A0658: Where did the New Atlantians flee to when New Atlantis sank? – Part 2

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When people want to know something, they usually ask other people who might know the answer. If you have a question that no one can answer satisfactorily because the information for the answer is simply not accessible, then usually only people who have extraordinary gifts can help, because these people are able to receive information seemingly from a plane that also wants to reveal the information. We are of course talking about us, the spiritual beings, who seem to know many things and can answer every question, even though the writer usually receives answers to his questions that no longer have anything to do with the actual question. We only provide the writer with information that is helpful for the writer or the readers of his blog. We only answer what we want to pass on. If we receive a question that is not conducive to you or that might imply something in you that may have been meant differently, then we tell other useful things. We could tell useful and interesting things without interruption for an entire human lifetime. Almost every spiritual being is capable of doing this, but only very few spiritual beings have permission to do so. We have the permission to do so and the writer has worked hard for a long time to acquire this ability, because only persons who also do something for it receive these abilities. The more a person works towards gaining this ability, the more detailed information the person receives from the spiritual world. Look at the first blog entries that the writer has made, because these blog entries actually indicate the start of his development as a medium. The writer has documented everything for you with his blog entries and you will hardly discover anything informative in the first blog entries, but that is how all mediums start. If they have practised for a long time and have the will not to give up, because we do a lot of things to check, then the answers will also become more informative. The future medium will grow as a human being through many tests and as a reward the medium will receive more and more detailed answers. The Oracle of Delphi can be looked at in a similar way, because the Oracle also had a hard road ahead of them to progress so far, so that the Oracle also receives detailed answers to their questions. We teach you with each and every answer you receive from us. The Oracle of Delphi was trained ceaselessly by the spiritual world and when knowers came to the Oracle they received the answers that were beneficial so that the seeker was also always trained. The spiritual world, through such an oracle, has many opportunities to do something on the planet without the spiritual beings breaking the rules that have been imposed on us, otherwise we would not be allowed to do what we do at all. Is an oracle allowed to receive false information, we ask? No, but if the welfare of another person has been affected because the spiritual world has not told the truth, then the oracle is not yet an oracle. When we trained the writer, we lied to him through our teeth to test whether he could figure it out and how he would then deal with it. We were very convincing and at first the writer did not understand why we were doing it, but we also gave him the opportunity to understand. The writer had his problems with it, but giving up was hardly in his thoughts. He used a ruse to influence us. He stopped asking his own and personal questions to us and all the answers he received were published by the writer on his blog. In this way he forced us to accept his approach because he knew that we have a great interest in educating many people, so that we can hardly tell the untruth in published answers just to test the writer. The Oracle of Delphi has gone through exactly the same process because professional mediums are trained in this way. When the Oracle of Delphi was ready, it only allowed questions to be answered that had no relation to the oracle, because from that point on the spiritual world cannot give training in the sense of testing the oracle, because the answers may affect the welfare of others. The Oracle of Delphi was a professional medium and the oracle was not one person alone, but over the centuries there have been many persons who have acted as oracles. When a person goes to an oracle, he or she is hoping for answers to questions that no one can answer conscientiously. When the person asks the question, the answer depends on what the person can learn from it. If the person hopes for an easier life situation, then the answer will be different than if the question would affect several lives of other people. If the answer would have an impact on many lives, then the answer will be more thoughtful than if a person asks about when he or she will experience the next great love. If a politician were to go to an oracle and his question is about whether or not to attack a neighbouring country, then a great many lives are involved and then the spiritual world will think carefully about what answer to give. All mediums are looked after by spiritual beings who know exactly what answers may be given to what questions. The writer knows exactly what we mean and he also only allows questions to be answered that are of added value to you all and if we do receive a question that we do not consider beneficial, then we simply tell you something that is beneficial and that might interest you. We don’t want to tell anything at all that is neither interesting nor informative because that would be boring. At the time when the sailors of New Atlantis were desperate to know what was happening to their beloved homeland, mediums were not common, so a place was created where an oracle could ritually answer questions. At Delphi, this place was created and for a long time, all people were allowed to appear there to receive an answer to their most pressing questions. The sailors from New Atlantis appeared there, but only as a small group who made their way to Delphi on behalf of all the survivors. Each person who came to the Oracle was received by priestesses to offer them healing good wishes. Each person was heard by the Oracle and they were also allowed to ask more than one question, so it was never clear when the next seeker’s turn would come. These receptions were free because the princes of the realms made the oracle possible for the citizens in the first place. When an oracle asks a question to be answered by the spiritual world, each oracle first has a feeling of the answer before the oracle either sees something in their inner eye or the oracle hears an inner voice that still explains to the oracle what they had felt before. But very few oracles receive both answer options in addition to the feeling and this has the following reason. An oracle that feels, sees and hears has been tested for a very long time beforehand and very few oracles pass these tests, so that in addition to the feeling, usually only a clairvoyance is developed. The spiritual beings will never test a person differently from another person, so oracles always have to pass the same tests. Depending on how far the oracle has developed, the tests will end one day, but never does a person wake up in the morning and be an oracle, because every medium is prepared for years for their task. Each medium who receives information in their way has also worked for it, so the depth of information also reflects that evolution. When the group of New Atlantians arrived in Delphi, they requested an audience, which was granted, because the Oracle already knew that this group was on their way to the Oracle. When the New Atlantians came before the Oracle as a group, the Oracle had great difficulty in interpreting all the incoming information correctly because the information was shown to the Oracle and as you know the story of the Fall, you can certainly imagine the amazement of all present when the Oracle of Delphi tried to put into words the day of the Fall. The New Atlantians could make sense of the reason for the sinking, but exactly what actually happened was not clear to them.

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