A0630: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 17

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When a New Lemurian went for a walk, he was usually not alone, because New Lemurians loved to walk in pairs or groups. The parks around the central building were very beautiful and there was something to discover everywhere. These walks also served New Lemurians to make new social contacts because it was close to a hustle and bustle what could be seen in these parks. There were no stalls selling anything, but many artists were there to entertain the walkers and many musicians sweetened the afternoon with beautiful pieces, mostly performed instrumentally. Children were not much to be seen because children were mostly taught by groups so that parents also had time to attend to their duties. We wouldn’t say there were schools first in Atlantis, but these group teachings come pretty close to schooling. There were no grades, nor was there a timetable, but the parents who ran these group tuitions always had a subject that they looked at from many different perspectives and almost all the lessons were conducted on the city-bound astral plane. If one student didn’t feel like doing something, the whole group did something else. Nevertheless, the pupils gained a very great understanding of things in a short time, so that even the parents of the children continued these trainings all the time. First, children learned how to make mental bridges. Mental bridges can be made inside or outside the human body. When a child had learned how to focus his consciousness on one part of the body, then he was able to shift his consciousness into a part of the body. What the Lemurian child then perceives is the biological make-up of that cell. The child can mentally travel around in this body cell and it can ask questions that are always answered by an inner voice. If the child has been able to successfully shift its consciousness into a body cell, then the next journey of discovery begins. If there are also other cells that are located outside of the own body, then the child learns how to shift the consciousness into a body cell of an animal. Once it has done this, it travels to many places outside its own body and is always accompanied by its own inner voice, which describes many things in a way that is more or less comprehensible to the child. If the child cannot make sense of this description, it will ask an adult who will then try to help the child by means of many mental possibilities. Every child always starts by doing something in a body cell instead of just looking at it, so that a child can actually mentally destroy a body cell. No matter what body cell the child destroys, nothing can be triggered by it, because a single body cell, no matter from what body organ, can never trigger a chain reaction of events that could harm the living being of the body cell. A Lemurian child will be happy when it can finally become conscious in a body cell and the journey of discovery will be very exciting, but if the child destroys the cell, the real fun will be over, so that a Lemurian child learned very quickly what it should not do in a body cell. The situation was different with matter particles, which were even to be manipulated to produce a material change by a flash of thought. The Lemurians did not use furnaces to produce metamaterials, but Lemurian children could create material properties by a flash of thought, and it is to this flash of thought that we will now turn our attention.

The Mind Flash
What is a mind flash, you might ask, and you’ve already had one. Just a moment ago a mind flash was whirring through an astral plane because you were thinking explosive thoughts. When you have an idea that comes out of nowhere and ignites an idea in your mind like an explosion, it was a mind flash that carried much more potential than you would now think. If a mind flash is very powerful, what else characterises such a mind flash, we ask? A mind flash is capable of changing matter in your plane of existence, and not only in relation to a particle of matter, but a mind flash can permanently change voluminous collections of matter. A mind flash can trigger emotional reactions in other living beings and a mind flash can destroy astral forms, so only very advanced individuals can consciously trigger a mind flash. Lemurians were capable of this and Atlantians were also capable of this. We are already limiting this ability to Atlantians because Atlantis, as a federation of city-states, was controlled from Atlantis until shortly before its demise. Powerful mind flashes were last allowed to be performed only in Atlantis. We will now describe what a New Lemurian could accomplish when firing a mind flash under laboratory conditions and we will tell you what you could do with a mind flash today. An Atlantean, under supervision, induced a mind flash that affected the corona activity of the Sun so that for a time your star had different properties than it usually did. Before the Atlantian performed it, the experiment was hotly debated in the New Lemurian Research College until it was finally allowed to be carried out under very specific conditions so that no dangerous situations could occur. This experiment posed a great challenge to the College of Researchers, but it was successful and the results of this experiment are still stored today in the main crystal in Giza, so that later you can also understand the motives that led to wanting to carry out this explosive experiment in the first place. If a mind flash from a human being can influence a sun, what can spiritual beings accomplish with a mind flash, we ask? Not only can we create a sun, but we can destroy entire galaxies with a mind flash. The Wingmakers ignited an energy packet that represented your universe with a mind flash, so the so-called bing-bang is something that was triggered by a mind flash. The Wingmakers are very powerful beings, but normal-powerful spiritual beings also have this creative power, which is always initiated by a mind flash. No forms could come into being on the astral plane if a consciousness did not create these forms through a mind flash. You hear correctly, everything you create on the astral planes itself is created by a mind flash. Now the writer rightly wonders whether the personality consciousness triggers these mind flashes or whether it is the inner being of a person who fires the mind flash for the creation? Neither. Neither can the personality consciousness of itself create anything on the astral plane, nor does a spiritual being create anything on the astral plane, but the fractal of consciousness of a being dictates which forms of energy can be used in a creative act. If the fractal of consciousness is simply designed, then only less potent types of energy can be used. If the fractal of consciousness is very richly shaped, it can use very potent forms of energy. A consciousness thinks of a form and the consciousness fractal commissions the energy forms and types of energy to draw from these energies the form that the consciousness specifies. The mind flash is like a turbocharger with which a consciousness can put more emphasis into the creation of form. The energy forms and types will not create the form quickly, but explosively, which always has very far-reaching consequences, so that purposefully used mind flashes will have an effect on your plane of existence. We will look at this further in the next blog entry in this series, because Lemurians were able to use mind flashes to create materials that your material scientists of today can only dream of. Mind flashes are an effective means of bringing about change on your plane of existence, so we will also explain how to trigger mind flashes and how to use them appropriately.

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