enormously that the food can also be grown. Agriculture was already known to the Lemurians and the Atlantians adopted this method of cultivation, so it would be only too natural if the New Lemurians did the same in their underground cities, and so it is. All underground cities have large cultivation areas that they use to grow all the things that you grow, except that in the underground cities the topsoil is not as productive as on the surface. But underground cities have some advantages that you don’t have. These underground cities have clean water and clean air. The soils are by no means productive, but they are pure. But if you consider that the underground cities have an energetic hemisphere, then you know why the underground cities can still produce a bountiful harvest even though the topsoil should not. Plants grow much better in an energy field than on the surface and because the frequencies generate another benefit, the produce grown is highly nutritious. What works well with the plants also has an effect on all other living things, so that farm animals can guarantee very nutritious products. Farm animals are quite common in species, but these animals have a big difference from surface animals. They do not need to be fattened, nor do animal breeds need to be cross-bred to create hardier species. Farm animal husbandry is very effective because the underground city-states hardly have to do anything for it. There are certain areas set aside for livestock and cows and cattle can graze there. Every organic farmer could learn a thing or two from this kind of animal husbandry, and we also think that, except for the common domestic pig, you will find many animal species. The farm animals have not been genetically modified, as they were in the days of Atlantis, but are natural breeds that live a peaceful life in the fields and forests. You will not see factory farming in an underground city because only the industrialised nations practice this on the surface. If you are standing on a hill and you are looking around, you will usually hardly be able to see the boundaries of the caves and that is because the boundaries of the city are always the fields and forests, so you will hardly notice that you are not on the surface. If you walk from one side to the other in an ordinary underground cave, you will actually be walking for several days. If you were to use a transport vehicle, you could travel to the nearest underground city in minutes, although these cities are usually many kilometres apart. Central to each underground city are the administrative and research buildings and, as in the city states of Atlantis, around these buildings are the parks and recreational facilities. Further away are the dwellings of the inhabitants. The current dwellings do not have much in common with the traditional dwellings of the Lemurians and we would like to briefly describe such a standard dwelling so that you get an impression of how living in such an underground cave is designed nowadays. When you stand in front of a dwelling of a small family, you first enter a small courtyard, which is usually artistically designed. We see paved paths there, although the paving is not as symmetrical as you are used to, but it fits very well into the overall concept. A fountain is there and we also see small and large sculptures. The sculptures are not avant-garde, but they show artistic talent. Art is practised in some form by the residents, but sculptors are welcome guests who then reveal much of their craft, which the residents of the houses then lovingly put into practice. The inhabitants of an underground state have a lot of free time, which they usually use for their own research or they pass the time with artistic handicrafts and really anyone can create sculptures. Statues are something else and the sculptors who make statues are highly respected, even though making statues is not a science. Statues are modelled and do not have to be carved out of the material as you do on the surface, but the material is momentarily altered by flashes of thought so that making a statue is like modelling clay figures. The forecourt can also contain statues, but this does not happen so often. The typical building is white in colour and richly decorated, because New Lemurians still love to create little mental hiding places, either in the gardens around the house or on the façade of the building. A typical building has usually only one floor and all rooms and spaces are easily and quickly accessible. There is a front door and we also say the private rooms are delimited by door-like devices, but doors, as you use them everywhere on the surface, these dwellings hardly have, because most of the time the inhabitants are not in the dwelling anyway, but the daily life takes place in the fields, in the research buildings or in the recreational areas of the parks. There are small elevations that invite people to go hiking and small river courses provide bathing opportunities. Are there arenas in the underground city, the writer wonders? Yes, but creatures have not been fighting each other there for a long time; arenas are used for a variety of purposes. Sporting events exist, but they are not pursued as single-mindedly as they are with you on the surface. Theatrical performances are often held in arenas, as well as concerts where musicians play music. When we enter a dwelling, there is a hallway that is richly decorated. The baroque is exaggerated, but it goes somewhat in that direction. Small sculptures and also statues can be seen, but hardly any paintings, because most New Lemurians create paintings mentally and this is still a hobby of the inhabitants. New Lemurians are not complete telepaths now, but they already have this ability. Telepaths have no trouble exchanging information with each other and since telepathy is not simply speaking in the mind, telepaths are also very good at manifesting images, so the passion of painting has never found much of a following. When you enter the washroom, there is something that looks like a tub but is made of granite. This bowl has a drain and there are also taps from which clear cold water comes. When the laundry needs to be cleaned, it is placed in this tub and something crystal-like then uses the water to ensure that the laundry is cleaned. The water is heated and set in motion by impulses. The laundry is not very elaborate, so there was never a need to develop anything else. Each room has its purpose. There is a central room that doesn’t have to be centrally located, but where the residents spend most of their time. You will see tables and chairs in the central buildings, but the dwellings are more cosy, so couches are used to talk, even if only mentally, and all games and other activities are done that way. The parents have their own sleeping quarters and the children usually live in one or two other rooms. The kitchen is part of the central room because cooking activities are rather few. Everything the residents need they get at the distribution points and meals are given to the services, so catering in the dwellings plays a rather minor role. Games are something that the New Lemurians like to do and we would say there are games that they play physically and there are games that are played mentally. When the young New Lemurians connect to the astral gaming possibilities via an information box, it is little different from what your children are doing these days with their networked gaming consoles, where the possibilities of the New Lemurians are unlimited. We will tell you more about the achievements of the New Lemurians in the next part, and we already say that everything we tell you will be given to you before the official first contact, because all advanced species have something like that. 

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