A0651: How did Plato know about Atlantis? – Part 5

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Today we want to organize a temporal jump, whereby we will return to time in the next blog entry to report some incidents that are historically significant. Imagine New Atlantis as a round island and on the coasts of the island there are almost everywhere boats that could sail the entire Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago was unrecognizable because now the surface of the island nation was paved with enormous buildings. Every square meter was built on, because the New Atlantians found pleasure in displaying their splendor, so that emissaries from the metropolises could not stop marveling. If you think the Parthenon is a huge columnar building, you should have seen the magnificent castles of the New Atlantians. Greece was rich and many buildings were impressive before the time of New Atlantis, but what the New Atlantians created was unparalleled. By the time the first great buildings were erected on the archipelago, 200 years had passed since the arrival of the first Atlantians on the archipelago, and another decades later, the surface of the archipelago was covered with different buildings. Where did the building material come from, we ask? At this point, New Atlantis still had peaceful relations with prehistoric Greece, although New Atlantis had already begun to build a war fleet and all building materials were exchanged with the tribes around New Atlantis. New Atlantis had something to offer that all the tribes would like to have and that was stones that looked like crystals and offered many possibilities. These crystal-like stones were produced by the New Atlantians and these products had remarkable properties. These stones could heal illnesses, the stones could brighten the mind, or they could affect the moods of women in such a way that the women were not averse to a flirtation. The healing crystals were the most popular among the stones and because the healing effects were always limited, many people gave goods for it to get such a healing crystal. The knowledge of crystal programming was not known among modern people and the few people who knew anything about it were silent as the grave. All the New Atlantians had to do was produce these crystal stones and charge them with the energy from their energetic hemisphere so that they could then be exchanged for other goods when charged. Prehistoric Greece was a good consumer of these products, so New Atlantis got everything it coveted, and it coveted more and more because the population was growing rapidly and the New Atlantians didn’t want to give up anything that suited their lifestyle. As Greece became more and more suspicious that New Atlantis was up to something, tensions between these two states grew. Prehistoric Greece pulled out all the stops to get behind the secret of New Atlantis, because only a few people were allowed to visit the island. All ships that illegally approached the island were intercepted by the fast boats of the New Atlantians and if they did not turn back, the New Atlantians forced the foreign crew to do so. The New Atlantians built useful tools into their fast boats that not only allowed them to travel the Mediterranean tremendously fast, but the defenses on a ship were very effective. If a ship didn’t heave to, the New Atlantians could capture the ship because their pincers acted like grappling arms, finding their stopping point on their own. Their best weapon can be compared to a laser cannon, although it was very effective, but there were no light shows like in your movies. They could fire energy pulses and when the energy volleys hit solid material, these energy pulses heated the material. Pulse bursts were discharged at high frequency onto the foreign ships and these wooden boats quickly caught fire. When guests came to visit, the creatures that the New Atlantians created in the underground laboratories were presented in a coliseum, with a discreetly placed notice to the guest that New Atlantis could use many of these creatures for defensive purposes. The effect on the guests was always the same, so many myths started here, although until today hardly any person knew what was really behind the myth of Atlantis. We enlighten you about it and you can believe it or not, but all our explanations come closest to the actual truth, because we have no motivation at all not to tell the truth. New Atlantis started controlling important trade routes, so the first clashes with prehistoric Greece began. New Atlantis closed the sea lanes in its area so that the fast boats of the New Atlantians were constantly patrolling that area and that was a thorn in the side of prehistoric Greece because now they could not control the flow of goods at sea. The New Atlantians always used the following tactics to do this. They would patrol with their boats and when they encountered a merchant ship, they would pull over, take the crew aside and check the cargo. If the boat had anything of general interest as cargo, the New Atlantians took about a tenth of a share of it and let the ship sail on. They collected this tribute only if the cargo was of interest to New Atlantis. If the cargo did not generate interest, then the boat was allowed to sail on without paying tribute. The New Atlantians were very precise about this and we also think embezzling goods because the boat had secret hiding places was severely punished by the New Atlantians because the tribute was then all the higher. The New Atlantians thus accumulated a great deal of wealth, which they then displayed on the island. The palaces were very pompous and decorated with many valuable materials. A visitor could only think that the richest and most powerful families must live here, because not only was the wealth visible in every corner of the island, but the society of the New Atlantians used such advanced technology that it seemed like magic. Many wealthy guests wanted to emulate the New Atlantians, and after their return home, they made sure that small images of New Atlantis were created, but they could hardly hold a candle to the original on New Atlantis. Did the New Atlantians have flying boats that could fly from one place to another as in the days of Atlantis, we ask? No. The New Atlantians were hardly able to store these amounts of energy in a flying vehicle, even with the consciousness enhancement devices. Nor were there any automatic means of transportation that could guarantee rapid progress on the surface or underground, but the New Atlantians liked to walk because that was all they could do on their island. The underground caves were large, but much smaller overall than was the case with the original Atlantis. Did the New Atlantians invent anything entirely new that didn’t exist before, we ask? No. The New Atlantians did reinvent the way of fishing and we think that their fast boats were ahead of their time, but the New Atlantians did not explore or invent anything new, because the general focus of the population was no longer on science, but on the accumulation of valuables. They used a lot of human resources to be able to control more and more areas of the Mediterranean, so there was hardly any time left to do research, except when it came to the creatures they bred until the last day of New Atlantis. The next part will go back in time some more to describe the social development of New Atlantis, and then describe the first clashes of New Atlantis and prehistoric Greece. The enmity of the two parties raged very strongly.

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