A0632: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 19

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If a mind flash is to be forthcoming, then the being has thought beforehand for a very long time about how the mind flash will work. A Lemurian who wants to wash his laundry can heat the water by deliberately using mind flashes, but if the Lemurian starts to let the laundry rub against each other so that the laundry rubs the dirt off each other in the rinsing water, then mind flashes are very troublesome for the Lemurian to use in order to generate impulse-like shocks in the water basin with the laundry by mind flashes. But if the Lemurian still wanted to generate these impulse-like jolts in the washbasin, then he could do that too.

Let impulse shocks to arise
The Lemurian imagined the washbasin with the laundry and the washing water exactly as he sees it in front of him on the mundane world. It is not important that the laundry in the washbasin corresponds to the laundry that is in the washbasin on his plane of existence, but the position and the dimensions of the washbasin must correspond to the greatest extent in the perceptions of the worldly world and on the astral plane. The Lemurian knows how it feels to be pushed, so he always brings up this feeling of being pushed and underpins it with strong emotions. The Lemurian combines this feeling of being pushed with the water in the basin, so that the water sways rhythmically back and forth with his mind flashes in the basin. It only works this way because the waves in the astral washbasin can resonate the energies around them so that a continuous state of vibration is created on the astral plane and always leads to the planes in the immediate vicinity of the vibrational pattern beginning to vibrate more and more strongly, so that this vibration is then transferred to your plane of existence. If the human consciousness has a location perception because the human being is standing in a place, then the astral perception of the consciousness is location dependent. If there is an area in front of you and you see, for example, a vase of flowers on a table, then you can stop there and close your eyes. If you then imagine the table with the vase of flowers in your mind’s eye in the same way as you saw the table and the vase of flowers in front of you on the mundane world, then these two levels are superimposed because your consciousness actually perceives all levels at the same time, but you only see a small area of the whole perception. If there is a flower resting in the flower vase, then on the astral plane you could direct a luminous ray towards that astral flower in the astral vase on the astral table. Just assume that this ray is to positively support living beings. As both flowers dwell in the same location on their respective planes, this ray will also energetically reach the flower in the mundane world. The energy follows your focus and if you wish you can support any living being you can imagine. If you take a person instead of a flower, then you can also practise it in this way and we think that this procedure comes very close to a distant healing, but a distant healing is once again a separate topic. When the water has been set in motion by the Lemurian, the Lemurian has to fire the mind flashes on the astral plane until he thinks that the laundry should be clean. Mind flashes, however, are an effort that no being wants to make all the time, which is why there is also an automated alternative for this, in which a Lemurian programmed a crystal so that the crystal under the sink could heat the water evenly and send out shock pulses that could set the water in motion. 

Let us now turn to an extremely exciting subject in which the mind flashes were applied and in which the New Lemurians in all the city states researched incessantly, because the possibilities could produce a great deal of new knowledge in the process. New Lemurians have researched the genetics of living beings and becoming conscious in matter particles and body cells has opened up a universe for them that could be extensively researched. Genetics promises a researcher many subject areas that can be studied extensively, but genetics also has many dangers because genetics describes the blueprint on which the blueprints of living things are based. We have said before that the Wingmakers created all universes and life forms and every life form, no matter how small, is based on a blueprint created by the Wingmakers. Genetics is a part of that blueprint, but not all of it, and therein lies the problem. Every species will one day begin to study genetics because they want to get closer and closer to the creation of all things. When species start doing this, they will also start changing their own genetics at some point because they have observed effects that they can control through genetic modification. The blueprint is a closed system that can neither be expanded nor reduced, so any genetic change will have effects on the entire blueprint. If genetics is only a subset of the blueprint for a species, then the rest of the blueprint for a species is a blank sheet of paper. When genetics is understood, unexpected effects always occur that no one understands because they do not know what all is part of the blueprint of a species. You humans actually believe you understand genetics, but a New Lemurian who does not understand anything about the recent tools of your genetic research, but who would theoretically exchange ideas with a very highly qualified researcher of genetics, could not believe what this expert of your genetics thinks he knows, because you have just glimpsed the tip of the genetic iceberg from afar and do not understand at all what genetics will still reveal. A New Lemurian who explores genetics explores genetics at the molecular level by becoming aware of where the cellular level begins. When you imagine a cell, that is not the perception that a consciousness has that becomes conscious in a cell. Wingmakers are also spiritual beings and spiritual beings create a living being in the spiritual world. After an intermediate being is created, the physical form is formed from what is present in the spiritual world and that is energies. When the intermediate being is created in the spiritual world, the components are not a biological mass, but something that will form a biological mass on other planes of existence. If you become aware on a molecular level in a body cell, then you see rooms that are like along a spiral. If you now notice similarities, let me tell you that this is by design. Depending on the plane of existence on which it arises, the body cell will form from the information that is stored in the rooms. Each room has a specific purpose and there are many things there that describe the purpose. A New Lemurian who becomes conscious in a body cell can experience many things there, because many secrets are hidden so that they cannot be found immediately. The Wingmakers have chosen this structure because everything is structured this way, by this we mean this spiral form. Why this is so we will reveal much later, but what does all this have to do with a mind flash, we ask? A New Lemurian could alter the genetic information in a fully grown being to cure a being of a genetic mutation or to experiment and they did so extensively. In order for a whole organism to undergo a genetic change in an instant, the change was introduced once with mind flashes. Atlantis was known to perform many sinister genetic experiments on beings of all kinds. Before we get to that, we will go through the eras in the next blog entry, because one day Atlantis also opened up to modern humans, which ultimately led to the downfall of Atlantis.

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