A0649: How did Plato know about Atlantis? – Part 3

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When the Atlantians arrived in the northern metropolises of the Mediterranean, they already knew that the Mediterranean would sooner or later become a theatre of war, because the city founders of New Atlantis had laid out very precisely what they wanted to create and every Atlantian was then also aware of what it would all end up in. What is now Greece was a rich trading power in 35,000 BC and many of the myths you attribute to modern Greece date from that time. Olympus, however, does not date from this era. Greece had several influential ports that shipped goods throughout the Mediterranean region. However, Greece did not only have trade routes by sea, but also on land. The wheel had been invented long before this time, whereby to invent presupposes that this object did not exist in its usability before, which was not the case, so that the millennia of people already living along the Mediterranean Sea gave rise to many stories of their own. Greece was very powerful and we would also say that Greece at that time was considered a great power, even if the designation would not apply today. Many people in Greece did not live in poverty, but prosperity was evident throughout the country. Greece in that era was already a state as you might call it today, with a senate taking on the task of overseeing all the laws that the ruling family enacted. We would also say that the ruling family was not of earthly origin, but appeared very earthly. This time period is so fascinating because extraterrestrial groups came and went, so there was actually always something new to report. You people today would not believe everything that happened at that time on the Mediterranean. Earthly man at that time was so far ahead of today’s people in understanding extraterrestrial cultures that it would be necessary to highlight this fact in an extra series. Dear readers, trouble the writer about an extra series because we have already tried his patience and will continue to do so. Greece was the most influential country of its time and the northern shores of the Mediterranean produced many more groups, large and small, that are also worth mentioning, with New Atlantis and Prehistoric Greece being the main players we will discuss in this series. Prehistoric Greece was always called that, even if it was pronounced differently. Greece was installed, so to speak, to give earthly human beings a cultural and social place from which earthly humanity was to develop. Who brought forth this state with all its organs of state, we will hopefully then clarify in our extra series. Greece was not only a trading centre, but also offered its inhabitants protection from other tribes of peoples who wanted to claim areas of the Mediterranean for themselves. Greece had an armed force that was ready for action on land and at sea and could intervene quickly and powerfully wherever it was needed. Did the Mediterranean already know money as a means of payment, we ask? No. Goods were exchanged and this continued for a very long time. The transhipment points of the goods were guarded, so that especially the harbours and the built-up towns were guarded by many soldiers. A large force was stationed at sea because the sea route was hotly contested. The trade routes also ran from north to south, but since most metropolises were north of the Mediterranean, shipping was practised along the coasts. Let us now return to New Atlantis. New Atlantis was strategically located in an area that allowed the New Atlantians to monitor an important trade route, which the later New Atlantians undertook from New Atlantis. Since the city founders of New Atlantis had already considered this, they also intended to wrest the status of being the most influential state in this region from Greece. The New Lemurians from Atlantis were, so to speak, very frugal and their traditions did not foresee anything like wealth at all, because the essence of this human race is also quite different from the essence of the earthly modern human being. The modern people of Earth are constantly driven to compete with others, and since the New Atlantians were modern people, they could hardly defend themselves against this duality. The city founders of New Atlantis also did not want to defend themselves against the duality of measuring, but they wanted to live out this duality, which they now also implemented in their own city with the knowledge from Atlantis, so that you also now know what inevitably had to happen in the further course. New Atlantis and prehistoric Greece had many skirmishes, which at the time were like world wars between two great powers. We refer to these skirmishes as such because they cost human lives, but not nearly to the extent that your historically documented conflicts between the states did each time. However, in order for New Atlantis to mature into a great power, the New Atlantians had to ensure quite quickly that their defences were operational, and this had to do above all with the energy beam that flowed into this area of the Earth. The Atlantians from the original Atlantis were able to salvage many of Atlantis’ achievements that were not too big or bulky and among them were so-called devices that were good for many things. Each surviving Atlantian had with them a variety of crystals or crystal-like materials, most of which they left behind in New Atlantis so that the metropolises would not be given options they could not handle. Because of this, the group around the city founders had helpful equipment that they could put to good use. First, they had to create caves that not only gave shelter, but from where they could launch their tunnel and cave systems. The New Atlantians knew what the underground was like because they also had in their hands ways of raising their consciousness. With this heightened consciousness, they could mentally examine the archipelago of New Atlantis and make plans as to how the cave system should be constructed. All caves serve a purpose and some caves were created to conduct experiments on human-like beings, which the scientists in Atlantis did very successfully for a very long time until the city-state of Atlantis perished. When the New Atlantians created the caves for this kind of experimentation, they also wanted to create creatures that could terrify the metropolises so that, intimidated, they would never challenge the supremacy of New Atlantis. Everything that was forbidden or regulated by the councils in Atlantis was to be used in New Atlantis as a think tank in order to rule the entire Mediterranean region as a great power unchallenged. The New Atlantians had the knowledge and the necessary tools to put this into practice. First, they used crystals to dissolve material into nothingness and when a cavity was created, then the energy had to be recharged in the crystal that had previously caused material to dissolve. Exactly how this is done will be explained in detail in the next blog entry. If you do not know how matter can simply be dissolved, then consider what actually holds this matter together. 

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