A0659: If Atlantis was destroyed, why is the main crystal not affected?

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The main crystal lies almost thirty metres beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza and we will now briefly explain how the city-state of Atlantis was destroyed and we will go into exactly what happened so that you can understand why the main crystal of the city-state of Atlantis still lies where it was deposited 1.4 million years ago. This is not quite correct because the original main crystal was later replaced, but that is not very relevant to this blog entry. The main crystal under the Great Pyramid of Giza has a different purpose now than when the capital city of Atlantis still existed in Giza, from which all the other city-states of the Conglomerate of Atlantis were supervised. Atlantis was originally a conglomeration of city-states built under special conditions and where the surviving Lemurians lived who remained on Earth after the sinking of the continent of Lemuria. The Lemurians who did not migrate to the Alpha Centauri System established the first and second city-states of Altantis on Earth and we call these Lemurians the New Lemurians because the culture of the Lemurians underwent many changes in the conglomerate of Atlantis. The Lemurians are a separate race of people who have lived alongside modern humans on Earth. The Lemurians are descendants of the human race that we call the Original Anunnaki, but they no longer have anything in common with the Anunnaki that you know, because they are related, but the present Anunnaki are an artificial species that can no longer practice a human way of doing things. The present Anunnaki are artificial beings that are bred. The Lemurians and later the New Lemurians are human beings that any human race on Earth or elsewhere could interbreed with. The artificial Anunnaki can no longer interbreed with other human races, therefore the present Anunnaki represent a separate species. The present Anunnaki have been banished from Earth, but they have strong mental abilities, which you will soon feel, but more about this on the blog of the writer, which only deals with these artificial Anunnaki. In the time of Atlantis, the main crystal was supposed to stretch an energetic shield over the city-state, which has many useful properties. When Atlantis was almost only ruled by modern humans, the Atlantians wanted to extend this shield so that the people outside Atlantis could also enjoy the energetic shield. The people under this energetic shield are not only very peaceful, but they also have a heightened consciousness and are constantly healed by the energies that exist in this energetic hemisphere. We have not yet revealed all the possibilities that such an energetic hemisphere provides, but we have already presented some important characteristics. When the Atlantians began to expand this shield, they first placed a new main crystal where the old main crystal had been for many millennia. The new main crystal was deposited thirty metres below the Earth’s surface directly into the Earth’s energy beam, so that the main crystal used some of the incoming energy into the planet to create an energetic shield where the crystal was placed. Imagine an energetic bubble around this main crystal and if you choose the distance to the Earth’s surface, you would also have to choose that distance towards the centre of the Earth when you look at the sphere. An energetic vacuum was created below and above the main crystal and not to the sides of the main crystal. Above and below the main crystal there are areas that are extremely significant and we will go into these in more detail later. Because there is a kind of gravity in your universe, all forms that organise themselves will always take on a rounded appearance, so the energetic shield is actually a large energetic bubble that is generated around the main crystal and this energetic bubble is like an astral plane because all astral planes are energetic bubbles. The creator of an energetic bubble decides what the purpose of this energetic bubble is. Since the main crystal has a crystal consciousness, this crystal consciousness receives instructions as to what it should do and in order to be able to carry out these instructions, it takes energy from the main energy stream of the earth so that it can work with potentials. The energetic hemisphere is a result of this work because a crystal always forms an energetic bubble around itself when the crystal stores energies. If a large amount of energy was stored in the crystal, this energetic bubble around the main crystal is larger than if less energy was stored. So the main crystal under Atlantis first stored energy to generate the energetic bubble around it. When the energetic bubble was large enough, it could be perceived on the surface of the Earth as an energetic shield. As an energetic vacuum was created above and below the main crystal, the building forms of the central buildings were used to transform this energetic vacuum again so that a renewed modulation of the energy waves could take place. We will tell you more about this later. The renewed modulation ensured that the energetic bubble was very stable and could energetically influence a desired area around the main crystal. If a person stood at the border of this shield, he could walk a few steps and then immediately notice the effects when he stepped into the effective area. Sensitive people can perceive such energetic shield or rays, but it is rare. If you still had such an artificial energetic bubble today, every human being would be able to notice the entry into the effective area, because the energies in the energetic hemisphere are not only stronger, but the frequency patterns are of a different nature and since they are mostly very dominant, people will also adopt these dominant frequency patterns. People who are hit by strong frequencies will immediately show a change in behaviour because your wellbeing depends on these frequency patterns. Every human being has these frequency patterns active within them and if a person is guided by hate, then many frequencies will reflect that hate in the person. If a neutral person stays near a hateful person, then the neutral person will immediately perceive the frequency of hate, even if the hateful person is quite inconspicuous, because every living being radiates these frequencies through its second energy body. The second energy body not only radiates its own frequencies, but also picks up the surrounding frequencies and transmits them as feelings to the other partial consciousnesses. This is how a person unconsciously perceives the moods of his environment. If the ambient frequency in an energetic hemisphere gives dominant frequency patterns, then the living beings in this energetic hemisphere will absorb these dominant frequencies via the second energy body and since these frequencies have a constant and strong effect, these frequencies will strengthen the frequencies in the living beings and since frequency patterns in a living being can only ever be strengthened, these living beings automatically take over these dominant frequency patterns. These frequency patterns are also no longer weakened once the living being has strengthened these frequency patterns. This energetic bubble also ensures that foreign energies can hardly enter this hemisphere and we mean the following: Your Earth is a living being and every living being generates an energy field around itself, which can initially be interpreted as an energetic hemisphere. As we explained that your second energetic body picks up the frequencies and also radiates them, you as humans are in the energetic bubble of the Earth and you take over the frequency patterns from this energetic bubble, which you also sometimes call the matrix. The earth provides frequency patterns that you automatically adopt because they are very dominant. Let’s put it this way: only very few of these dominant frequency patterns of the earth are an advantage for you as emphatic beings, so that during your spiritual development you have to develop many frequency patterns that work as an antipole to the earthly frequency patterns, so that you strengthen frequency patterns that replace a not so conducive frequency pattern in you, so that you become ever calmer and wiser. If you want to strengthen a frequency pattern, you have to train it and this works best if you are highly motivated. If you have experienced something that strengthens the new frequency pattern in you more and more, then it will soon be more dominant than the not so beneficial earthly frequency pattern that you want to stop. An example: An extremely stubborn person has developed the frequencies of stubbornness very strongly and if this stubborn person wants to change something about it, then the person cannot weaken the frequencies of stubbornness, but has to develop the frequencies of composure more and more. At some point, the frequencies of composure are much more dominant, so that stubbornness hardly appears as a behaviour. The earthly frequency patterns are also given by all human beings, so that we can also determine from the earthly frequency spectrum how far earthly humanity has developed. This applies to all people who are on the surface of the earth. People who live underground receive a weakened form of the earthly frequencies, because with the entry of the frequencies into another medium, the frequencies will change, so that the frequency spectrum on the earth’s surface is a different one than underground. If a separate energetic bubble is created on the surface of the earth, then the earthly frequencies cannot work in this artificial hemisphere because they represent foreign energies that cannot enter this bubble. The energetic bubble neither allows foreign energies to enter nor does it release its own energies. Each frequency is associated with one type of energy, therefore foreign frequencies are prevented from entering an energetic bubble and the own frequencies in the energetic bubble remain in this hemisphere. We will explain exactly why this is so in a later blog entry. The second main crystal in Atlantis was to use much more energy from the main energy stream for the expansion of the energetic hemisphere, therefore the new main crystal could also absorb a larger amount of energy. This also worked very well and the energetic hemisphere extended far beyond the boundaries of Atlantis, but this shield was not stable because the structural measures on the central buildings were not sufficient to keep the shield stable, so that beyond a certain width the shield of the energetic bubble around the main crystal collapsed. When the bubble collapsed, the crystal consciousness immediately caused the energetic bubble to re-emerge, so that the energetic bubble collapsed again because the structural measures at the central buildings were not designed for this. As the central buildings suffered more and more damage from these gravitational forces, the construction forms for stabilisation also changed more and more and the catastrophe took its course. Each rebuilding of the energetic bubble intensified the gravitational effect, because the central buildings did not guarantee any stability of this energetic bubble, and the suction effect on matter became greater and greater, because now the energetic vacuum above the main crystal was fuelling this effect even more. All matter in the effective area of the energetic bubble was influenced, but whenever the bubble collapsed, then not up to the main crystal, but up to a few metres in front of it, because the main crystal then already built up the next energetic bubble, so that there was an area around the main crystal under Atlantis that was not influenced by it. The original main crystal is deposited there in that area so that thirty metres below the Great Pyramid of Giza you can discover two crystals that were used by the Atlantians. The second main crystal has no effect today, but the main crystal that destroyed Atlantis at that time still has its purpose and that has to do with the pyramid that was built after the time of Atlantis on the main energy beam of the Earth. Who had this pyramid built, when and for what purpose, we will reveal in a separate series.

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