A0635: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 22

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When the tunnel work was going on, the New Lemurians always supervised the construction work, so there were very few modern humans doing anything other than physical labor. The New Lemurians always made sure that the modern humans found a satisfactory working environment, but the working modern humans were hardly instructed in anything they could use outside of Atlantis, because the few working materials were carefully supervised. The modern humans were very happy to do this work, because anything to do with Atlantis was held in very high esteem, and when the New Lemurians began asking the modern humans for help in their construction work, the modern humans came in droves to offer their services. The New Lemurians first started doing all the construction work themselves, but the tasks were too much for the New Lemurian craftsmen to complete even in time, so the New Lemurians had no option at all but to ask the modern humans for help. Craftsmen of the modern humans were every now and then guests in a city-state to do work for which no equivalent labor was available, but this was generally very rare. Nevertheless, few modern humans were allowed into the city-states over time, and the New Lemurians had no interest in meeting modern humans, nor was the society of modern humans of interest, because the villages of modern humans were more like tribes with little to offer that might be interesting to a New Lemurian. Interbreeding was something that neither the New Lemurians nor the modern humans wanted to do, so there were few reasons that could bring these two races of humans together. The labor force was a completely different issue, because the New Lemurians were for the most part explorers, even if they always performed services that also demanded something else from a New Lemurian than the curiosity to explore. When the modern humans entered the society of the New Lemurians, they were still more separated from the New Lemurians, but over the decades the bonds between the modern humans and the New Lemurians became closer and closer and also the modern humans started to live in the city-states. As more and more underground dwellings were now being built, the modern humans were first allowed to move into their dwellings on the outskirts of the city-states. They were not allowed to move closer to the central buildings because their mental potential seemed very low compared to a New Lemurian. Many New Lemurians found their homes in the underground cities and the number of New Lemurians kept increasing, so the city-states on the surface were more and more dismantled in order to build bigger and more imposing cities below the earth’s surface. What advantage does an underground city have over a city-state on the surface, we ask? A city-state is usually built on foreign territory, so that city-state would be a target for attack over a long period of time. The New Lemurians had a premonition of what modern humans would one day become, and they did not want to compete with modern humans, so they took advantage of underground city-states to retreat from the surface of the earth. When that happened, the city-state of Atlantis in Giza was the last outpost of the New Lemurians on the Earth’s surface. The city-state of Atlantis was the first and last city-state of Atlantis, so we have not yet reached the fall of Atlantis, but we want to tell some more about the underground cities. If we take a closer look at the history of the Lemurian underground cities, we can see a very great inventive spirit in these cities, because at first the New Lemurians always built only functional buildings, and when the underground habitats came into being, the New Lemurians developed a Zeitgeist for how to build the buildings not only functionally, but also more and more beautiful to look at. The building style became more and more refined by the Zeitgeist, so that it can be said: The Lemurian underground cities are so beautiful to look at that you people of the surface have no comparison. You have beautiful places and even your buildings know how to enchant, but if you were standing in an underground city, you would never want to return to the surface. Everything in these cities radiates calm and confidence because these underground cities are naturally enclosed by an energetic hemisphere. These underground cities are so vast that you could wander around for several days without reaching the edge of the cave. Mountains, lakes and rivers are present, as well as forests and meadows. The cave ceiling has been modified to reflect a warm light, so that an inhabitant gets the impression of looking into a sky. When night falls, the light is dimmed and twinkling stars can be seen, but they have no symbolic power. There are animals that live in the waters and forests, but keeping animals is forbidden, so there are still zoo-like buildings where exotic breeds of animals are exhibited. These underground cities were strictly guarded just like the Atlantian city-states, and the underground tunnel system connected these cities, so it was not at all difficult for most New Lemurians to migrate from the surface to the underground. As more and more New Lemurians found their homes in the underground cities, more and more modern humans found their homes in the city-states on the surface first. The modern humans were taught more and more how Lemurian culture was handled in the city-states, and the mentally strong modern humans were allowed to help the Lemurian explorers with their work, but it was always possible to tell who was a New Lemurian and who was a modern human. The modern humans received the knowledge of crystal programming and they made great progress very quickly because the energetic hemisphere made sure that the modern humans received more and more potent consciousness. Many thousands of years have passed since the New Lemurians asked modern man for help and now we are entering an era of Atlantis that was a great turning point for Atlantis. Many New Lemurians kept crossing paths with modern humans on the surface because they lived and worked very closely with modern humans. The New Lemurians in the vast cave systems rarely interbred with modern humans because there were almost no modern humans in the underground cities. Many modern humans were busy making new tunnel systems or creating new cave systems where the next underground city could be built. Because the New Lemurians developed a building Zeitgeist, the underground cities were not designed according to a template, but the New Lemurians followed alien building cultures, because alien species have their own way of doing things when they design housing systems or cities. Since New Lemurians traveled around the universe a lot astrally, they also had many templates to incorporate into their buildings. Modern humans also inhabited underground cities, and these cities were also a feast for the eyes, but the underground cities of the New Lemurians had a completely different level. When a modern human went to work, he used exactly the same bus-like vehicles as the New Lemurians, but there was always a kind of distance between these two races of humans, so there were hardly any incidents between the two races of humans. These human races lived in a productive and harmonious coexistence. Quite differently on the surface in the Atlantian city states, because there the mixing progressed ever further, so that also one day many modern humans had the say, which was observed exactly by the human races in the underground. Atlantis was the last city-state to abandon all its traditions and become more and more a society of modern humans. The genetic experiments were then also carried out by more and more modern humans, who had no inhibitions to create more and more breathtaking monstrosities to let them compete against each other for the amusement of the citizens of the city. The great change of Atlantis took place and more and more traditions of the Lemurian culture gave way to the new form of society developed by modern human. They still did not trade, because it was not necessary at all, but modern human are characterized by their great ambition, so the city-states began to compete with each other to see who could make the greatest leap in development. Like the Lemurian scientists in Lemuria, the modern humans are also goading each other more and more, and this did not go undetected, so the New Lemurians from the underground cities exerted more and more influence on the surface city-states, calling them to order. If there is one thing modern humans are extremely good at, it is resisting directives, so one day the influence on the modern humans in the city-states came to a complete halt and the New Lemurians in the underground sealed themselves off from the modern humans in the city-states. When this point was reached, the New Lemurians completely sealed off their cave systems from the inhabitants of the city-states. The main crystal at Giza has preserved much information about this, so you will be able to study this seminal time of Atlantis in detail in the near future. The underground cities had their own energy streams, so the city-states were completely useless. By the time it got to that point, they had already dissolved many city-states because modern humans were also turning away from their kind outside the city-states, so the populations in the city-states were dwindling. Either the remaining New Lemurians preferred to join their kind in the underground cities or numerous accidents caused the inhabitants of the city-states to become fewer and fewer. The inhabitants moved from the unnecessary city-states to the metropolises of Atlantis, so that in the end only Atlantis remained. The removal of legacies of unnecessary city-states continued because the people in the city-states were afraid that the modern humans outside the city-states would compete with them if they could get hold of some of the legacies. So it came to the fact that Atlantis was only still present on the surface. What happened from that point on and what the modern human in the city-states did to compete with their fellow explorers will be revealed in the next blog entry. If you think that Atlantis disappeared from the face of the earth due to an accident, then you are not too far from the true events, but we will tell you about that in the last part of this series. Something happened that even the New Lemurians thought was impossible, but modern humans managed to do it, even if it sealed the fall of Atlantis.

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