A0646: What else could the surviving Atlantians do in the world?

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When Atlantis disappeared from the face of the earth, many thousands of Atlantians were able to get to safety beforehand. These Atlantians now had to think carefully about what they wanted to do next. Some Atlantians moved into the wilderness, to where they would not find modern humans, and some Atlantians chose the metropolises of the Mediterranean to settle. When Atlantis sank, your chronology would have indicated 35000 BC, but we also say that so much happened in between, which we will tell you little by little so that you can place the historical highlights correctly. When the first Atlantians sought out the metropolises to find a new home, they had quickly found a connection because Atlantis was very well known and feared as a city state. Every person on the Mediterranean at that time knew about this advanced culture of Atlantis and we would also think that the metropolises on the Mediterranean were more than just large tribal associations because modern people wanted to emulate the city-state of Atlantis, even if they only heard isolated stories about it. When Atlantis disappeared, most of the inhabitants of Atlantis were modern humans and occasionally there were mixed couples, so there were some Lemurians who showed great potential but had less potential than real Lemurians in Atlantis. There were the New Lemurians in Atlantis, but many perished with Atlantis in the attempt to expand the energetic shield. The remaining New Lemurians almost all found refuge in the underground cities. If you don’t want to believe us, let us briefly explain an incident of how such a migration occurred. Every New Lemurian is connected to other New Lemurians through a Lemurian network, because a New Lemurian was able to be consciously present on an astral plane all the time with a partial consciousness. Astral planes are not always freely accessible, by this we mean secured astral areas, so that this network was also only discoverable by potent New Lemurians because they had great mental potential. The Atlantians, who were modern humans, could increase their consciousness through techniques, but not as enormously as New Lemurians always could. Therefore, the families of the New Lemurians were able to move to the underground cities. When the surviving Atlantians arrived in the coastal cities, it was mostly on ships because the few flying machines were long gone. Modern humans could fly these flying machines, but it was already difficult to charge the necessary energy into the crystals of the flying machines and when such a crystal was charged, the flying machine also had to be controlled properly. Modern people could accomplish many things under the influence of the energetic hemisphere, but they needed materials for it that could increase their mental capacity. Modern humans who lived in Atlantis could mentally rival any human outside Atlantis when it came to logic, because Atlantians could think very fast, but without the energetic hemisphere, thinking slowed down rapidly, so they were still excellent thinkers, but no longer so exceptional. The surviving flying machines were mostly used by the New Lemurians from Atlantis to collect the remaining New Lemurians. The underground cities generally only allowed New Lemurians to enter and the underground cities inhabited by modern humans did not want to receive Atlantians who were modern humans, so most Atlantians had to move to the modern humans on the surface if they did not want to remain unprotected in the wilderness. Most Atlantians were terrified of their own kind in the cities and villages because the narrative of savage humans outside Atlantis was spread in Atlantis and is still spread even today in the underground cities. Therefore, many Atlantians were scared to death when they were accepted into the society of modern humans. The New Lemurians know fear and hatred, but not to the extent that modern humans can, so the Atlantians were quite peaceful in nature. When the Atlantians, who are modern humans, were accepted into the society of modern humans, they also quickly realised how brutal and devious the metropolises of modern humans are, so that the first generation of modern humans from Atlantis had to live through a time accompanied by great fear, because life in Atlantis was not only carefree, but the protection of the inhabitants was always guaranteed and there were hardly any dramatic scenes as were the order of the day in the metropolises. The energetic screen of the main crystal increased understanding towards other beings and now the Atlantians had to fear for their lives because all the inhabitants of the metropolises might think that they not only had great riches but also fabled crystals that were supposed to guarantee good luck and health to the bearer. The Atlantians were frozen with fear, but for the most part the inhabitants of the metropolises did not bother them because the inhabitants of Atlantis were held in high esteem in these societies, so they were quickly accepted and integrated into society. The Atlantians had crystals with them, but they were hardly as effective as they had been in Atlantis, nevertheless they could be of use to the societies with them. Because the Atlantians were so careful about their crystals, the crystals and the knowledge about them were also kept like a secret. When the Atlantians had to appear before the councils to answer questions, they could do a lot with their knowledge and the crystals, which was always beneficial to their social position in society, but basically everything was kept secret. This knowledge was only passed on to a few people or groups. What difference did the Atlantians make in the world, we ask? Nothing, because they did not want to. The Atlantians were able to make a difference here and there, but always only in the background because they were always afraid for their existence. The narrative of savage people was deeply rooted in their consciousness and the daily humiliations of modern people among themselves could only strengthen this narrative. They were able to accomplish a lot in the background, but no Atlantian came out with it, so the Atlantians took a lot of knowledge with them to the grave. Much of your myths seem to come from this, but this is not true because the myth of Atlantis quickly disappeared from the folklore of modern people and something new arose in the Mediterranean, which we will describe in the following series on Platon. When we tell you that Atlantis disappeared around 35000 BC, there is much about that time period up to today that you do not know. If you compare the times of the fall of Atlantis with the arrival of the Anunnaki, you might think they were just waiting, but they were not, so much happened between the fall of Atlantis and the arrival of the Anunnaki, which we will describe in the next blog entries.

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