A0657: Where did the New Atlantians flee to when New Atlantis sank? – Part 1

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When New Atlantis sank into the sea, no New Atlantians could survive on the island of Atlantis because the people on the surface and in the underground caves had no means of survival. When the energy beam stopped for a few moments, not only was the base of the island shattered by the affected spaces that became existent when the energy stream stopped, but a very large area under the island disappeared in an instant and all the New Atlantians on and under New Atlantis had only a few moments to live, because the sinking of an entire island in the Mediterranean took place with such enormous suction that all the New Atlantians literally ran out of air and had no way to save themselves. The island pulled everything down with it and now the remains of New Atlantis lie 850 metres below the surface. If you were to dive there with submarines, the crews would not believe what they could see there, because the island is still partly intact. The buildings are mostly collapsed, but you could explore there for decades, there is so much to discover. The head of the statue of Heracles lies on its side and you would be amazed at how well this huge head is made. The material is still unusual for you today, but it has hardly any material value if you recover it. If you suspect the treasures to be there, you will find them, but the real treasures are in the caverns that lie beneath the surface of the island and which are partially exposed. If you look for them, you will find them. The other treasures are the buildings of the New Atlantians, because these buildings are so imposing that even the collapsed buildings contain so much new architecture that the explorers would be amazed. Will you discover anything extraterrestrial there, we ask? No, not there, but there are several pyramids in the Mediterranean that show what can only be interpreted as alien technology there. We hope someone will ask the writer a question about this. If the island is discovered on the seabed, then a dispute will arise as to which of the surrounding states has a right to this find. At first they will doubt that it must be the fabled Atlantis, but the more they discover there, the more they will be convinced that the long-lost Atlantis has been discovered. When the first objects are recovered, everything points to the ancient Greek culture, but when the buildings are examined, the researchers have to admit that the art and sophistication of the work was far ahead of the Greek culture, so that at first they cannot understand how this could be possible. Nor can they explain how an entire city can lie on the seabed, because that must actually be impossible. Many things will seem strange to them, because the alien species that will soon make official first contact with you can hardly give any information about it either. This extraterrestrial species is indeed closely connected with the spiritual world, but they do not receive all the information either. You will receive from us and other spiritual beings the information that is beneficial to you for your progress, so that all first contacts on all planets will be used to give mediums information that will put the history of the race on the planet in perspective, so that the superstitions and myths will be cleared up to the point that historically the race on the planet can make a new start. We are enlightening you, so we have been able to put a lot of things into perspective, but we are not finished yet, because we have a lot to tell you about your upcoming first contact, and your history is incomplete, which we will now catch up on. We have only just started your earthly history and we have much to tell you that will not only amaze you, but some events are so unnatural that you will shake your heads. Everything we report is true, because we have no motivation to deceive you. Why should we, what would motivate us to undertake such a thing? The only survivors from New Atlantis were the boat crews that were anchored with the warships or merchant ships. Some of these ships survived the sinking and before the crews knew what was happening, the island was gone. The speedboats patrolling the Mediterranean returned to find nothing where their island had been before. The confusion was so great that the wildest speculations were doing the rounds among the New Atlantians. The boat crews headed for the harbours in the metropolises to gather and discuss how to proceed. The surviving sailors from New Atlantis quickly arrived and reported what they knew. It wasn’t much, because a resounding noise of thunder was heard and before they knew it, a stormy commotion ensued. After that, the island of New Atlantis where they had docked was gone and nothing could be seen of it. No one could explain it and it wasn’t long before the disappearance of New Atlantis was making the rounds in the metropolises. Now the moment had come for the Roman Empire to take the place of New Atlantis and Euritkles made sure that all New Atlantian ships could neither enter nor leave the ports. The New Atlantian ships had to abandon and the crews were arrested. The metropolises saw to it that the New-Atlantic crews were taken into the service of their respective cities. The inhabitants of the cities harboured no resentment towards the New Atlantians, that is why most of the New Atlantians could be integrated into the respective cultures. Believe us, not a single New Atlantian was happy about it, but it was the best they could do. Since most of the crew members had no secret Atlantian knowledge at all, they could not reveal anything, but the ships were inspected very carefully because they were apparently superior in all things. When the local magistrates inspected the ships, they were very surprised because there was hardly any new technology installed. The ships seemed to be very modern, but they had nothing that the people in the metropolises could use. The energy in the crystals had long since been used up, so the equipment that the New Atlantean ships had on board no longer worked. The crystals were charged by New Atlantians who used the devices for mind expansion. No crew member was able to charge large amounts of energy into a crystal outside of New Atlantis. They were hardly able to charge a healing crystal because the form of energy used for it came from the main crystal in New Atlantis. Therefore, the stories about an island where god-like beings ruled the Mediterranean unchallenged were no longer believed. Many generations later, the stories had become myths that were spun on and on to make them more entertaining. The New Atlantians who survived and now worked for the cities had to integrate, which was not easy for them, and some of these New Atlantians wanted to know exactly what was happening to their homeland, so they set out to consult the Oracle of Delphi. Who they were and what they learned will be revealed in detail in the next and final part of this little series.

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