A0639: How did the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri System fare? – Part 1

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When Lemuria sank into the ocean, many Lemurians had been brought to safety and only because the spiritual world foresaw what would happen, many large spaceships of a reptoid species were also present, officially requested by those in charge of the spiritual world.. The spiritual world knew that if the Lemurian could not continue to live on the continent of Lemuria, then coexistence with modern humans over a long period of time would produce conflicts in which one race would be oppressed. To prevent this from happening, the spiritual world has long been working with evolved physical beings to find a refuge where Lemurian culture can flourish without further incident. Since Lemurian culture hardly allows for social progress, the idea was to kill two birds with one stone by allowing Lemurians to make a fresh start. The Lemurians, as their culture developed on Earth, would never have evolved and a society that cannot evolve will sooner or later fail, which is why the traditionalists in any culture are usually responsible for the social system collapsing one day. If we compare the Lemurians with the modern man of Earth, then a Lemurian is better suited by his mind to live traditions than the modern man. The modern man of Earth was created precisely so that traditions do not constrict society for long, but there will always be individuals in your society who will do everything they can to break down the old traditions and replace them with more contemporary traditions. This process is evident everywhere in your society, and the ending of old traditions is also accelerating because humanity on Earth is forcing a change that is now very pronounced and will reach its zenith in a few years. When influential traditionalists then try to call society to order, they are hardly heard by people because the social urge for reform is growing so strongly that even the traditionalists cannot escape this uprising of humanity. This is what happened to the society of the Lemurians, who were left with nothing after the fall of Lemuria and were granted a planet on which they could make a new start without being influenced by another human race. When many Lemurians gathered after the fall, the leaders of the reptoid species informed the Lemurians that there was an uninhabited planet waiting for them in the Alpha Centauri system and that they could colonise this planet without hindrance. Many Lemurians were still in shock and stunned that their entire Lemurian continent had sunk, so little approval was expected at first. Since the surviving Lemurians on the Earth’s surface also did not know what exactly they wanted to do now, they first accepted the offer of the reptoid species to meet the remaining surviving Lemurians on the gigantic spaceships to discuss together what the next steps might be for them. Chamuel was the first Lemurian to make a proposal for the new beginning of Lemurian culture, because as a traditionalist he nevertheless had the foresight that the traditions as they had been handled so far should be given a change. What the spiritual world could not completely rule out, however, was the fact that many Lemurians regarded Earth as their home planet, even though they originally fled the Anunnaki homeworld so that the traditional culture of the Anunnaki could be preserved. Settling on Earth turned these Ur-Anunnaki into the Lemurians of Earth, who preserved the Anunnaki culture on Earth, while on the Anunnaki homeworld almost all the traditions of the Ur-Anunnaki disappeared and the culture became something that the Traditionalists of the Ur-Anunnaki deeply detested. The Ur-Anunnaki on Earth interbred sporadically with modern humans, but we can also say that the Lemurians, who now deliberated on the spaceships of the reptoid species about what to do next as a society, are genetically as well as culturally very similar to the Ur-Anunnaki, so that the Ur-Anunnaki persisted in the Lemurian race, even though some traits of modern humans found their way into the DNA of the Lemurians. Why do we make such a point of mentioning this fact over and over again, we ask? Because the present Anunnaki, as a genetically modified species, is no longer a human race in the traditional sense, so that the race of the Ur-Anunnaki persists as it was created by the Wingmakers at that time. Not every human race starts out with such a high physical and especially mental potential, so the Ur-Anunnaki are something that you have to evolve into. The present Anunnaki have made a mockery of this evolution, as they have pushed on with the genetic changes to their race without considering that they will wipe themselves out. The Ur-Anunnaki survived on Earth, but they had not developed socially at all, so that this race waited as if frozen for its next evolutionary leap. However, this evolutionary leap never occurred because certain triggers were provided for it in the blueprint of the human species, but these were never triggered in the Lemurians because a social change would have had to take place for it to happen. This social change never occurred among the Lemurians because the strict traditions did not allow it. The fall of Lemuria was also an opportunity to bring about the necessary change in Lemurian society, and here Chamuel put a stop to this plan for the spiritual world, because Chamuel promised the Lemurians a change, which, however, will again lead to a stop in social development through even stricter traditions. This topic was discussed in detail in the series on the foundation and fall of Atlantis. However, the spiritual world was certain that a considerable number of surviving Lemurians recognised the possibility of cultural change and would choose the planet in the Alpha Centauri system. So it was that Chamuel, with a large number of surviving Lemurians, founded the Conglomerate of Atlantis on Earth and an even larger number of surviving Lemurians emigrated to the Alpha Centauri system. As the Lemurians turned away from Earth to start anew, there was also much discussion about what a new start for their culture might look like and, as might be expected, two camps formed. There were the reformers and there were the traditionalists who did not want to change anything at all under any circumstances, but all Lemurians were still terribly aware that Lemuria had only recently perished precisely because there were no reforms and everyone could do what they wanted. When Chamuel presented his vision of Atlantis, many Lemurians were taken with it, but they didn’t want to be crammed into a city the way Chamuel envisioned, so many reformers envisioned their own model that was similar to Chamuel’s, but with much more freedom than Atlantis would have ever allowed its inhabitants. The next blog entry will tell something about the new planet to which the Lemurians in the Alpha Centauri system wanted to migrate, because the planet is very interesting.

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