A0644: How did the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System fare? – Part 6

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When Eden was prepared for an intelligent species millions of years ago, some processes were started that every planet goes through if an intelligent species is to be settled. For example, the air must have certain properties that do not appear to be of natural origin. The air you consume is very polluted, but if you could analyse non-polluted air, then chemical processes that are natural in origin on a planet would not allow that kind of air. There is much more to an air molecule than you presently realize, and that has much to do with the fact that you still cannot believe that the energetic field around a life form can contain information that makes up the living being. Let us return to the planet Eden. Eden was prepared for the arrival of intelligent life forms, so that the planetary organism underwent a transformation in that the plant and animal world went through leaps and bounds of evolutionary steps that had been waiting for a long time to finally be gone through. We are talking millions of years, but everything needs a beginning to take the next step, so the planet began to form new frequency patterns in the energy field to initiate this change. Were there dinosaurs on Eden? No, your dinosaurs are artificially created beings and we hope to have a blog post on that. When the planet goes through the change, the air atmosphere of the planet will undergo a change and the animal and plant life drives that change. Animals and plants make the air something that distinguishes every planet and alongside the water on the planet, together they guarantee that intelligent life can thrive. If you were to keep animals in artificial habitats where the plants and animals will consume artificially prepared air over a very long period of time in a cycle, then the water and air will adapt to the plants and animals so that the essence of this will be your evolutionary maker. As the energy field of a planet is directly involved, the excretions of the plants and animals will indirectly indicate what evolutionary stage the planet is at with all living things. The intelligent life form cannot be located on a planet until that marker also has the necessary characteristics for the planetary organism to co-exist with the intelligent species. The planet Eden has the characteristics in its evolutionary marker, so this planet has been ready to provide a home for an intelligent species for some time. The Lemurians have integrated very well into the planetary cycle, so we can also say: The Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system landed on Eden and quickly became a part of the planet. Even their Metrocities have not changed that. They use the planet’s raw materials, but neither do they mine the quantities you have been mining for a long time, nor do they process the raw materials so ineffectively as you do. There has never been a waste problem on Eden and the Metrocities really do recycle everything that could be produced as some kind of waste. Because they are very effective at producing their products, they are not replaced by a new product after a short time, nor is the operating life as incredibly limited as it is with you on Earth. When a Lemurian watches something like a holographic television, the Lemurian has a small cube-like box in front of him that is controlled by his thoughts. This box contains material that can be seen like a crystal, and the consciousness within it controls the air molecules above it so that these molecules begin to glow as if by themselves. The cube pictures an information so that the picture or scene has a spatial depth. The information doesn’t look blurry either, it has a very high level of detail that you can’t display at all with your monitors and film projectors. This little box does not need to have a battery or be connected to a power source, but the device receives energy from the energy field that is present throughout the universe. The device also has hardly any other components except the box and the crystal-like substance. The box has been mentally programmed so that it can display information in many ways. This can be the own thoughts of the user or information that the box draws from a planetary knowledge cell. We do not call it the humanity memory of Eden, which is located in the energy field of Eden, but the Lemurians on Eden have their own World Wide Web, so to speak, and the data is stored in crystals on Eden. Every inhabitant of Eden is connected to it, so that these boxes can also access a lot of information. Such an information box lasts for many generations and because there is hardly anything to improve about it, such a demand generates hardly any waste. Each inhabitant is allocated the things needed to survive and depending on what this Lemurian is up to on Eden, he gets the support he needs from society. When a Lemurian goes into the wilderness to study the animal and plant kingdoms, he is given a flying machine and all the utensils needed for such an expedition. A Lemurian does not have to justify himself if he wants to explore something that does not pose a threat to coexistence, but they also have a duty to make sure that they develop themselves. Lemurians on Eden who are bored abound, but only for a short time until they find something again that captures their interest. Young Lemurians are not as obedient as they were in Lemuria, but their interests are now more subordinate to the Zeitgeist, so they also spend a lot of free time doing something you know and love on Earth. They love to play games using the information cube. It makes a difference whether a person meets mentally in an astral space or whether the meeting is through this information cube. What you see in your children when they play a game with other like-minded people via the Internet is almost exactly the same in Eden and this kind of game is much more pleasant for a young mind because it can then react very exuberantly with its whole body, whereas mental meetings on astral planes always go hand in hand with a certain concentration that young people usually cannot master for very long. The physical reactions of Lemurians on Eden are identical to your young generation of players on Earth, and since Lemurians have not developed a language, they tend to grunt, which is what it sounds like. When young Lemurians on Eden have a party, there is also alcohol, but Lemurians on Eden do not know addictions to any kind of drugs, because intoxicating drugs only appeal to species and races that have not yet developed physically. The Lemurians on Eden have not yet made the second evolutionary leap, but it will not be long before masses of children are born on Eden with different body chemistry and then more and more physical changes will occur from generation to generation. The young Lemurians have a very carefree life and since nothing is worse than suffering boredom, they play a lot or do research on things that interest them at the moment. Parents are mostly researching members of society and always have time for their children, but since Lemurians are very independent from a very young age, they do not need to be looked after for long. The services that were always performed by every Lemurian in Lemuria have experienced a renaissance because now many things are done by young Lemurians. There are always wise Lemurians who instruct the young Lemurians in the services, but they are then quickly self-sufficient, so the training is always handled very effectively, either there is an old Lemurian on the spot who helps or the help is exchanged as a message via the information network. Factories, like the ones you build, are few, because most products last a very long time. There are many research facilities underground and also production facilities for the products. What is life like for a Lemurian on Eden, we ask? Lemurians on Eden break up with their partners more often than was the case in Lemurian times, but Lemurians also take a relationship more calmly than you humans on Earth. They know all about interpersonal crises, but they do not get emotionally involved in things like you humans of Earth, so Lemurians have always been very peaceful. The metrocities house many buildings where Lemurians live or work, but the buildings used to look very different, so today’s buildings appear very magnificent, which can hardly be achieved by manual labour. Three-dimensional printing machines are close to what the Lemurians use on Eden, but only close. A three-dimensional printing machine on Earth does not walk around the site, on Eden it does. Much of what you suffer on Earth the Lemurians do not know, but the persecution by their cousins, the Anunnaki, makes them uncomfortable. Even though they have long been technologically superior to the Anunnaki, they have to live under constant reprisals from the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki leave no stone unturned in their attempts to influence the Lemurians of Eden, and this is reflected in the society of the Lemurians on Eden, where the Anunnaki are portrayed in folklore as something impure to be kept away from. Every society cultivates images of the enemy, but the discord between the Lemurians of Eden and their cousins the Anunnaki is very old and much has happened in that time that we want to tell you about in due course. We have now given you a glimpse of what lies ahead and we hope that we have been able to fill the gap in our knowledge about the Lemurians who have migrated to the Alpha Centauri system.

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