A0629: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 16

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When a living being is faced with a big decision, the living being will usually consider many options and you earthly humans are no exception. Some people can come to a decision quite quickly and for other people the process of coming to a big decision is a lengthy process that can be very gruelling. What can the Masters offer as training to such a person so that the person does not have so much trouble making a decision, we ask? We ourselves have no way, as a Master who is not part of the original incarnation, to train an earthly person to come to a decision more quickly, but we may help the person’s incarnational consciousness to do so, so that the personality consciousness does not have to make such an arduous journey to come to a big decision. The following example is more tailored to a modern person of the present time and is meant to teach you to understand that you are never lonely and that you are actually a conglomerate of many consciousnesses trying to help you make a decision. 

Example 3
The Masters have been observing the potential apprentice for a long time and they noticed that the prospective apprentice has great difficulty in making decisions. 

“What are we going to teach him now, how to think about the decision precisely?” wondered one master and immediately several masters jumped into the conversation.

“We have no way of talking to the boy until he has reached the necessary maturity mentally and since he can hardly bring himself to do anything, that is how long we would have to wait, but we can talk to his inner being and convince the inner being not to be so pushy in imposing its opinion. Who would like to start?”

“I would like to start, because at the moment I am only a teacher and I need experience to communicate with inner beings. I have watched many times and would like to at least make a start.”

All the masters seem to agree and the teacher tries a contact with the sixth subconsciousness of the boy’s incarnation.

“Hello, I sense a great dissonance amongst you all and I would like to offer my assistance if you wish?”

“No, at the moment we just need to convince the human what is right for us. He is still resisting but we can manage, thank you for the offer”

The teacher expected this comment and prepares his ruse, which you yourselves keep using.

“Ok, I see you know how to influence the human, then I don’t want to be another disturbance in it, not that my additional thoughts around you will cause another overload of the brain stem because it is already almost inflamed. Good luck in your attempt“

With these words, the teacher turns away and does not immediately dissolve, but slowly moves away from the person’s partial consciousnesses. A short time later the following conversation takes place.

“The brain stem still looks good after all, I don’t think the person should suffer from it. It shouldn’t be a problem yet”

Now the teacher again has the opportunity to respond to the remark of the sixth partial consciousness of the incarnation.

“True, but I know human physiology very well and the first signs of overload have already appeared in the body chemistry. Just look at these waves, don’t they look a little unusual?”

“Right! Do you think that’s actually already connected to our persuasion work?”

“Yes, definitely. This humans seem to be very unstable and the more you try to convince him, the more unstable he become. There is a maximum limit set by the body chemistry before the breakdown occurs and then the brain stem will suffer an inflammation, you will then hardly be able to control it. There, look at the course of the wave-like spread, that’s the unmistakable sign of it, so the inflammation will happen soon, unless you can change the human’s behaviour after all.”

“Hmm, I’m beginning to doubt that. This human consciousness has not evolved as we intended and now we want to prevent worse because this consciousness really has a lot of potential. What would be your advice master?”

“I would advise you not to influence the human being further and also grant him a completely wrong decision. You must understand that consciousness needs wrong choices in order to learn from them and gain the great insights that you have been hoping for so long. Stop the influences and make sure that you control the emotional life of the human being in such a way that the human being thinks he has made exactly the right decision. If the human being makes a wrong decision in the end, support the human being to the extent that he has no doubts. After some time, which can also be painful, the human being will reflect and you can then slowly support the consciousness to recognise what the mistake actually is. This promises to be much more successful in the end than the present approach. I would like to accompany you in this process so that the transition of the human consciousness is not so tragic. There are many ways to mature a human consciousness”

“That sounds very good, but we would have one more question. Why exactly are you here with us? What is your original desire?“

“You have recognised that well. We have been observing the person for a while and we are also convinced of his potential, so we would like to accelerate the maturing process so that the boy’s potential can unfold. We see many blockages and traumas that we would like to dissolve so that the boy does not appear so inhibited. This would be a task that will take a long time, but we are confident that the boy would become a worthy aspirant who can achieve a lot. Everything is already in place, but the blockages prevent him from living a human life and his mental faculties are severely affected by them at the moment. We can help, but only if you want to, otherwise we won’t be able to do anything. What’s your decision?”

“We are divided, we accept the present help very gladly, but we wanted to undertake the trainings ourselves, that was the decision, and if you present masters take over this task, then we will be badly able to accomplish what we have chosen this life for, among other things. Let us solve the present problem and then we will see. We don’t want to rule out your training altogether, but at the moment we rather see ourselves as the boy’s masters and teachers”

So at least later training has not been ruled out and the teacher has had his own first experience. You must understand, every incarnation and therefore every inner being of a person knows everything, but not every incarnation has the sophistication to implement this knowledge in a physical being. Teachers and masters know all these refined procedures because they themselves have been trained for it. The boy will certainly still have a difficult time because the inner being is very determined to implement his ideas. You are all constantly being trained by your inner being and very few have a direct channel of communication with this inner being, so people without this direct channel of communication can be trained much more easily than people who communicate directly with their inner being. But they are rare, so that should not be the subject here today. When the inner being tries to train you, it is always training itself, because this inner being appears to be very clever and wise, but it has no experience with a physical being, which is why it is always gaining new knowledge that makes it mature.  

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