A0655: How did Plato know about Atlantis? – Part 9

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The New Atlantians had no dispute with the Greeks because the New Atlantians also didn’t really care what Greece did as long as the trade routes continued to be divided as New Atlantis and Greece had negotiated. Every now and then Greece would test how far they could go, until the acting ruler of New Atlantis lost his cool and sent his warships to show Greece that, in his opinion, Greece’s actions broke the rules. When Greece was then punished for their actions because New Atlantis caused a blockade of Greek ports, Greece could only apologise. As this action was repeated again and again by Greece, a ruler on New Atlantis burst the so-called collar and he had the Greek merchant and war ships attacked and rendered useless not only in the Greek ports, but on the entire Mediterranean the fleet of the New Atlantians was busy hunting down and possibly sinking the ships of the Greeks, which always depended on how strong the resistance of the Greek war galleys was. The Greeks were shocked and for a long time there were no trade routes for the Greeks on the Mediterranean because New Atlantis made an example of Greece. There was nothing the Greeks could do about it except to establish diplomatic relations with New Atlantis and not only apologise for their unseemly behaviour, but to increase tribute payments because Greece was dependent on trade routes on the Mediterranean. The trade routes on land were not only very costly but also dangerous, so the Greeks had to submit to the New Atlantians. The other metropolises on the Mediterranean took advantage of this and were able to strengthen their influence in the area, so that the Roman Empire in particular was able to profit. This painful exchange of blows cost Greece its supremacy until today, because Greece completely overestimated itself at that time. If Greece had not acted so arrogantly, the Roman Empire could not have assumed these proportions and Greece would today be the most influential state on the European continent, apart from the Eastern European states, which are worth a series of their own because the cradle of civilisations lies in Japan and Japan had great influence on the European continent at that time. Greece was not yet a real state at that time period and the extraterrestrial influence on Greece came later. Japan was the first to feel the extraterrestrial influence, so that over 70,000 years ago a culture arose in Japan that was installed by an extraterrestrial human race that has an Asian appearance and from which the Eastern European ethnic groups descended. This Asian-appearing extraterrestrial human race will also accompany the official first contact, but they will only appear after the completion of the official first contact. Greece would be similarly seen if they had not been so arrogant. Greek culture would be lived throughout Europe today, but the chastisement by the New Atlantians destroyed the will of this culture to expand, and similar cultures that developed in parallel with Greek culture filled this gap and expanded further and further on the European continent. Greece with its state order was supposed to bring so many advantages to the earthly people if it had prevailed, which it did for a very long time and which came to an abrupt end through their constant teasing in the direction of New Atlantis. Greece was never able to recover from that. Let’s get back to New Atlantis and their experiments. The creatures were created until the fall of New Atlantis, but the appearance of the Anunnaki was a turning point in the experimental exploration of energies, for until the appearance of the Anunnaki, the New Atlantians only used the knowledge from Atlantis, which they needed for their general procedure. The Anunnaki were obviously ahead of the New Atlantians in everything, and the New Atlantians also sensed that these extraterrestrial species were not as peaceful as the other extraterrestrial species that kept visiting and of which they had records. The technology of the Anunnaki, which they displayed to great effect, would be a problem for New Atlantis if that technology was turned against New Atlantis. The New Atlantians never had any desire to expand into space, they only ever wanted to live on their island and this was because the energetic shild that enveloped New Atlantis prohibited expansion of territory. By this we mean the following: When people live under an artificial energetic hemisphere, they will automatically adopt the frequency patterns of the hemisphere that are strong enough in that energetic screen. If the frequency pattern of melancholy were strong in the energetic screen, then all people under that screen would be very melancholy on a daily basis. If the frequency pattern of serenity is strongly represented in the frequencies of the energetic screen, all people would be very serene, even if the very situation implies otherwise. All frequency patterns in a human being can only be strengthened and if the frequency pattern of curiosity is strongly developed in this energetic screen, then only the frequency pattern of laziness can work against it. We also think that the frequency pattern of laziness is composed of many other frequency patterns. The frequency pattern of inertia would be better interpreted as the counter frequency pattern to curiosity and it is this frequency pattern that has been strengthened in the energetic shild in New Atlantis so that the prevailing system is always maintained. Traditionalists would like to establish this frequency pattern everywhere so that nothing will ever change and so it was in New Atlantis. New Atlantians knew curiosity, but because the frequency pattern of inertia was so overwhelmingly strong in New Atlantis, all New Atlantians were actually reluctant to change, and this was the intention of the city’s founders. The threat of the Anunnaki then brought about a change of heart in New Atlantian society, so the main crystal was changed to reflect this. The New Atlantians were still excellent at programming crystals and the knowledge of the main crystal was well documented in the crystal, so it was not difficult to weaken the frequency patterns of inertia and strengthen the frequency patterns of curiosity. The effects were immediate because the New Atlantians began to break out of their daily lives and they started to do new things. We are already saying that neither the archipelago was transformed nor was anything changed in the form of government, but the New Atlantians were suddenly interested in many things that they wanted to know. That was precisely the goal, so that science was once again more to the fore. From then on, collecting tributes no longer had the high value it had before. Greece noticed this too, which is why they started testing the New Atlantians again and again to see how far they could go. What happened then, we have already reported at the beginning of this blog entry. The influence that the New Atlantians exerted in the Mediterranean diminished from that point on and the Roman Empire expanded its influence instead. New Atlantis received a renaissance in the field of research because now the New Atlantians were doing a lot of research on how to ward off foreign influences. The Anunnaki are hardly spiritual, but they have mental abilities that they always used to their advantage and the New Atlantians knew this, so they looked for ways to keep this mental influence away from New Atlantis. This worked particularly well if a mental shild was erected which extraterrestrial partial consciousnesses could not penetrate. How such a mental barrier is created, we will soon explain in detail, but in this series it is only important for you to know that this mental barrier is responsible for the fact that the island of New Atlantis sank and that to the west of Cyprus on the seabed countless remains of this culture can still be found today. Not only the structural achievements lie there, but also countless treasures can be found there, either on the seabed or in the caverns under the seabed, because New Atlantis did not collapse like the continent of Lemuria, but New Atlantis sank to the seabed. How such a thing was possible and what Plato really knew about it, we will report in the next and last part. 

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