A0642: How did the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System fare? – Part 4

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When the first Metrocity was built, the excitement among the Lemurians was very great and we would say a very long-lasting wave of euphoria overcame the Lemurian people, although not all Lemurians were involved in the construction of Metrocity, so that the construction work proceeded very slowly at first, which was also due to the fact that the area was many times larger than Chamuel had planned with a city state. Metrocity started with a size four times superior to a city-state in Atlantis and that was a century project by Lemurian standards, whereas it was actually completed in much less time. Lemurian culture adapted very quickly to the new conditions, so that many explorers became strong builders who built much of what was needed for Metrocity with great expertise and skill. As in Atlantis, thirty metres below the energy node the main crystal was deposited, which was to guarantee the energetic hemisphere. This energetic screen had a slightly larger spread than in the city-state of Atlantis, but the energetic screen did not have the importance in Metrocity that Chamuel had intended for the city-states in Atlantis. Therefore, it was not surprising that residents living near the centre had more of this umbrella than residents living on the outskirts of Metrocity. The sewage system has received many innovations and it has been replaced many times until today. At first, the Lemurians had to dispose of their own waste because the sewage system was not suitable for this, but later they actually developed something like the toilet, which works almost like the western world already knows it. The Lemurians have also developed a bathroom, although they like a shower more than a bath. The Lemurians in Metrocity lived very traditionally at first, because the freedoms first had to be absorbed into society. The first ten years were spent on arriving and settling down. When Metrocity started, many things were not yet visible in their extent, but they never built a wall or a fence, because all Lemurians were free to go wherever they wanted. The research area was heavily regulated so that the mistakes of Lemuria could not be repeated. We would put the completion of Metrocity in the fourth decade, with the extent not yet exhausted by then, but the camps gave way to different dwellings for all Lemurians present and the parks and centre were almost completed. Everything Metrocity had to offer was now completed, just not yet in the sprawl that a Metrocity has to offer. Just as Chamuel called his first city-state Atlantis, the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system called their first Metrocity just that, Metrocity, because it seemed very natural to them. Metrocity was the first city of many Metrocities that followed on the planet, and in time also on other planets, because the Lemurians built many outposts either on or under the surface. What did the Lemurians call their new planet, we ask? They used a name that you are already familiar with, but you have never read it in this context. The planet is called Eden, even if you now want to equate the planet Eden with something else that has been taken completely out of context. The homeworld of the Original Anunnaki has a name that we have not revealed before and will reveal in the Anunnaki blog, but we have said that the surface of the homeworld of the Original Anunnaki was called Eden and as the Anunnaki later invaded the Earth, they often referred to their homeworld as Eden because the surface of the homeworld is very beautiful. The Anunnaki have hardly developed any industry for their products, so that the planet’s raw materials have not been plundered or the surface heavily polluted, but the Anunnaki treat their planet as their own flesh and blood. There is a special reason for this, which we revealed in the blog for the Anunnaki. As the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system are the same as the Original Anunnaki, it was only natural for them to name their new homeworld Eden. You have heard for the first time today that Eden is a planet, and you should not confuse the Eden from your stories with the planet Eden of the Lemurians, because the information about Eden comes from one source, but your stories about the Anunnaki are mostly wrong, which we will gradually correct on the blog about the Anunnaki. Eden was the planet settled by the surviving Lemurians and their capital is Metrocity, which is also synonymous with the way these city-states were built. Eden is still the homeworld of the Lemurians and these Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system have enjoyed many developments that have made them a very successful human race today. A Lemurian of the Alpha Centauri system would call himself an Anunnaki and the Anunnaki who genetically modified themselves to be able to live for a hundred thousand years call themselves the pure Anunnaki, but they have made this distinction absurd with their genetic experiments because the Anunnaki of Eden, are the closest to the Original Anunnaki. We will continue to call the Anunnaki the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system and we will continue to call the genetically modified race of Anunnaki the Anunnaki. You understand that anything else would only cause absolute confusion because there are still the New Lemurians in the underground cities on Earth who of course also call themselves the Anunnaki and we will continue to call them the New Lemurians. It sounds complicated, but the only Anunnaki faction that should no longer call themselves Anunnaki are the Anunnaki who have genetically transformed into a new species. Until you can conscientiously distinguish which Anunnaki race is which, we will nevertheless continue to choose our designations because, in historical context, it is the most accurate way to describe the dispersion of the Anunnaki race. The Lemurians on the planet Eden have travelled to many star systems and they have adopted many effective technologies that have allowed them to rise to become the most successful human race corresponding to their level of development. Have the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system changed physically, we ask? No, the next evolutionary leap is still a long time coming, although they have already changed their diet to some extent. The first physical evolutionary leap is initiated by a different form of nutrition. By this we do not mean the possibility of a vegetarian or vegan diet, but a race will, at a certain stage of development, stop taking food by mouth, so that food intake is practised less and less over generations. Believe us, even the most strong-willed person who thinks he lives on light and love alone is not meant by this, but the biological body will transform its body chemistry and body organs so that you can live on the energies that are found everywhere in the universe. You are bathing in the energies of the subtle planes, but you earthly humans still need a few million years to do so, because this is the second evolutionary leap of a race and you have not even made the first evolutionary leap that will make you true telepaths. The Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system made that first evolutionary leap on Eden in a few generations, so they never developed a human language as you have on Earth. The Lemurians on Eden are very peaceful, but they also have technologies that protect them from their cousins the Anunnaki, because they like to hang around where the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system are researching. The Anunnaki are very smart, but they are inferior to the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system in all respects and they would like to anticipate from these Lemurians, but the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system know their tricks, so they never have more than diplomatic relations. Similarly, the New Lemurians in the underground cities of Earth know exactly who the Anunnaki are and what they want. The Anunnaki will eventually die out and they hope to become something between the Anunnaki and the Lemurians of Eden by then. But they are wrong because they still believe that their present culture can survive, but it is doomed to failure and no matter how many reforms the Anunnaki reformers bring forth, no Lemurian wants to be an artificial being that cannot inhabit the spiritual world as an incarnation. Since Anunnaki who die remain after death in the so-called afterlife, which is to be regarded as an intermediate level, and on this intermediate level the dead Anunnaki have no possibility of being able to really develop further. Neither can they mentally travel the worldly worlds, nor can they do anything in the spiritual world, but they are eternally condemned to inhabit this intermediate plane. Why are we telling you all this, you may ask, and we will tell you, but only in the next blog entry, which will describe the clashes of the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system with the Anunnaki.

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