A0636: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 23

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If something new was researched in Atlantis, then all researchers always had equal access to many research results that had been achieved by then. In Lemuria and also in Atlantis, no one researched alone on a subject area, but the Lemurians were already a society of researchers and in this society it was customary to present one’s research results. When a research team presented new results, it was always under the watchful eye of all the other researchers, so there were always small communities doing research in one subject area. Normally, many researchers did research in many different fields, but when genetics had its renaissance because a research team created something remarkable with it, all pairs of eyes of all researchers were focused on this small New Lemurian research team and when the results of the research were presented, there was no turning back for the New Lemurian researchers because the results seemed to be so outstanding and therefore from that moment on, all researchers in the city state only wanted to research on it. The field of genetics not only became the general field of research in this city-state, which no researcher could avoid, but in a short time genetics was the most important subject in the whole of Atlantis and this continued until the modern humans gradually gained the upper hand in the city-states. The modern humans also did research in the field of genetics, but the modern humans also wanted to use the power of energy flows to drive great changes in the world, but more on that in the last part of this series. So what did this small team of researchers do in the field of genetics that was so outstanding that really all New Lemurian researchers from that point on only wanted to research this subject area, we ask? They managed to hatch a human-like being from an egg that behaved like a chicken. It was a human body, hardly bigger than an ordinary chicken, and it had all the human bodily features but did not acquire the consciousness of a human being. These little creatures looked quite cute, partly because they really did look like miniaturised humans, and apart from the size and chicken-like behaviour, there was no discernible difference. They were naked and lived in a cage in the lab, so most of the researchers did not want to believe what they were seeing at first. When the initial amazement had subsided, the small team of researchers explained how they were able to give the chicken a human-like shape. However, we must also reveal that these human-like chickens were not very successful, so they could not be mated by a rooster, nor were they able to use their arms and hands like humans, but these little human-like chickens strutted around for a while and tried to peck grains, but did not succeed. Also, these human-like chickens could not lay eggs that were usable, so these little creatures were incomplete because they could not live up to their original species. But the impression alone that these little creatures had made among all those present was so powerful that all the researchers wanted to do the same as the little research team and began to reproduce the research results. What did the little research team do to create the human-like chickens, we ask? Genetics is not just DNA, the blueprint of a species includes DNA, but it is only a subset of the blueprint, which your geneticists still haven’t got right. We once said in the blog entry on DNA that a human body cell knows where it is placed in the human body because the human generates an energy field that is absolutely body related and by that we do not mean the energy fields that your partial consciousnesses generate, but an energy field that dictates all phases of the physical species as a body form. This body energy field as a baby looks like a baby’s body shape and as the child grows, this body energy field grows first and the human body registers the growth of the body energy field. The body will adapt and make sure that more body cells are produced. If a body cell is duplicated somewhere, the new body cell knows exactly where to find it in the body energy field and it knows from the body plan in the DNA of each body cell what kind of body cell it should now be and from the DNA database it configures itself accordingly. When a chicken comes into being, the body shape has received its information from the body energy field and because the body cells know where they are at each stage of growth, they will also decide how to be configured based on the DNA blueprint. How does an ovum know whether to produce a chicken or a human, we ask? The egg cell doesn’t know at first because the blueprint is transferred with the father’s sperm. The blueprint of the DNA has many possibilities to develop, but the seed and the egg together decide what kind of being is created. The seed contains the information about how the being is structured and the egg is responsible for how the outer constitution comes to light. We will now present a very pragmatic example that is only intended to illustrate which information is handled in what way. Let us assume that a human being is to give birth to a chicken, then the egg would be from a human being and the seed from a winged being. What would happen now, we ask? Nothing. The egg is not compatible with the seed, so interbreeding of species should not work. But suppose that interbreeding between species can work, then the outer appearance of the interbreed would be a human being and because the seed comes from a winged being, the inner values are dominated by the winged being. The flesh would be similar to that of a bird and the skin, and therefore the external appearance, that of a human. If we were to look more closely at the organs, the digestive organs would be human-like, but the components of the organs would again be those of a winged being. When we come to the brain, the outer form of the brain would again be human-like, but the brain mass would again be that of a winged being. You see, the woman with the egg gives the body energy field with its form and the man with his seed gives the inner composition of the body forms, because not only the human being consists of a body form, which you can see, but also every component in your body has a form, so that a being consists of a body energy field, which contains as many body forms as the human being itself is made up of. The blueprint of a species is always absolutely mature because the Wingmaker has created the species entirely for its purpose. A chicken has a purpose just like an ant or a human being. Every being is perfect until someone thinks they are smarter than the Wingmakers and then small inconspicuous beings arise at first that cannot reproduce themselves until some smart-aleck wannabe geneticist will correct this flaw too and more and more the purpose of the species becomes absurd. A human-like chicken has no purpose in creation because every being has a purpose and such a created being can only ever serve its purpose less than the original. This has always been the case and your entire universe is subject to this purpose and all intelligent species will one day question the purpose of species and they will research it because they seem to have understood how the blueprint is constructed but ultimately genetically modified species will one day die out because they serve no purpose. The Anunnaki are genetically modified beings and because Anunnaki are created they will also one day become extinct. They are now a separate species that cannot interbreed with other human races because they cannot even produce offspring naturally, but breed artificial creatures. Just like the small research team of New Lemurians, except that these researchers did not change their own blueprint, but that of a chicken. The research team used an egg from a chicken and implemented the DNA of a human, then used the semen of a rooster to fertilise the egg. This does not work because the DNA had to be adapted for this. To do this, the researchers mentally travelled into the cells and gradually adapted the DNA so that this small creature could come into being. We say small being because the size of the being is encoded in the seed of the father. The small team of researchers found all this out and they created countless creatures until they were ready to present these small human-like chickens. We will need another blog entry for this topic, so that will add another entry to the series.

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