A0645: What exactly did New Lemurians look like?

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We start by explaining to you what the human species is, because there are still readers who have not read the explanations. The human species is the crowning glory of creation because it combines everything that all other intelligent species have worked out in themselves as positive qualities. The reptoid species is very advanced and its mental potential is enormous, but the reptoid species has a serious disadvantage that you humans do not possess. Humans can convey an incredible amount of information through their facial expressions and gestures, which is difficult for the reptoid species to do, so humans in a society must quickly learn to be able to decode this information consciously or unconsciously. To do this, they have to develop an incredible sensitivity for other beings. By this we don’t mean empathy towards other beings, but a sense of group dynamics. When a person enters a room where different people are lingering, the person entering immediately gets a sense of what is going on in the room. If he then lets his gaze wander, he immediately grasps the states of mind of the individual persons and from all these impressions the person entering will grasp the harmony of the group. If the harmony is destructive, the entering person will acquire an oppressive feeling and if the harmony appears exuberant, the entering person will feel a great contentment which will make him appear very exuberant. All this a reptoid race cannot comprehend because they lack the basic understanding of it. Reptoid races can mentally scan another being, by this we mean determine the state of mind, so reptoid races can recognise a group dynamic just like the human species, only determining the group dynamic is much easier with reptoid beings. We will give an example. When a reptoid being enters an area where different species are present, the reptoid being immediately recognises the group dynamic. It also recognises the respective states of mind of the individual beings, because reptoid beings can perceive everything that the beings radiate. If there are people among them who appear quite neutral to the outside world because they do not make any facial expressions and hardly gesticulate, then a reptoid being knows exactly how the person is. It can hardly assess a human’s facial expressions, but it knows immediately what the human’s state of mind is. Now, the human species is supposed to be the crowning glory of creation and if we want to compare the two procedures of determining a group dynamic, the procedure of the reptoid species seems to be much more efficient than the procedure of the human species. Why should humans be better as a species, we ask? Because a human being is thereby forced to automatically make mistakes when operating in societies. Man must first fail so that he can learn from it and only when knowledge is gained in such a way that it has a lasting effect will this knowledge lead to great growth. If you were able to know and determine everything immediately, you would hardly gain great knowledge and your granting of power after death would be less than if you were forced by constant failure to reflect on yourself and the behaviour of other beings and out of this reflection you gain knowledge that is alien to a reptoid being. We can hardly conscientiously compare the different species in one blog entry, but each intelligent species has its own blueprint and out of all the blueprints for intelligent species, the best traits were selected, which the human blueprint received. Therefore, the human blueprint contains all the positive qualities of all the other intelligent species. You are a conglomeration of qualities that other species have lived before you, so that you are in fact the culmination of all previous creations. For this, the human species must also tread the most difficult path so that the positive aspects in a race can also be worked out. All human species start out almost the same because a human-like creature on a planet is used to create the indigenous and human species. Ape-like creatures are always created that are descended from a primate species and have adapted to the environmental conditions on a planet over millions of years. These primates will look different depending on the environmental conditions on the planet, but they will always be recognised as primates. The Wingmakers create creatures from the native primate that already physically look like humans but have no human consciousness. If many hundreds of thousands of years these creatures exist, then different races will work out different characteristics and the conglomerate of creatures will become modern man, created from the ape-like creature. Modern man, on whatever planet he is created, will always have the human characteristics that make a man. Every human race will be recognised as a human because the human characteristics are stored in the blueprint of the human species, so human beings on Earth or elsewhere will also have few major differences. Some races will have different facial features or head shapes, but all human races look almost the same. Neither will human races have tails, as dogs or cats do, nor will they develop non-human characteristics. If you compare a human being, as you are at present, with an intelligent but non-human species, you will be able to see the differences beyond doubt. There is no non-human species that has the human characteristics that you currently have. It is different with human races that have already made evolutionary leaps that affect physical appearance. The body chemistry and physiological characteristics will undergo a transmutation that will turn the present body form into something that is much more effective and that has been particularly successful in the Grey species. You can find these positive traits of the Grey species in your human blueprint, but they will only be activated when the human race on a planet can show special conditions, mostly related to social evolution. Every evolution is started by a trigger that has been deposited in the blueprint and since a native species experience a kind of symbiosis with their homeworld, the change is often started by the energy field of the homeworld. Humans always look like the humans you represent at first, but they often differ in facial form, so we can say: All created human races look very similar at first and after many evolutionary leaps in their development, they then look more and more alike because each human race evolves outwardly towards a being that you already know and which we would describe as follows.

  • The creature no longer has hair.
  • The creature has eye shapes that look very similar to a Grey breed.
  • The body shape resembles the Grey breed.
  • The height can be given as up to two metres.
  • The creature has a white skin colour. 
  • The eyes have pupils. The eyes are adapted to other wavelengths so that the visual spectrum is broader. The pupils are very large, so these creatures avoid bright light in any form. If eyes are necessary, it is not only for seeing, but we will clarify that in another blog entry.
  • The beings do not eat solid food, so the vegetative systems have undergone a change in order to be able to process energy from the subtle planes. The oral cavity is small and there are hardly any teeth left as you know them. Language has not been practised for a long time because human races first become true telepaths, which they have in common with many intelligent species. Non-human species mostly master a similar way of communicating, so human language is nothing out of the ordinary, but humans take the longest time to evolve before they become telepaths.
  • The beings have five fingers and five toes. The toes are no longer recognisable as what they once were. The energy consumption of such a being is incredibly low because the body represents something that you would hardly attribute to a living being. The bodily functions are absolutely effective and use the energy received very well. We would say this physical vehicle is the best physical feat the Wingmakers have created. The body will not develop any diseases and will exist for a very long time.

Now let’s get back to the initial question and we’ll make it very short because there’s not much to tell about it either. The Lemurians, the New Lemurians as well as the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system look exactly like you do on Earth and since you are not a homogeneous human race, they mostly looked very similar to the resident humans of the Mediterranean. Neither were they taller or shorter, nor were their heads larger or smaller, they looked almost like modern humans at that time.

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