A0643: How did the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System fare? – Part 5

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When the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System began travelling in spaceships to the nearest planets and star systems, they had not long been resident on the planet Eden, so twelve years after arrival the first space flights were made by the Lemurians. The interstellar-travelling vehicles are piloted by the Lemurians because spaceships do not have computers and complicated control units, but a mental interface that can connect to the pilot of a spaceship. Every being that enters such a spaceship is automatically connected to the consciousness of the spaceship via this interface and the consciousness of the flying machine then knows whether the being is authorised to pilot this spaceship or whether it is a guest. No unauthorised being can enter a flying machine in this way without being recognised. If a pilot is in an area of the spacecraft that has been designated for control of the spacecraft, he has access to change the flight path. The interstellar craft do a lot of autonomous flying, so the pilots, who usually receive this technology after their official first contact, are able to manoeuvre safely. If the controls were too complicated, the craft might never take off, so untrained people could theoretically fly these craft. The pilot’s mental link with the consciousness of the craft allows the pilot to travel through their own star system or to neighbouring star systems. Should a neighbouring star system be visited, the craft will automatically send a request to the star system’s council and will not depart until confirmation is received from the council of the star system to be visited, which is very quick for the first visits to alien planets and star systems. You will travel to your star system first and when you have formally introduced yourselves to the native species in your solar system, then you will visit other star systems. You will be given the technology as a gift, but not one human being will receive such a vehicle, but the Earth Council will decide how these flying machines are to be used. As you transform your society during the process of official first contact, you will also form an Earth Council shortly after first contact is completed, just as we described a Council in a blog entry. Then you will soon be ready to receive your first flying machines and will no longer have to fly with the alien human race that is making official first contact with you. You will then have to practice a lot to know what it means to navigate a craft through the different atmospheres of the planets, but your first attempts at flying on Earth will be quite easy. The Lemurians quickly got used to the controls and they travelled the planets of their star system to introduce themselves to the other species. There were no other human races in this star system yet, though most species were already known to the Lemurians. The Anunnaki were already travelling to many star systems at this time to collect the gold they needed to manufacture their products, but this star system had not yet been visited by them. The Lemurians then also travelled to other star systems and they were able to explore many new species and cultures, so that at some point they also came across a native species that were being exploited by the Anunnaki. What happened next gave the Lemurians a great fright, because they were now standing in the flesh before their cousins, who were so aggressively defending their interests on this planet that the Lemurians felt compelled to use force of arms to end the siege of the native species. The Lemurians were mentally superior to the Anunnaki, but when it came to weapons technology or war strategy, they did not yet have much experience in it, so the Lemurians lost and had to retreat. The Lemurians’ losses were not very high, but they were warned that they had nothing to counter their cousins. That was when the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system brought war strategy as well as weapons of war into the researching society as branches of research. It wasn’t long before they also realised how defenceless they actually were, so many other races and species also became involved in what you can call a community of interest and this community supported each other when they had problems with groups or races. Like everywhere else, there are certain boundaries within which this community operates and guarantees each other protection, but the Anunnaki were driven out of many systems where this community operated. The human race from the Andromeda Galaxy that will make official first contact with you are members of this community, but when the Anunnaki raged on Earth they were not yet members of this community, so it was they who bravely stood up to the Anunnaki when Enki tried to wipe out the human race on Earth. We will recount the events in detail on the Anunnaki blog, but this much we will say, it was only their courage that saved them from worse, and as the story made its rounds, they were also accepted into the community offering protection to each other. We call this group of races a community because they have nothing whatsoever to do with your Federation of Light or whatever name they are given. Your stories of Federations protecting you and waging interstellar war against dark Ones are fictitious. The mediums who receive such messages have not yet evolved far enough for them to receive anything other than these motivational messages, which are only meant to reassure the readers because otherwise they reveal qualities that would be harmful to themselves or their environment. There is little information in these transmissions that is anything other than reassurances, so grow up and face reality because you are not being attacked or taken advantage of. These are all just scary stories put out by consciousnesses to make you feel protected. In the past the Federation was something like an angelic union that had to protect people from the devil and now it is well-meaning alien Federations that have to protect people from evil. The community, which guarantees each other protection, has also had skirmishes with other races, but what you are manufacturing on Earth, in terms of war and suffering, surpasses everything else that is being fought out in interstellar space. Neither do alien spaceships besiege another planet so that they can set up a blockade, nor are alien beings obviously allowed to carry out an act of war on a native race, but the native beings will always be responsible for the most cruel acts, which may not be stopped from outside. Extraterrestrial groups are allowed to sponsor a group of the native beings, but they are not allowed to act independently. Should that happen, the alien race will be held accountable, as happened with the Anunnaki on Earth when Enki, enraged, wanted to wipe out the Earthly people. When Enki put his plan into action, an outcry went through your galaxy that can still be heard today. The Anunnaki suffered something that means an awful lot to them, because the pride of an entire race was damaged and the wound has not healed to this day. In the final part of this series we will describe life on Eden today, so that you have a view of what is to come when you make official first contact. 

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