A0641: How did the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System fare? – Part 3

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When a planet becomes inhabited, its environment inevitably changes because intelligent life forms always exert a great influence that is unmistakable. Even if the intelligent life form does not develop technology, the influence will always be seen and the influence you have had on Earth for millions of years is just as unmistakable as the influence the Lemurians will have on their new planet. When a society seeks to produce goods to support the new forms of society, it is recognised by the planet and the environment changes because it is only too natural. We have already explained to you why the glaciers are melting and why the soil has to suffer severe drought in order for the soil to become fertile and productive again without all the pesticides being transferred into the new food, because these are all natural processes. The planet recognises the coming change and is preparing for it, because the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species will be this great change. You humans will make the first evolutionary leap in a few decades because the trigger is the societal change that you will make by the end of the present decade. When the trigger works, because there are frequency patterns in the blueprint that represent that change, then the following generations will receive something that you call telepathy, which is not the mode of communication that the Lemurians practised, nor did the New Lemurians evolve into telepaths because they lacked the frequency pattern that goes with it. Every characteristic that you have we can perceive as a specific frequency pattern in your frequency spectrum, and the imminent first contact that Earth humanity will experience in a very few years, which will start with you spotting giant extraterrestrial spaceships as small glittering dots in the firmament, will ensure that Earth humanity will experience a social change that will create the frequency pattern for telepathy. This frequency pattern will release capacities in your blueprint for the human species that will allow many humans to communicate telepathically as the New Lemurians could. Areas are then unlocked in the DNA that are transmitted to the offspring, who then actually become telepaths. The Lemurians in the Alpha Centauri system went through a similar evolution because they formed a completely different form of society that freed them from many old traditions, so we can compare this liberation with your coming into consciousness. When you become aware that you are not alone in the Universe at all and that extraterrestrial species exists around you all the time, it will be the beginning of something that will affect every single human being on Earth and when you start to change your form of society, you will develop many new frequency patterns that will unlock many abilities in you. When the Lemurians were discussing how they wanted to live, the reformers had their time and almost all traditions were questioned very closely. The Lemurians kept the traditions they felt were in keeping with the times and all other traditions were heavily revised or abandoned altogether. There were also traditions that were completely reversed, giving rise to a whole new way of life. If it used to be frowned upon that pets were presented in public, then that was a tradition that was dropped altogether and traditions that precluded change in advance were reversed so that now councils could hold a council for any change request. If a council deemed a change request to not be harmful to society, then those change requests were allowed to be voted on so that the majority could vote for or against. The traditionalists had little to say and we also think the process of official first contact will also silence the traditionalists on Earth because no one will listen to them anymore. As the Lemurian society on the new planet in the Alpha Centauri system experienced more and more freedom, the traditionalists were silenced and a completely new attitude towards life set in among these Lemurians. When they began to revise the plans of Chamuel, because as residents they did not want to live like prisoners in the city-state, they also saw that the traditions of the dwellings were changed. The dwellings were not allowed to exceed a certain size, but now the Lemurians were free to decide how such a dwelling could look. We also think that the first dwellings on this planet looked almost exactly as the Lemurian culture and Chamuel had intended, but later new building forms were devised, so that today on this planet we find very different building styles that would touch any architect. Now, when we are going to explain what the Lemurians present decided to look for on the planet, we have to remind you that a Lemurian family could migrate anywhere and survive quite easily because Lemurians were very self-sufficient and did not need the company of other Lemurians to survive. Lemurians are explorers and explorers who land on a foreign planet also want to explore the planet, so after some time more and more Lemurian families set out to explore the planet. The remaining Lemurians wanted to make their first city-state real and they started to build a city-state on the appropriate spot. The reptoid species built the first Lemurian settlement where an energy node of the planet could be found not far away, so the Lemurians first searched the planet for the necessary materials and then started building. It has now been almost three Earth years since the first Lemurians arrived on the planet and they started searching for crystals that could be a main crystal and the remaining secondary crystals to start building a Metrocity. This Metrocity was much larger than the city-state Chamuel had conceived, but basically this Metrocity had a similar purpose. The Metrocity gathered the population in a circle around the centre, with the centre only available for work. The centre was much larger than the building complexes Chamuel envisaged, but they were also beautifully integrated into the overall picture, so that there were opportunities to meet and take walks everywhere. There are vehicles there that are constantly shuttling and that any Lemurian could hop on to in order to travel further distances. Even the Lemurians in the Alpha Centauri system today are true explorers, so they were allowed to research many things that were not welcomed by the Lemurian traditions in Lemuria, so they not only mentally explored the universe, but they were given the technologies by the reptoid species to travel between star systems, so they have risen to become an interstellar-travelling race. Because many traditions have been shelved, they have also done more research into things that you would consider cutting-edge. Whereas the Lemurians in Lemuria lived in huts and had limited technology, the Lemurians in the Alpha Centauri system have produced more achievements that your culture is familiar with, but the technology behind them is much more sophisticated. We will describe much of the technology of alien races and species later on, but we will not start until your First Contact has been launched. Then you will read each blog entry several times, because only then will you realise that change is just around the corner, just as it was with the Lemurians on the new planet when they began to transform their society from one day to the next, even though the traditionalists were against it, but they had no way to make a difference, so they did the best they could to be part of the big change, and so will all the traditionalists on Earth, because they can’t escape the changes, and they will eventually help to transform society. In the next blog entry, we will discuss the eras of the Lemurians in the Alpha Centauri system so that you can understand what became of these Lemurians and where your race is headed once first contact is made.

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