A0634: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 21

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The New Lemurians knew caves, but it was not until the time of Atlantis that they started to do some things in underground caves, because their city-state was not designed for that. Since Lemurians and also the New Lemurians never really developed technology like you do excessively, they never had to build factories and plunder the planet’s raw materials. A Lemurian researcher needed only a crystal for almost all experiments and everything else was carried out mentally by the researcher through the help of the crystal and the energy currents of the Earth. This enabled the Lemurian researchers to conduct research much more precisely and effectively than you are able to do today. But if a researcher wanted to study genetically modified flesh, after a while the central research building was no longer a suitable place for it, so the New Lemurians began to build stations outside the city states so that the experiments that produced genetically modified creatures could be carried out there. At first these creatures were small and they were kept in the stations to study them, but eventually larger animals were used for the experiments, so breeding stations were quickly built. Caves were dug underneath the stations so that these creatures could not escape either. The cave systems became larger and larger and research on genetics became more and more important, so the stations were connected underground to the city states. All experiments on genetics became more and more important, so that the hatcheries were then placed underneath the city states so that the researchers had better access to their research sites. The cave-like rooms gave way to more and more underground buildings, which were dug deeper and deeper into the earth. The stations outside the city-states were already connected to the city-state underground, so the next step was to connect the city-states to each other. Chamuel had never foreseen such a procedure, and we also think that if he had known what his descendants would do, he would have made sure that such a procedure was prevented beforehand, as he had done with many other things. Chamuel also didn’t know at the time that genetics would become such an important issue in society. The Lemurians already knew what genetics did in the time of Lemuria, but up to the last days of Atlantis the knowledge was extended more and more. We can rightly say that your geneticists don’t know a thing about genetics, when the New Lemurians have been researching it intensively for several thousand years, and New Lemurians had possibilities to research this field that your geneticists could only dream of. You don’t know anything about it and that’s a good thing, otherwise the earthly human race would no longer exist. Back to today’s topic. The New Lemurians knew beforehand how to dissolve the holding power of objects so that this object actually disappeared. The energy used for the holding force remained in the overall system, but the object simply disappeared. They stored the energy for releasing the holding energy in crystals, so that creating a tunnel or a cave was no problem at all for the Lemurians. In this way they also disposed of achievements that were no longer fit for purpose. When they created large cave systems, they also knew where such a cave of the given size was worth building, because they could mentally scan the geological layers of the earth and they knew where the surrounding structure would not give way if material was taken from there. Caves that collapsed were not known to the New Lemurians because everything was planned so that the structural integrity was never too stressed. At first, research sites were small and utilitarian, but over time entire cities were built under the city-states, which were then basically only used for research. The Earth’s mantle is very thin, but even so, the thickness of the mantle of the continental plates is so great in relation to the buildings of the New Lemurians that the New Lemurians could still have built in the depths today. The areas for the breeding stations of the creatures were also pushed further and further into the depths because the researchers did research on the creatures, but breeding and keeping the creatures was not part of a Lemurian researcher’s job, so more and more modern humans were asked to help the New Lemurians. Many modern people helped voluntarily at first, but at a certain point they also wanted to live a carefree life like a New Lemurian, so that the New Lemurians felt compelled to somehow integrate the helping modern people into Lemurian society, but more about that later. The tunnel systems were no longer walked on by the New Lemurians after a certain length, but flying vehicles were redesigned to travel through the tunnel systems like buses. If a New Lemurian wanted to travel from Atlantis to Charhelios, the Lemurian could not think three words and he was there. Charhelios had been built very close to Atlantis and we based it on the speed that the underground vehicles reached when they travelled from Atlantis to the South American continent. This journey took some time, but every working person today takes more time on average to get to their place of work. These vehicles could manipulate the air molecules around the vehicle, so this locomotion was incredibly effective. If there was an earthquake, or if two continental plates shifted, then there were several options that the New Lemurians could use, but a transatlantic journey was made in one piece, without stopping anywhere, or reducing speed. The Lemurians never felt the need to stay outside Lemuria, but the New Lemurians loved to travel the city-states to discover other climates and other environments. There was such a thing as sightseeing or wandering through nature outside a city-state, but all New Lemurians were always happy to return to a city-state. The modern humans quickly learned how to use the crystals and the little technology to help build the caves and tunnel systems, so we would now like to recount some incidents to show you what the interaction of the modern humans and the New Lemurians was like. Each long tunnel had route guards who controlled the tunnels and were responsible for making sure that if there were problems with the transport vehicles, the route could be reopened quickly. The transport vehicles floated and so there was no roadway or tracks, but route marshals were also like a port, so a route guard would watch over large caves where transport goods could be stored temporarily. There was no trade between the New Lemurians, but certain products were exchanged among themselves, even if this was not intended by Chamuel in this way. But the route guards also kept watch so that no unauthorised persons, animals or creatures used this tunnel. They had many ways of detecting and warding off unauthorised entry. A route guard always consisted of several families of modern people who lived there underground. New Lemurians quickly found out that the New Lemurians who worked underground quickly lost their desire because they enjoyed nature and also the enlightening company. To cope with this, caves were built next to underground workplaces, which were beautiful to look at. No creatures were kept there, but there the New Lemurians could relax and we also think they loved these quiet parks with their waters. Crystals were used as illuminants, projecting light onto the cave ceiling as if through a prism, which in turn was reflected in the lakes. The plant species were found all over the world and we also think that among them were very exotic specimens that can still be admired underground today. The projected light from the crystals was sufficient to drive photosynthesis in the plants. The air was very clean because a ventilation system automatically generated a light breeze everywhere. The New Lemurians did not need air-conditioning, as you have to use it today, but the natural flow of the tunnel system was used and included in the planning beforehand, so that the families of the route guards could also enjoy this, because they also had such a self-regulating habitat for their area in the form of a very large cave. Animals were not allowed in these cave systems and if they were, then care was taken to prevent them from reproducing. Insects were everywhere, but all the inhabitants of the cave systems had become accustomed to this. If rats or other higher forms of life found their way into the tunnel systems, they were killed and that was the responsibility of the route guards. As the New Lemurians built larger and larger caves, they also penetrated deeper and deeper into the earth’s mantle. After a certain depth, inhabiting the areas also becomes more and more difficult, so they expanded more horizontally under the earth and that was then also at some point the moment when they came across very old cave systems that were not created by the New Lemurians and which at first caused great confusion until creatures were discovered that the New Lemurians did not yet know. Modern humans and New Lemurians have repeatedly encountered outposts of alien species that they either already knew or had not encountered before. Some of the habitats these alien races and species built were so alien that the tunnel diggers could hardly stop marvelling. The New Lemurians were able to quickly resolve the issue with the alien species or race because they could communicate mentally, but the modern humans could not and many stories were spread about this by the modern humans, which then became more and more elaborate and some of which have also been passed down in your folklore to this day. Even today, the outposts beneath the earth are inhabited by many beings, both known and unknown, who either built a purpose-built habitat but who appear so beautiful and strange that you cannot help but be amazed. The New Lemurians had no interest in relations with these beings, so they simply changed direction and closed the old tunnel. We will need the next blog entry to describe more of the peculiarities of these subterranean structures, and then address the creatures that the New Lemurians created.

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