A0638: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 25

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When the Atlantian civilisation perished, there was still one city-state on the surface of the earth and that was the city-state of Atlantis. The Great Pyramid of Giza had not yet been built and the area around Atlantis was still very fertile, so a drought did not bring about the demise of Atlantis. We told you before that most of the New Lemurians had moved to the underground cities and that modern humans were now in charge of most of the city-states, which made them do things differently than the tradition-minded New Lemurians did. Genetics was still being researched in the city-states and the underground cities, but with different goals. While in the city-states the focus has always been on entertainment, in the underground cities research on new species has not been done for a long time, but the New Lemurians have turned their attention to something else, which we will tell another time. The Atlantians in the last city-state did a lot to entertain the last inhabitants, so among other things they started breeding humans that looked more and more monstrous. If you were to face a giant, at what size do you think a creature would constitute a giant, we ask? Three or six metres? What would you say if you were faced today with a human being who was three metres tall? That would be an exceptionally tall person, but can that person walk normally and move humanly, we ask? No, because people who would reach that height have something that leads to a failure of bodily functions, because the external growth does not match the internal components. But if a person grows evenly in size, so that all the parts of the body can grow evenly with him and meet the stresses, then you would have a very tall person who does not look deformed and who can move exceedingly normally. You have tall people in your society and some of these people also have the ability to move normally, but no one is three metres tall because there are basically no human beings who grow that tall. When you speak of giants, that creature must be taller than three metres and now we come back to the Atlantians who manipulated humans to grow taller and taller. Atlantians used small children of modern humans to create ever more gruesome creatures. Children were used because the children’s bodies still produced the growth hormones and were thus a guarantee of being able to manipulate growth. New Lemurians could change the genetics of a human being by a mind flash, but they themselves did not use humans for their monstrous experiments, so the modern humans who were increasingly in charge in Atlantis and who were mentally capable of doing more and more, started to create creatures out of humans, which worked best with small children. When the Atlanteans created giants, the consciousness of the little child never really developed, so that the giants created were of human origin, but the consciousness was that of a disturbed little child. These giants were altered to appear overly aggressive, which further damaged the consciousness. When the first giants were presented, they looked like normal tall humans, so the Atlantians quickly began to make the giants look more and more gruesome, so that they also appeared less and less human. Like all other creatures, giants were sent into arenas to fight other creatures. This behaviour also eventually caused the great rift between the Atlantians and the New Lemurians in the underground cities, so that all ties between these two societies came to a halt and the New Lemurians turned away from the Altantians in their underground cities. There were no more New Lemurians living in Atlantis, but many modern humans who had been created by the interbreeding of the two races and had a lot of mental potential. The Atlantians sealed themselves off from the modern humans outside the city-state, so the Atlantians were pretty much alone in Atlantis and they thought about how to increase the population in Atlantis. Offspring were not being produced at the rate Atlantians were dying because every dangerous laboratory experiment that led to an accident killed more and more Atlantians. A city-state usually had a population of only 15000 and 22000. If there were more, then it became more and more difficult to feed the inhabitants within the borders of the city-state, so that 16000 inhabitants seemed to be just the right number to live carefree in a beautiful city-state. If there are fewer inhabitants, then after a certain lower limit the carefree life of the inhabitants is over, because then the services led to hard tasks that all inhabitants had to perform. The Atlantians had not yet reached this lower limit, but the number of inhabitants kept shrinking, so that the highly respected inhabitants of Atlantis asked themselves how they could counteract the shrinking population. First, they wanted to prevent the inhabitants of Atlantis from simply emigrating, so they put more and more focus on the underground arenas in order to be able to offer the inhabitants something that would bind them to the city-state. The fights in the arenas became more and more spectacular, but everything eventually becomes a habit if it is seen too often. That’s why the created creatures became more and more monstrous and when big spider-like creatures fought big human-like creatures it was already a spectacle, but when the giants entered the arena, the Atlantians also wanted the giants to be victorious, so the disturbed consciousnesses of the little children were trained to become killing machines so that the giants would also emerge victorious against all other creatures. When that too became a habit, those in charge began to make the giants fight each other. Little children in monstrous shapes had to perform gruesome acts in order to be allowed to continue living. The spiritual world was shocked, even though the Atlantians were not the only ones to do this in your universe. However, the hands of the spiritual world are tied, so they could only ensure that the human consciousnesses could live a life on an intermediate level after the creatures had passed away, which over time made the suffering in Atlantis more and more bearable for them. The incarnations in the human bodies of the creatures rightly refused to take over anything from this physical life, so that they received their guaranteed grant of power, but they themselves had hardly changed, which led to great displeasure and this quickly made the rounds in the spiritual world. Incarnations took great care not to incarnate near a city-state because they knew that their life might end up as a creature. Such a thing rarely happened because the Atlantians always created more animal or insect-like creatures. Ending up as a fighting creature in an arena without this human child even having a chance to evolve scared many incarnations away. With the population numbers no longer increasing, those in charge decided to prolong the lives of humans and this sealed the downfall of Atlantis. The Atlantians wanted to guarantee a long life for all people in the vicinity of the city-state, so they wanted to expand the energetic hemisphere. To do this, they wanted to change the genetic characteristics of the people in the energetic hemisphere through mind flashes so that they could live much longer on the one hand and have a much higher mental potential on the other. In the energetic hemisphere, these are all things that modern humans in Atlantis were capable of. They began to gather more and more tribes of people around their city-state so that the number of potential New Atlantians kept growing, even though only very few of these people were ever allowed to enter Atlantis. The Atlantians moved the main crystal in the Earth’s energy beam in order to replace it with another crystal that would support their project. The Atlantians were not able to divert a tremendous amount of energy with just a thought, as the New Lemurians were, so they tried to compensate for this deficiency by other methods. When the first tribes settled in front of Atlantis, the excitement in Atlantis was great, because the carelessness of the explorers increased more and more, so that the intended goals could be reached. More and more explorers capitulated, so that those in charge felt compelled to make an example by banishing the Atlantians from Atlantis who no longer agreed with this approach. The population did not decrease much as a result, but more and more explorers left Atlantis to start anew elsewhere. They themselves did not leave empty-handed, but they had with them potent crystals with which they could achieve a great deal, so that families of Atlantians appeared in large and small metropolises of the Mediterranean, quickly attaining high social status. Those in charge in Atlantis now found themselves under pressure because more and more modern people wanted to experience why they settled before Atlantis, since they were promised great things if they came. Thus came the fateful day when, in the blink of an eye, the Atlantian civilisation vanished from the face of the earth. Those responsible now wanted to ensure that the energetic hemisphere was expanded and they wanted to increase the effective area by means of the new main crystal, so that they channelled a great deal of energy from the Earth’s energy beam into this crystal in order to permanently increase the effective area. Of course, they again had to use enormous amounts of dark energy to carry out their plan, but unlike the downfall of Lemuria, the energy beam was not weakened to such an extent that the energy node collapsed, but the Atlantians, so to speak, organised something that began on the astral plane and whose effects reached the worldly plane. We have already said that you can set an astral form in vibration on an astral plane with mind flashes and the superimposed worldly plane would take over this vibration. The Atlantians tried something similar, which also works wonderfully on a small scale under laboratory conditions, but not on the scale they needed for their project. They wanted to use the impulsive shocks on the astral plane to expand the energetic hemisphere more and more. The old main crystal gave the exact area of effect and the Atlantians used a new main crystal to increase that radius. We will go into the concepts behind this another time. The new main crystal had first copied the tasks of the old main crystal perfectly and we would also say many improvements were incorporated there. When the impulse-like vibrations first actually expanded the energetic shild, the researchers could hardly believe their luck, but after some time an effect occurred that you know. The impulse surges reached an amplitude at which momentum became noticeable and the oscillations got out of control. The Atlantians changed the vibration through the mind flashes to get this natural vibration back under their control, but the demise of Atlantis was now irreversible. The out-of-control vibrations reached the plane of existence of the mundane world and first made themselves felt through small tremors that were absolutely unusual for the Atlantians. As the tremors grew stronger, many Atlantians took flight vehicles to safety, but what happened next was something not even the New Lemurians had thought possible. The energetic hemisphere had expanded as planned, so that it extended far beyond the borders of Atlantis. As the quakes became stronger and stronger, there was a suction effect within the energetic shield so that all matter was repeatedly compressed. When this happens once, most matter can withstand this compression. If the compression is repeated impulsively and with great force, then the molecular integrity of matter is weakened further and further until the holding force is dissolved by these forces. Atlantis, with all its achievements, simply collapsed in its outer appearance from one moment to the next. Biological mass also dissolved into its components, so that Atlantis collapsed from one moment to the next. The effect was less at the edges of the energetic hemisphere than at the centre, so we can also say that Atlantis collapsed in an instant and there was really nothing left of this city-state. The underground arenas and laboratories collapsed just as much as everything that made up Atlantis on the surface. Because all the creatures were kept very deep in the underground caverns, these creatures escaped the sinking of Atlantis and escaped into the cave systems that they have been roaming ever since. There are no more giants because most of the giants did not get the longevity of the other creatures. The Atlantians knew that human giants were always learning and they did not want to breed a race of giants that they could one day no longer control. Giants did escape, but none of them are alive today, so we can also say that your legends about giants are true, but the stories do not reflect the true events. Atlantis disappeared and many Atlantians were able to escape to safety. Some Atlantians also made sure that the cultures on the Mediterranean Sea flourished, but this did not last long because humans have always been very greedy, so many achievements of Atlantis were also hidden. The last minutes of Atlantis were extremely tragic because the people had to watch themselves disintegrate more and more. Many incarnations are still very conscious of this tragic death, but unlike other types of death, the memories of it are not weakened, so that these incarnations have to live through the experience of death to this day. We will also explain later why this is so, because these incarnations have to atone for something that should be a warning to all intelligent living beings. The Lemurians in Lemuria still got off lightly, but the Atlantians who died in the sinking of Atlantis have to go through these sufferings again and again, so that other intelligent life forms understand that such an action is not only dangerous, but will also be punished afterwards, which is otherwise absolutely unnecessary. Even a cruel mass murderer does not have to atone for his deeds after death, but the Atlantians, who perished with Atlantis, do, because they have to incarnate until their penance has been satisfied. These incarnations are not very numerous, because at the time of the sinking of Atlantis there were not many Atlantians in Atlantis, but several thousand incarnations are involved and many of these incarnations are also incarnating on Earth right now. Many persons now assume that they are such an incarnation, but let me tell you, if you have received indications that you are one of these Atlantians who perished with Atlantis, then you are certainly not, because these persons are not supposed to know that at all. These persons are perceived by far advanced races and they shine their legacy into the universe so that everyone also knows what it means to handle things they would have done better to keep their hands off. These people live an inconspicuous life and that is just as well. When the official first contact has been made, the atonement is done and these persons will wake up from a very long dream after their demise, because only then will they realise what they have been through on earth. We told you that most incarnations incarnate only once, because they then experience everything that a physical life provides and only very few persons incarnate again. If an incarnation incarnates several times, it is because the incarnation has committed itself to a task and the Atlantians, who have to incarnate again and again, received this task with the fall of Atlantis, but they are now living the last physical life because the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is imminent and then everything will change.

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