A0661: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 2

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If we are going to tell you how a New Lemurian underground city is constructed today and how the New Lemurians live today, then we must also explain to you why the New Lemurians have no interest whatsoever in contacting you on the surface. As the New Lemurians withdrew more and more from the city-states on the surface, they knew very well what the modern humans were going to do. The New Lemurians could mentally determine the mental capacity of a modern human and even though the New Lemurians lived a very quiet and tranquil life, they were very aware of why a modern human acts the way he does. You modern humans on Earth have to experience so much because you cannot do otherwise at all. All the human races on all the other planets are much more peaceful and nowhere near as explosive in their actions as the people of Earth. The New Lemurians knew it and they were very aware that if they integrate modern humans into their culture, then modern humans will one day break out because they simply cannot help it. No modern man can match a New Lemurian in any discipline, but if modern man is to be pacified, it will not be through the influence of an energetic hemisphere, but through the evolution that you are going through as a race. The New Lemurians knew this in the days of Lemuria and when the New Lemurians decided to retire from the surface of the Earth they needed manpower and the modern humans were only too keen to help the New Lemurians so they decided to show the modern humans the way in which the modern humans could advance evolution as a race. It was absolutely clear to the New Lemurians that one day they would have to break the bonds with the modern humans so that the modern humans could evolve uninfluenced. That is why the New Lemurians have not and will not seek contact with you humans on the surface and they do not wish to be contacted because they have no desire to be drawn into the strife of modern humans. When Atlantis was destroyed on the Giza Plateau, the last breakpoint to the surface was extinguished and the New Lemurians no longer cared what happened on the surface. Throughout the rest of history in the last 37,000 years, the New Lemurians have lived below the Earth’s surface and they have in fact never felt the need to return to the surface. By this we mean living permanently on the surface of the earth. The New Lemurians look from time to time to see what modern humans are doing on the surface, but they don’t even have to come to the surface to do that because their mental powers have become more and more developed. They mentally survey whole lands and they are so advanced that they can mentally study the group dynamics of large areas. This is actually a branch of research among the New Lemurians, so that mental contacts with modern people are used to learn what drives an individual to behave as you still do. The New Lemurians know full well that your first contact is just around the corner, so to speak, because in a few years the process will start with either relics coming to light that reveal previous visits by extraterrestrial beings, or in a few years you will see directly the huge spaceships in the firmament that will glitter and shine so that they will definitely be noticed by you. Extraterrestrial and, so to speak, subterranean researchers have been following this process for a long time, and the New Lemurians now and then talk to people who are eager to try out such channelling. These connections are rarely useful for statistics, but these attempts at communication are always interesting. Let us now return to the underground cities of the New Lemurians. There are very many impressive underground cities and some are also inhabited by modern people, but they are no longer culturally comparable to the surface. When an underground city is to be founded, it is always for the following reasons:

  1. Rich veins of energy have been discovered that are to be used. We will discuss the energy veins another time.
  2. The number of inhabitants exceeds the limit of an underground city and the conglomerate of underground cities decides that it is once again time to create new work and living space. As already practised in Atlantis, all underground city states are asked to contribute their share. As there are already many underground city-states, not every city-state has to contribute, but areas have been created that will then organise themselves. Each city-state is governed by people’s representatives and these people’s representatives are highly respected researchers who can achieve a lot through their high standing without having to consult councils. This was also the practice of the Lemurians. The council, which can be convened by New Lemurians, is always filled by very respected New Lemurians, so that the people’s representatives can also be found there.
  3. If an underground city-state has to be abandoned for any reason, work is done long beforehand to find a suitable replacement. Underground cities can exist for millions of years or only a few hundred years, because certain conditions can decompose such an underground city-state. The climate in such a huge cave can change over time and this does not necessarily have to do with the ventilation system being defective, but the air and its components can react with the cave floor or walls and this can damage everything in the cave under certain circumstances. There is no smog in the caves, but material scientists know very well what we are talking about. Sometimes this can hardly be avoided, so the cave is abandoned and dismantled. The cave itself will deteriorate over time and you will hardly notice any of this on the surface because the New Lemurian caves are very deep. Later we will reveal data on this, but for now you would find it hard to believe. When a cave is abandoned, the cave is made unusable so that other tribes do not use the cave and harm themselves. These tribes come from the underground cities of the other races, who have also built their outposts in the underground. Many of these inhabitants want to expand into other caves, but since caves are rare to be occupied, they will also inhabit abandoned caves. Each cave we speak of is so vast that you will hardly believe us when we reveal its dimensions. These other inhabitants know exactly what kind of effort is needed to create such a massive cave, so small splinter groups will hardly start to create their own cave, even if all the inhabitants of the underground cities know exactly how to do it.
  4. If a cave is in danger of collapsing, then the inhabitants are evacuated and everything in the cave is left behind that does not seem very important. Once the inhabitants have been brought to safety, the cave is threatened with disaster, because the cave dwellers will make sure that the cave collapses. The New Lemurians have also built underground cities in areas that later lost their structural integrity because mechanical shifts in the Earth’s mantle weakened that integrity. To prevent other underground dwellers from running the risk of unknowingly inhabiting the cave, such a cave is made to collapse. When huge underground caverns collapse, the tremors can be heard very far away, but this actually happened very rarely because the New Lemurians are very good at planning underground cities and this involves the exact location. If an underground city has to be evacuated, then the inhabitants are first distributed to the neighbouring underground cities, where they then find temporary shelter until it has been decided how to proceed. If the inhabitants have been distributed in such a way that the limit of the number of inhabitants in the remaining city states has not yet been exceeded, then no new city state is planned. If the limit has been reached or it is foreseeable that it will soon be reached, then the new city state is commissioned.

When we look at all the New Lemurian city-states underground, we notice something that we would like to present to you. Imagine a cloud-covered night and you can occasionally see the night sky through holes in the cloud cover. Doesn’t that look breathtaking, we ask? No, people who have never experienced such a thing might say, but those who can see such a thing are gravely impressed. The New Lemurians have always found it very inspiring too, so much so that they have mentally embarked on a journey to explore the starry skies. Now, if you were to stand in one of those New Lemurian underground cities, and let’s say it was broad daylight, you would see something that shines like a sun, but looks much more diffuse than the sun on the surface. The sky is not the blue that you see on the surface, but the difference is not very great. If this kind of sun appeared to go out in the underground city, then you might see a kind of starry sky, but it would not correspond to a real starry sky on a planet, because that is not necessary at all. You would see an apparent starry sky and you could also see clouds that are real and that also bring rain. The clouds are not as huge as those on the surface, but there is a natural water cycle so you can see clouds during the day or at night. Then at night, when you look up at the cave ceiling in the underground city, you may see clouds and sometimes what appear to be stars flash through between the individual clouds, making the heart of every New Lemurian beat faster. 

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