A0660: What happened to the underground cities after the fall of Atlantis? – Part 1

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When the city-state of Atlantis was pulverised because the energetic bubble kept collapsing at a rapid pace, matter on the surface dissolved very quickly and everything broke into tiny pieces. Atlantis disappeared in a few minutes and with it the Atlantian culture disappeared from planet Earth, because the few survivors mostly dispersed to the metropolises of the Mediterranean. A small splinter group of Atlantians founded the island of New Atlantis on a chain of islands west of Cyprus. This island of New Atlantis is known to you from your myths, but the conglomerate of city states that existed before and which was the original Atlantis is not known to anyone. That only modern humans lived on the island of Atlantis and that in the conglomerate Atlantis there was originally a human race that we call the New Lemurians, no reader knew either until recently. That the conglomerate Atlantis existed over the millennia with the New Lemurians and that these New Lemurians created ever larger underground caves was also known to no one because no person on Earth knew all these connections and the writer has documented these historical events for you. We also told you that the New Lemurians were moving out of the Atlantis conglomerate because more and more modern people were living and working in the city states of Atlantis. The city-states on the surface no longer had the use that the New Lemurians wanted and so sooner or later they made way for the modern people, because they had already taken an increasing liking to the underground caves, which are really very imposing. You always speak of an inner earth and we have told you many times that there is no such thing in this way, but if you were in an underground city you might think that it must be much nicer than any place on the surface and this is for the following reason. All underground cities are shaped like a city-state and each city-state provides its inhabitants with all the things necessary for survival. This has not changed since the times of Atlantis and very many alien races keep it exactly this way so that there are no dependencies that could affect a city-state. Every underground state is run this way and it is irrelevant whether that city-state is New Lemurian, modern human or an alien race or species. Each city-state operates as a self-sufficient entity and is therefore considered self-sufficient. The New Lemurian city-states beneath the earth are so numerous and ancient that most people find the story behind them hard to believe, but these city-states have been around for a very long time, for before humans were created on this planet by the Wingmakers over 17 million years ago, extraterrestrial beings were already living in such city-states beneath the earth’s surface. You currently believe that your Universe is 13.4 billion years old, but that is not true because the Big Bang occurred more than 24 billion years ago. Your Universe is not the only Universe, but only one of very many Universes, so that shortly after the Big Bang, after the first star systems formed, the first Beings were created and in such a way that they could evolve. The first human races were created in your universe more than four billion years ago, so the oldest human races are incredibly old. Before that there was the species of greys and before that the species of reptoid beings. All of these species have been travelling the universe for a very long time, so 17 million years is just the blink of an eye when you consider how long there has been intelligent alien life in your universe. The universes are similar the closer together they are, but there are still very old universes in which beings exist that you could not conceive of in the wildest imagination, but the laws in those universes are very different from your laws. The writer is very interested in this, so we will certainly be allowed to report on it soon. The first intelligent beings visited Earth when dinosaurs did not even exist and we are already saying that dinosaurs are something that hardly exists in this form on any other planet. Your dinosaurs have been artificially created and by that we mean that they are not natural creations of the wingmakers, but alien species and races have experimented a great deal on Earth to gain experience. We will also delve into the dinosaur story, because the writer has already placed a question on his list. The New Lemurian underground cities emerged very late, so we would date the first New Lemurian underground city to about 20,000 years before the fall of Atlantis. It was only several hundred years before Atlantis was destroyed that humans began to take over more and more of the reins in the few city-states, so that the great wave of migration of the New Lemurians from these city-states on the surface can be located in the last decades before the fall of Atlantis. If you look at the life history of the Lemurians and New Lemurians, by the end it was very quick that almost all the city-states were abandoned and dismantled. In the end, only the city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau was left, where almost no New Lemurians lived anymore, and the last New Lemurians tried to add value to this region together with the modern humans by increasing the area of effect of the energetic bubble, so that many people in the region would have a great added value. As you know, this did not work and when Atlantis was destroyed, the New Lemurians in the underground cities did something that is only too typical of this culture. They have completely cut themselves off from the outside world and have been living a life for a very long time that is just like it was in Lemurian times, only now they are much more advanced. We have already described in some detail what is happening in the underground cities of the New Lemurians, but this series will shed new light on these underground cities, because we are now able to tell you about them in much more detail and bring you closer to the developments of the underground cities, so that you understand who these beings are that have developed a completely different culture among you. The New Lemurians from the underground cities will introduce themselves to you after the official first contact because you are neighbours, so to speak. The New Lemurians in the underground cities are not afraid of you at all, and they don’t really care what the modern people on the surface are up to, because none of it would affect their lives. Even if you were to exterminate yourselves on the surface through nuclear and biological warfare agents, the New Lemurians in the underground cities don’t care at all, but if you start handling the energies of the Earth, then they will have an interest in what you are up to, because further misuse of these energies could also have an impact on their lives and they will watch that closely. In the next part, we will describe a contemporary New Lemurian underground city as an example. You will already know much of it, but new things should also cause surprise, because the New Lemurians have also evolved. 

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