A0631: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 18

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A mind flash contains the intention to trigger something, because mind flashes are ignited intentionally and only happen by chance in the rarest of cases. A Lemurian child who learns to cause a mind flash will also always need a reason for it. If you think of a mind flash as a grenade impact, then you are getting close to the true nature of a mind flash, but there is more to a mind flash than just the explosive effect. Imagine a person who is very relaxed in a quiet place. This person’s thoughts revolve around slow and light information that stimulates the person’s mind in a way that makes the person think gently about one thing and another. The mind is lightly rocked back and forth as if on a gentle wave, so we would also say: This person lulls himself in pleasant thoughts that make him look back melancholically on times past. This person will not produce a mind flash in this state of mind. Imagine another person and suppose that this other person is very tense because he is expecting something that would put the person in danger. The whole body is tense, the senses are heightened and the consciousness of this person will provide many resources so that the body can cope with this situation unscathed. Every sound and movement that this tense person registers will produce a mind flash and now guess what the reason for these mind flashes is supposed to be? The mind flashes are supposed to ensure on your plane of existence that your body receives extra energy so that the defence or even the escape can be successful. The so-called chi comes close, but the so-called chi will not be able to use a mind flash properly because the information for it has always been withheld until now. Future generations will learn again to use mind flashes effectively so that you can do useful things with them. Now, when we explain to you how to consciously fire a mind flash, this information will be difficult for most readers to understand because the person firing a mind flash must be astrally present with their consciousness in order for the person to form a shape explosively on an astral plane. When you are under great stress, even the most untalented person is conscious on an astral plane, but these people no longer have memories of this, because the memory stores are filled by many sensory impressions in the stressed moments. If a person is able to transport his consciousness to an astral plane, then the person is more conscious there than in his body. When the person dwells on an astral plane, then the person can think of a ball and this ball is created as a form on this astral plane and we also claim that this ball consists of matter, but a subtle matter. When the ball has been scooped up by the consciousness, it takes time for the ball to dissolve again, because the holding energy of the ball is used up at some point and the consciousness’ own thoughts create a new form from the former energy of the ball. But if the consciousness knows exactly what the ball has to look like, then the consciousness can let this form arise much more quickly and this thought of the ball, becomes real at the moment the thought was thought. If you imagine a chair for the first time, you must first determine what shape the chair should be and whether the chair should have a back and what colour the chair should be. While you are determining this, the chair becomes existent on the astral plane at the rate at which the consciousness has decided what this chair should look like. Now this has taken a while and if the consciousness creates a second chair that is identical, then the second chair will exist much faster than the first chair. If the consciousness now starts to scoop the same chairs all the time, then we can also assume that the time for scooping decreases with each chair. At some point, the consciousness no longer has to imagine the chair, but has acquired a feeling for this chair, so that the consciousness only has to produce the feeling in order to scoop up a chair in no time at all. If the consciousness can still channel many emotions, then the consciousness could support the feeling for the chair with strong emotions and now the consciousness starts to scoop the chairs with mind flashes. The energy behind this is determined by the emotion and the fractal of the consciousness, so the consciousness can create fireworks on the astral plane, scooping chairs with great vigour that have a lot of holding energy. Now you know approximately how a mind flash is created, but how could you change anything on your plane of existence with it, we ask? We will now discuss this with brief examples so that you can get a feel for what the New Lemurians did with manageable mind flashes. The Lemurians and the New Lemurians were able to do this, but they did not use it very often because they got better results with their crystals.

Bringing water to the boil
Imagine the following situation. A Lemurian had no crystal with him and needed boiling water. The pot with the water is on the floor in front of the Lemurian. The Lemurian imagined exactly the same situation in his mind, so that the Lemurian was standing on an astral plane in front of a pot of water standing on the floor. The Lemurian naturally knows what hot water feels like and the Lemurian brought out this experience and associated this experience with the water pot. Nothing happens because the Lemurian has to feel the memory first. After the Lemurian has collected all the feelings about it, he starts to transform the feeling into an emotion. At first it is not important that the feeling actually has something to do with the boiling water, but all the feelings can be combined so that the Lemurian plays many feelings over and over again, training the feelings. After some time, the set of feelings becomes an emotion. Now it is important that this emotion is linked to the feelings for boiling water. When the emotion arises for the first time, it has mobilised many reserves, but it is not yet a mind flash, so that the training will lead to the Lemurian now being able to abruptly release the emotion that is linked to the boiling water feeling. The Lemurian stands on an astral plane in front of a pot of water and his thought flashes will focus the energy of the emotion in the pot of astral water. These astral energy discharges will cause the water in the pot, on the Lemurian’s plane of existence, to heat up. If the Lemurian’s memories include that the pot also warms, then on his plane of existence the pot will also be warmed. If the Lemurian has trained and successfully applied the mind flashes for heating water, the Lemurian can heat water by his mind power as if shot from a pistol. This example shows you the basic form of the mind flashes and how to use them practically, so we will use the next blog entry to give some more examples because you should know what the Lemurians were capable of. The New Lemurians not only researched new materials, but also genetics, so that they could create many things that would otherwise hardly have seen the light of day, but more on that later. 

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