A0650: How did Plato know about Atlantis? – Part 4

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The New Atlantians had a lot to do with creating the underground caves. If an underground cave is to be created, then the statics of the rock must be included in the calculations, just like the material the rock is made of, because inhabited caves will always clog the rock material. The rock layers on New Atlantis consisted mainly of granite-like material, so the New Atlantians were able to create very large cave systems. To create a cavity in a material, the material must be dissolved and for this purpose alien beings use a simple device that dissolves the holding energy in front of the device in a certain effective range. Alien builders can set what kind of materials to dissolve and most of the time they don’t want to dissolve fleshy tissue, they want to dissolve rock types. The Lemurians on Lemuria could already dissolve things into their energy and the New Atlantians also had this technology because they created huge cavities under Atlantis before, where they lived and worked. The New Atlantians in New Atlantis used this technology to work their way from the top down. By this we mean the following: Imagine you want to create a large cavity thirty meters below the surface. How would you proceed, we ask? Would you first dig a tunnel to the deepest part of your future cave, and then work the cave out from the bottom up? No. It would be much easier to tunnel to the top of your cave, and then you could work out the ceiling of your cave first. When you’re done with that, then you work your way down to the lowest point of your cave, layer by layer, so that when you get to the bottom of the cave, you tunnel to the top of the cave. This would be the fastest way to create a cave. Now you have a crystal mounted on an apparatus that can dissolve an area of a material type in front of it. How fast do you think some people can create a large cave, we ask? Right, in no time at all, small and large caves would be created to house everything that would be important to the New Atlantian. A cave needs a natural ventilation system, which was also built in so that there was always a breath of fresh air in the caves. Everything the New Atlantians did were procedures they had practiced for a very long time in Atlantis, so the base of New Atlantis could be quickly conceived and laid out. New Atlantis took several decades to complete, but the energetic shild was erected in less than two months, and in the first year the New Atlantians had much to do with managing their supplies for the inhabitants. New Atlantians were not vegetarians, so they had many breeding stations below the surface where livestock were kept. Animals were traded from neighboring coastal cities for fish, which the New Atlantians caught. The New Atlantians implemented many good ideas to revolutionize fishing, but more on that later. Once the livestock and all other things that the inhabitants of New Atlantis needed were collected, the New Atlantians began to seal themselves off from the outside world, just as a city-state in Atlantis usually did. With all the things now in place to grow or breed their daily food needs in the underground caves, the New Atlantians no longer needed outside goods and were very self-sufficient, so to speak, in everything they did. The energetic shild ensured that all beings in and around New Atlantis were in perfect health. The shild also ensured, as in the original Atlantis, that the consciousnesses of the New Atlantians were strengthened under this energetic shild so that they could accomplish more than ordinary modern humans. The New Atlantians created a home, which they already knew from Atlantis, only that in New Atlantis completely different rules prevailed. One rule stated that a New Atlantean may be killed in atrocities against the nation of New Atlantis, because the inhabitants of New Atlantis are secret bearers of Atlantean knowledge, and this knowledge had to be preserved and kept secret at all costs so that it did not fall into the hands of the enemy. New Atlantians created their own prison and if a resident was banished from the city for a crime in the original Atlantis, this was no longer possible in New Atlantis, so the death penalty was imposed for such serious acts. These death penalties were not imposed at first because there was no reason for them in the first place, but in later times residents of New Atlantis were killed, but more on that later. The shild was generated, as in Atlantis, by a main crystal which the New Atlantians installed thirty meters below the point of entry of the energy beam into the Earth’s surface, and since this point was very centrally located in the archipelago of New Atlantis, the energetic shild could be adjusted so that the entire archipelago was enclosed by this energetic hemisphere. The entire length of eight kilometers was covered and since the lateral foothills belonged to it, the underwater farms for the daily products that the New Atlantians needed could be established there. Sponges and algae were just as much a part of this as fish tanks, in which all kinds of fish were bred that were suitable for daily consumption. Meat production was exclusively underground, as all surfaces of the archipelago were covered with palatial structures over time. The archipelago was initially reserved for nature, but over time the ruling families also wanted to present their status on the surface, but more on that later. The group around the city founders created the tunnel for the main crystal and when the main crystal was installed, the effects were immediately felt by every New Atlantian and they had the feeling of staying in the former Atlantis. Two years after the arrival of the Vanguard on the archipelago, the first major cave systems had also been created and developed to serve their purpose. All the things that the inhabitants need were planted underground, and this is for the following reason. A cave system can be created in such a way that there are climatic zones that are stable throughout the year and since there is no sunlight underground, the crystals, which were abundant at first, took over. The products underground were grown as in a laboratory and could be harvested throughout the year. A water supply guaranteed irrigation, although much work still lay with the New Atlantians to keep the biotope from going wild. All the natural processes of the plants were supervised by the New Atlantians and this way of cultivation is better than anything modern man has developed to date with all his technology and pesticides. The energetic shild ensured that the yields were not only very high, but that the quality of the produce surpassed anything that existed at the time. The food in Atlantis and New Atlantis had very positive effects on the inhabitants of the cities, because people’s bodies were constantly healed by eating these products. The Atlantians and also the New Atlantians lived to be over 180 years old and that only because they permanently stayed under this energetic hemisphere. In Atlantis, the New Lemurians became even older, so that today in the underground cities there are New Lemurians who are several hundred years old. Your age is limited, as is the age of the New Lemurians, but if you were to live constantly under an energetic hemisphere, you would constantly receive a type of energy similar to spiritual healing energy, but not as potent. However, since the inhabitants are exposed to this less potent type of healing energy every day, they are always healed a little bit every day, but in its sum, it is again so much that the life span of these people is exceptionally long. We want to tell one more small incident, which is of great importance for the further course of our series about the island of Atlantis. No New Atlantian ever thought that their project would fail because the energetic shild also radiated the energy of confidence. If all New Atlantians constantly cherished the feeling that anything was possible, then there were no doubters among the New Atlantians, and this never changed until the demise of the New Atlantis archipelago. If contemporaries would describe the New Atlantians as arrogant, it was only because they could not understand why the inhabitants of New Atlantis could be so supremely confident in everything they did.

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