A0628: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 15

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Now we tell the same situation from the perspective of the masters who are around you all the time. A master is dedicated to helping other beings evolve and masters are themselves trained by highly placed beings who have chosen them at one time or another. So what exactly is a Master, we ask? A master was previously an apprentice for a long time and after the apprenticeship, the present master has been trained by other masters in how to teach beings. A superior being once recognised great potential in a spiritual being and this spiritual being asked the being to be trained to be allowed to teach it. Once the spiritual being has accepted the superior being as its master, it is trained to pay more attention to all things, so that the apprentice gains a great deal of knowledge in the spiritual world, which allows the spiritual being to mature relatively quickly. One day the teaching is finished and the apprentice becomes a teacher who is allowed to help other masters to train other beings. When the teacher has trained many beings, at some point he is allowed to call himself a master. We will take up this process again in other blog entries. A master not only knows a great deal, but a master has been given a gift that distinguishes the master and all spiritual beings recognise from the gift that this spiritual being is a master. If we put the masters in relation to all spiritual beings, then the masters make up only 3 percent of all spiritual beings and this small number of masters will teach not only spiritual beings but also intelligent life forms such as yourselves. A master is recognised by his gift, therefore the masters also get access to many levels that are closed to other spiritual beings. Your universe, like all other universes, is such a closed plane that in your universe all incarnated spiritual beings and the teachers and masters are present. If a person thinks it is talking to devilish beings, it is us. If a person thinks they are talking to angels or God, that is also us. Even conversations with the deceased are conducted with us, because we always know everything, as we are very powerful beings. Your light beings are us and your so-called dark ones are also us. There are no spiritual beings in your universe that do these diabolical deeds that you like to find in old scriptures, but everything about it has been misinterpreted or has simply been concocted over a long period of time. All spiritual beings around you are benevolent because they have made it their task to support living beings and to train them so that in a physical life they have the opportunity not only to grow beyond themselves but also to gain in humanity, because that is also the reason why a spiritual being chooses a physical form of life in the first place. We will explain much more about this, but now we want to describe the situation from the point of view of the masters:

  1. All Masters hear the New Lemurian’s attempt to become conscious in a particle of matter and all Masters also understand the problem of why the New Lemurian is unable to do so.
  2. All Masters are networked with each other in a way that allows us to think as a collective if we as individuals wish to do so, so that from a certain point onwards, a Master releases his thoughts into the thought pool of the collective and the Masters who participate in an exchange thereby express a wish to train the New Lemurian. The nature of the training is decided at that time and also who the Master is who does the training. All masters know the solution of the problem, but each master can individually choose the way of solution. How the choice comes to which master is not so relevant at the moment, but there is always a reason why a master is chosen. 
  3. The chosen master starts the contact by the master hinting his presence to get the attention of the disciple. Now it is a question of how the master gains the attention of the disciple so that the training can be carried out. We also think that a lot of tact is needed so that the master is not rejected. When the master is heard by the disciple, the next phase of the training starts.
  4. The master trains the disciple. A master does not necessarily take a different approach from the rest of the masters, but all the masters are now eagerly waiting to see how the master will proceed and what all the masters will learn, because every training also trains a master. It is not important that the training is successful, but what all happens during such a training. If psychologists have such a procedure, they will approve of it, but the masters operate on a very high level, so that afterwards not only the result is evaluated, but also everything that has led to it and that in such a profound way, which today’s psychologists would not be able to do at all, they will not be able to copy our procedure even rudimentarily. During the training, the masters will immediately hotly discuss all direct and indirect impulses of the student. While a disciple is formulating a sentence, the masters have really already analysed everything among themselves. We always know what a living being means before the living being has even arranged his thoughts as he thinks he wants to express. You are so infinitely slow in thinking, therefore we have infinite time not only to recognise what the being is thinking, but it can be discussed in great detail how the further course of the training will be. The master who is doing the training is also still connected to this collective of the masters who are participating in the training, so you are actually not being trained by one master, but by many masters who together will find the best strategy for the training. A collective subconsciousness that each master forms for the training will always ensure that all the subconsciousnesses in the collective are heard and that together they decide on something that is the best choice for all the masters involved. Such a collective will find a common solution without any Master feeling ignored, because a collective always acts unanimously and all involved automatically find the solution positive. If there is an absolutely opposite opinion in the collective, then the solution will shift somewhat in the direction of this partial consciousness in the collective consciousness and all those involved will automatically agree with it. When the master has finished the training, a lot of impressions have been gained, which are again discussed by all masters involved and not involved, so that all masters have fully internalised this experience with the disciple and the success of the training. 

Some trainings can be considered a standard situation and other trainings are incredibly exciting, even for us spiritual beings, because we cannot always predict how a student will react, so we will now give some more examples from both perspectives to describe this and believe us, the situations occur very often, even if the outcome is often different.

Example 2
When a Lemurian was researching something, all the masters were always very curious to see which way the Lemurian chose to approach a new subject. If the Lemurian was easily distracted, then his successes were not very exciting, but if a Lemurian worked in a very goal-oriented way, so that his approach resembled a methodology that researching beings always discover for themselves over time, then a Lemurian researcher could discover and explain things in quite a short time that today’s researchers would have to spend years researching in groups, and this only happened so quickly because a Lemurian is capable of sensing everything on which a Lemurian can direct his focus. We have already revealed a small sample of this in the first example, so we will now add another example. A Lemurian wanted to know what the air molecules are made of and he tried to feel an air molecule, but he hardly succeeded because air molecules are constantly in motion, especially when beings are present that do not even have to move because the appearance of a being makes these air molecules vibrate. What the shining of a being exactly is, we have described in detail before, but we give a little hint. All you are is the human body and this body is enveloped by your consciousness fractals. These fractals of consciousness will shine depending on how potent your power is, but also any emotion will affect the shining. When something shines, it shines, but not in the way you perceive radiation, but shining will always ensure on the astral intermediate levels that an energy balance takes place and this energy balance also takes place with the air molecules around you, so that the Lemurian had great problems with it, because the more he tried to focus on it, the more its shining changed and the subsequent energy balance with the air molecules made them vibrate more and more, which made it even more difficult for the Lemurian to build a mental bridge to an air molecule. The masters around him decided to help the Lemurian, so that one master made himself felt on the astral plane, which only annoyed the Lemurian even more because he was now disturbed in his concentration.

“What is this? Don’t you see that I have work to do? How am I supposed to work if you keep appearing somewhere?”

This was exactly the moment the Master was waiting for, because now the budding disciple is seeking conversation of his own accord, though not under the most ideal circumstances, we would think.

“Oh, you are busy, then allow me to linger here for a moment, provided I do not cause any further disturbance by my silence?”

“No, no, it’s fine, rest and let me just do, am almost where I wanted to be”

The Lemurian tried his experiment for a while longer until he gave up exhausted, then thought about what he was doing wrong. The Master was near the Lemurian, but the Master did not disturb him. At some point the Lemurian gave up annoyed and cursed quite handsomely, only to turn his “gaze” in the Master’s direction shortly afterwards. You must first understand that on an astral plane you do not really speak as you do on the mundane world, but you emit packets of energy that represent your thoughts and other beings receive these packets in which one or more trains of thought are deposited. There is an energy form that translates these thought energy packets for each type of being. Two people, each speaking a different language that the other person in the mundane world does not understand, can have a conversation on an astral plane because the thought packets are automatically translated by the appropriate energy form for each person. When thought packets are sent on astral planes, the Lemurian will also have been thinking something when he changed his “look” in the direction of the Master, so that indirectly the Master was addressed again. The Master will respond to this in a calm and level-headed manner so that a conversation can always ensue.

“Wrong approach, this is unacceptable”

“Oha, but these molecules are also unruly things, only a calm mind can help”

Then usually comes a pause in which the prospective student considers whether or not to continue the conversation. Actually, mentally advanced beings know who is standing in front of them, but as with you, you do not want to be trained by a higher spirit, because that always implies a certain imperfection in every being, with which no one actually wants to dress. Curiosity or even despair will then get the upper hand and the disciple will then always ask the same thing.

“Well, how can it be done when I have already wasted a considerable amount of time on it?”

The master knows very well that it is like walking a tightrope not to lose such a defiant pupil right away, so the master will always quite gently and soberly make some suggestions that sound extremely promising to the pupil and actually the masters also know which suggestion is the best suggestion so that the training can start.

“You should calm your mind. As I just mentioned, any mental stirring will send the air molecules into ecstasy and if you are calm and level-headed in your mind, you will catch one of those things. If you wish, I can change your shining momentarily so that the ecstasy in the air molecules subsides? I could also form a slight mental tunnel to one of the things to guide you, if you’re interested?”

“Yes, what should I do if one of the things still lingers in ecstasy? Should I try to stop it?”

“Better not, there are easier ways to handle it. Try to accept the ecstasy of the things for yourself, then you will be like equal things and you will get the mental access. I can help you with that if that seems right for you?”

“Yes, we should try that. I’d be ready, now what?”

“I’ll start by adjusting the shining a bit. When you leave this thing, everything will be the same as before. Courage, here we go”

The Lemurian then becomes conscious in a molecule of air and can delve into whatever there is to discover. The Master chooses a certain appearance on this plane, which distinguishes each Master, so that when the Lemurian is trained again, the same Master appears again to strengthen the trust in his disciple more and more.

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