A0656: How did Plato know about Atlantis? – Part 10

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Today we want to tell you why the island of Atlantis sank and this story is one of the most incredible events we have told you about so far. When we explain why this island off the coast of Cyprus lies at the bottom of the sea today, we have already laid the foundation for understanding the sinking in many blog entries, because we already knew back then that at some point the events surrounding New Atlantis would be the topic of the writer’s blog. We reported on the continent of Lemuria, which collapsed and sank. We reported about the conglomerate Atlantis, which was founded by some Lemurians and which started with the first city-state in today’s Giza. We told in detail what happened when the city-state of Atlantis was pulverised in Giza and we tell in detail why Atlantians who survived the sinking of Atlantis founded a second Atlantis on a chain of islands off Cyprus. We have reported all this and we have given many more hints in other blog entries so that you can understand today and now why an entire island can sink to the bottom of the sea in the first place. What led to this and what exactly happened is also revealed in this blog entry, as well as the background as to why an ancient Greek scholar even knew that the island of Atlantis existed. Atlantis has gone down in your history books as a mythology, but it was absolutely real and many events from Atlantis and New Atlantis intermingled over the millennia without any real eyewitness ever providing any surviving knowledge that you can access today. We have corrected this deficit in many blog entries and we also claim that you will never again receive so much background information, because when the official first contact has been made and you gain access to the Atlantean crystals, they will only give you a sporadic insight into what happened, but your historians will never be able to derive from them the big picture that we have revealed to you to this day. You will find the confirmations in the Atlantean crystals, but you must use our texts to understand the context of it all. We have been given explicit permission to pass on all the knowledge because the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is a new beginning for you humans that will really change everything, and that includes knowing about your origin story and all that has happened on Earth that you should know. We told you that the New Atlantians felt threatened by the presence of the Anunnaki so they changed the frequency patterns in their energetic hemisphere so that the New Atlantians would become more curious again and push for research into energy fields. The first goal was to lock out the mental abilities of the Anunnaki from New Atlantis because they knew that the Anunnaki would spy on the New Atlantians, just as the New Atlantians did with Greece. Greece created mental barriers that made it almost impossible for the New Atlantians to mentally spy on the governing bodies in Greece. The Anunnaki were capable of much more mentally than the New Atlantians could handle, which is why it was so important to the New Atlantians to strengthen the energetic hemisphere so that the barrier appeared impassable to the Anunnaki mental spies. They researched this over a very long period of time and they were also able to adapt the energy shild to do this, but because they were now very curious, they kept on researching. When the strengthened shild was fully deployed in New Atlantis, the Anunnaki were still plundering the planet’s gold deposits, so the Mediterranean battle that drove the Anunnaki from the surface of the Earth had not even been started. The New Atlantians knew the principle of influenced rooms because influenced rooms were known long before New Atlantis. New Atlantis built many underground caves, but influenced rooms seemed to bring some advantages because space was not really needed for them. Influenced rooms are invisible to outsiders and they can be deposited anywhere. Imagine a door installed in a wall. If you open the door, the wall of the house would be there, so that door would lead nowhere. If you were to create an influenced room and you chose the area behind the door in the wall as the opening into that influenced room, then you could open the door and you would have a huge space in front of you that does not exist at all on your plane of existence. We have described the influenced rooms in detail in a separate series, so the New Atlantians began to create influenced rooms everywhere. Influenced rooms are hardly detectable from the outside, so many New Atlantians could use such spaces to store their belongings. Because the New Atlantians only ever accumulated their wealth and hardly used any of it for bartering, these influenced rooms grew larger and larger until the New Atlantians used the influenced rooms to live in. Influenced rooms are not limited in size, so influenced rooms can also overlap without affecting even one influenced room. However, all influenced rooms need energy to sustain themselves. When you create an influenced room in a mountain, the matter of the mountain is influenced because the matter of the mountain enters into harmony with the size of the influenced room. When you place objects in this influenced room, the matter of the mountain is represented in the same place as the space you have created as influenced room. If you were to create an influenced room outside and put a chair in it, you could close the entrance to that influenced room and the chair in front of you would disappear because you could not see or feel the chair. You could go and pass through the influenced room but you would not feel anything. If the energy that sustains that influenced room were to diminish, then the influenced room would disappear and everything in that space would again exist in front of you. You would be standing in front of the chair because the chair appears. What happens when you stand where the influenced room exists. As long as you stand in the room, so to speak, nothing happens, but if you stand where the chair has been placed in the influenced room, then the chair and the body parts of you will merge. Nobody wants that, so you should not experiment with that. If we go back to the previous example where the influenced room was placed in the mountain, then when the energy to maintain the influenced room was removed, there would be a cavity in the mountain that would be exactly the size that the influenced room was intended to be. There would be a cavity in the mountain with no access. If something was previously placed in the influenced room in the mountain, it would still be present where it was placed in that cavity. The Great Pyramid at Giza has several of these influenced rooms, but they are not very large. Because the pyramid is still fed by the Earth’s energy beam, the influenced rooms are still active. Over the millennia, the New Atlantians have used the influenced rooms to store all their belongings because the underground caves did not offer enough space, so there were countless influenced rooms under New Atlantis. The underground of New Atlantis was riddled with influenced rooms like a honeycomb. The energy to maintain the influenced rooms came from the energy beam that flowed into the planet on New Atlantis. What led to the catastrophe were the experiments that the researchers of New Atlantis undertook because they needed ever greater amounts of energy. One day, we are talking about 4,300 BC, the energy drains of the researchers were so enormous that for a short time the energy flow into the earth dried up and what then happened was a catastrophe that could not have been more devastating. The honeycomb of influenced rooms under the archipelago of New Atlantis became existent on your plane and the material that was the base of the island disintegrated because now not only did countless small influenced rooms cause the material of the island base to disappear, but huge influenced rooms appeared in which the New Atlantians founded small cities in which they lived and worked. A huge piece under the archipelago disappeared from one moment to the next and the island of New Atlantis sank unceasingly so that there were hardly any survivors of New Atlantis. Did the sinking of the island cause a tsunami, we ask? Yes, but only a very small tsunami because the space that disappeared under the island was partly filled by the sinking island. The island was simply no longer there and when the crews on the New Atlantian boats realised that their mental connection to New Atlantis had been disrupted, they immediately returned to the island and when they saw from afar that the monument of Heracles was not visible, they already suspected the worst, but they never found out what happened to their island. There were survivors of the sinking of New Atlantis, but they were just as clueless as the people who have been trying to get behind the secret of Atlantis for a very long time. So how did Plato know about Atlantis, we ask? Plato was a wise man and he found many records from which sporadic information of the island of Atlantis could be guessed, but neither did he know the background of why Atlantis came into being and how it disappeared, nor did he really have detailed knowledge of Atlantis, but he took the available information and formed a bigger picture from it. The location and size were just as unknown to him as the exact achievements that were created by the Lemurians and refined again in Atlantis, but which were only applied in a weakened and sporadic way on the island of Atlantis. Atlantis was destroyed, as was New Atlantis, and we sincerely hope that you have learned from this, even if you are only now becoming aware of the full extent of it. You will explore the energy currents coming in and out of your planet, but you should be aware that you are handling powerful energies that have caused so much havoc on Earth, because exploring and using these energies will always lead to delusions of grandeur in you humans. Therefore, be careful with it, because too many catastrophes have already occurred on this planet because of it. 

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