A0633: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 20

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Atlantis started with the city-state of Atlantis and very quickly became too small for the population of Atlantis. Chamuel had a new city-state built directly near Atlantis, so that the second city-state of Atlantis was created north of Cairo. Charhelios was the name. Even if the writer seriously tried to receive the name, we say the following: You will not believe us, just as the writer also does, but we have indeed not been given permission to spell words, as well as to visually present data such as numbers to the writer. The writer firmly believes that we don’t do this to bully him, but this is not so because we are not allowed to dictate what kind of information comes to the worldly world. The writer determines how the information is further processed. Again, he does not believe us, so we will just continue. Charhelios was built similarly to Atlantis, but Charhelios did not have its own energy node of the earth, so Charhelios was first founded only as a city, only to choose a better location later. Charhelios has nevertheless been inhabited for a long time and many modern humans have settled around Charhelios. Modern humans benefited greatly from the city-state, but even during the existence of Charhelios, modern humans were only exceptionally granted access in a city-state. Once modern humans finished their activities, they had to leave the city-state again. Modern humans who remained in the city-state for months experienced and saw many wondrous things, which they then told their peoples. The New Lemurians were not worshipped, but they had a very high social standing in the stories of modern humans, even though New Lemurians were very rarely glimpsed. Charhelios was abandoned and dismantled after many human generations, leaving little of the achievements of the New Lemurians. The place was immediately claimed by modern humans, but they could not build more than settlements. The Lemurians and the New Lemurians knew that if they opened themselves fully to the race of modern humans, sooner or later Lemurian culture would no longer exist. Since the New Lemurians were also traditionalists, they took meticulous care to ensure that the two races could develop separately. Among the New Lemurians there were people who had not sprung from a mixed race, so that the genes of the Original Anunnaki had not yet been influenced. A large proportion of the New Lemurians, however, also had genetic material of modern humans in their genome, so that there were no classes or castes separating the Ur-Anunnaki from the mixed race of the New Lemurians, but it has always been an issue among the New Lemurians to what extent a Lemurian still corresponded to an Ur-Anunnaki in terms of genetic material. Don’t think of pure-blooded beings now, but they often discussed how far they should open up to other human races. When Lemuria sank, the Lemurians had no interest in further interbreeding with modern humans and this continued until something happened in Atlantis that we will report later. The city-state near Cairo was abandoned and many of your present metropolises were founded where great currents of energy flow in or out of your Earth. Many metropolises that are distributed on a grid of the Earth already existed in the times of Atlantis, so that there are places on the European as well as South American continent that were already inhabited by New Lemurians in the times of Atlantis. The energy node of the Earth on the South American continent has its point where the city of Chikal existed. A little to the north of this there was a city-state, and in order not to annoy the writer further we will try not to convey the name, but the city of Chikal will tell you about it if you should look for it. The feathered serpent had always provided more knowledge than you still assume today. The feathered serpent is resident where the city gate to an Atlantean city-state was built. What else is there to say about the eras of Atlantis? The longer Atlantis existed, the more the society of the New Lemurians changed, so that it was suddenly chic to wear imposing clothes, whereby imposing must be considered in relation to the standards of Lemurian culture. The traditionalists have always been very careful to ensure that traditions were adhered to, so Lemurians hardly changed at all until just before the end of Atlantis. The culture has hardly progressed, that includes clothing and dwellings. They did change somewhat, but it was always just nuances and if you could see a pictorial comparison, you wouldn’t notice most of the nuances. However, Lemurian research has undergone a very big change, so that the change has also found its way into the laboratories. Many things that had previously been used only for practical purposes now became more and more important, so that at some point there were also canteens and toilet-like places that were supposed to make working life more effective. This is also where the change began to address issues that later led to monstrous creatures that researchers created during their journey of discovery into the field of genetics. Because these monstrous creatures attracted a lot of attention, underground facilities were created so that the New Lemurians could marvel at these creatures as if they were in a zoo. These creatures were one day used by the New Lemurians so that they could tear each other apart, because the New Lemurians no longer had any use for these creatures. It is one thing to create a creature, but to continue to use that creature is a Herculean task, so one day the zoos were overcrowded and the New Lemurians started to pit the creatures against each other in stage-like underground structures. What other purpose did the creatures serve, we ask? These creatures served as a source of meat for the citizens of a city-state. The citizens of a city-state were not vegans, but generally they ate more fish than meat from creatures that roamed the land. However, because the creatures had been genetically modified, the meat had provided different proteins than the native species could provide. The proteins of the creatures were altered so that a high concentration of energy was stored with a piece of meat as you would portion it. Because of this, New Lemurians were able to feed on meat that acted as a fountain of youth because the stored form of energy was close to a spiritual healing energy, so that the meat of the creatures assisted the self-healing process of the Lemurian body cells. This meat was designed in such a way that the body chemistry of a New Lemurian particularly benefited from it. Modern humans were restored to health by products of this meat as if by magic and the life expectancy of a New Lemurian increased from 155 years of life to almost 220 years of life. The Anunnaki can live thousands of years, but the Anunnaki have also altered the genetic building blocks of their human blueprint, so this is not comparable to eating genetically modified meat. Nor should you assume that your genetically modified seeds have similar properties, because that would be absolutely abstruse. Assume the opposite about genetically modified seeds. The flesh of the creatures not only had healing properties, but it was a source of raw materials for everything the New Lemurian needed. The New Lemurian digested this meat very well, so that soon there were breeding stations of genetically modified creatures. In the rest of this series, we will only use the term creature when referring to genetically manipulated beings. As the production of the creatures grew larger and larger, because the demand among the citizens of the city states grew, the underground facilities were also expanded more and more. At first, the facilities were built close to the city-states, but eventually the tunnel systems became so complex that more and more of the hatchery headquarters were built below the city-states. The network of tunnel systems required a lot of manpower that the city-states could not afford, so many modern humans were commissioned to help with the construction work. What all happened will be revealed in the next blog entry, but be curious to see where the journey of these tunnel systems took the humans and the New Lemurians. 

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