A0627: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 14

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New Lemurians had a very broad knowledge base and not much was hidden from them when they addressed a subject because the mental abilities of a Lemurian were far ahead of your abilities. We would attribute the difference in mental abilities of Lemurians and modern humans to the fact that the Wingmaker have already made these presets in the Original Anunnaki and you modern humans have not received this preset. The earthly human race will be the most successful human race in the future and your mental potential will then exceed the mental potential of any human race. More than that, every intelligent being in your universe must then acknowledge that the Earth human race is the crowning achievement of the creation that the Wingmaker have created. The Wingmaker have set you up with the mental potential that the Earth human race will have to take the most arduous path to evolve as a race, but in return you will be the most successful human race to spread throughout your universe. Back to the topic. The New Lemurians had many ways to investigate and now we will describe to you the scientific approach of these New Lemurians because it was very advanced and is still unparalleled today. When you understand the basics of the approach, you will understand why the New Lemurians were so successful in accumulating new knowledge, because that is what it is. A New Lemurian would start by shedding light on a subject and share all the knowledge about it, including the information about why that New Lemurian came up with the idea of looking at the subject under the so-called magnifying glass in the first place. New Lemurians hardly needed any tools because the mind of a human being can do all that you need your overly complicated technology to do today. If a New Lemurian wanted to know how a human skin cell is designed, then the New Lemurian mentally approached a present skin cell more and more. We have explained before why you can perceive your surroundings in greater detail with your eyes closed than with your eyes open. You can perceive with your consciousness fractals everything there is to experience on the worldly and spiritual plane. If the New Lemurian focused his thoughts to examine a certain area on his skin, for example, he could control his perception as if you were using an advanced digital microscope today. The New Lemurian could mentally enlarge the area of the skin more and more, as if under a microscope, and more than that, the New Lemurian obtained a resolution many times better than the most potent scanning electron microscopes already allow you today. A New Lemurian penetrated into areas that made an atom look like a universe, in which there is a great deal to discover and which has long been investigated by the New Lemurians. Your string theory only explains the rough framework, but we are already telling you today, everything is of a completely different nature and the writer already has another idea for a new question. Often the New Lemurians also reached their limits and this is where we, among others, came into play. Before we want to add more examples, we have to explain the system behind it, why we as spiritual beings train living beings at all. If you were pure consciousness, without your physical needs, what would you want to do, we ask? You don’t know, then let’s get to the bottom of things with an example. Imagine the following situation. You are a teacher who specialises in a certain subject area and you would be very clever if you could also understand how to motivate your students for this subject area. You have all the ingredients that make a good teacher or mentor, and since you do nothing else, you are eager to train your students, because that is the fulfilment of your existence. So what do you do when you don’t find a class of students, we ask? Exactly! You look for the students so that you can teach them. If you know where those students are, then you could just go there and start your training. So far, so good, but what do you do when the prospective students don’t want to be taught at all and just do something else? To put it more realistically, let’s say that the place where the students are staying is guarded by adults who don’t want any would-be teacher to teach these children. Therefore, you will first have to explain to these adults what you want to teach the prospective students and only when these beings who supervise the children or prospective students think that the training would be useful, only then will you be allowed to enter the place of the prospective students and only under special conditions, which you actually already know. When you approach a prospective disciple, you must make yourselves known as masters, because masters are looking for apprentices to teach them their way of thinking. But if the prospective apprentice does not want to be taught by the master, then the master must not make any further attempt to convince the prospective apprentice. You all know this in one form or another, so you can also understand that the master must make a good first impression in order to be accepted as a master by a prospective apprentice. When a master is looking for a prospective apprentice, the master knows before the first contact whether the prospective apprentice is worthy to be taught by the master. No spiritual master chooses an apprentice on a whim, but a master always has confidence in a potential apprentice, otherwise the master would not make himself known either. The potential apprentices in most cases do not know at all what is happening to them and suddenly a master has miraculously made contact. We say miraculously, because the first impression is always decisive for whether the chosen apprentice even hears the master. If the prospective apprentice has found trust, the master begins with his teaching in a way that we have now made tangible for you by means of a few examples. Everything that we are about to say happens in this way very often in your universe, because although there are many masters, there are not so many apprentices who can prove themselves worthy. Among the New Lemurians there were many of these worthy apprentices and we trained many of these New Lemurians, even though the writer doubts that we were very successful in it, because Lemuria and Atlantis eventually perished, but we have nothing to do with that directly at all. We are now starting with the examples and we also need several more blog entries to be able to shed light on this topic.

Example 1
When a New Lemurian started to investigate something, all the masters in the place of the budding apprentices also know what the worthy apprentices are doing and we have said many times that around you are all the consciousnesses that come from those masters. When the New Lemurian arrived at a point where any Master could see that the New Lemurian might need help, a Master would make himself known and offer his assistance to the New Lemurian. How can you imagine such a situation, you ask, and we will tell such a situation from the perspective of a New Lemurian and from the perspective of a Master. We start with the perspective of the New Lemurian: The New Lemurian tries to penetrate the structure of an atom and fails because the New Lemurian has not yet learned to focus his consciousness on a point in space. While the New Lemurian is busy somehow focusing on a point in a three-dimensional perception, he perceives a presence that the New Lemurian already knows must be a spiritual being that appeared near him. The spiritual being has appeared mentally in the astral plane of the energetic hemisphere of the city-state, but it has always been present on this plane, only now it makes itself visible to an inhabitant of this astral plane. 

“Hello, interesting what you are trying to do. An atom is already a tough nut to crack, don’t you think?”

The spiritual being must first try to get the New Lemurian to respond to its attempt at communication. If the spiritual being is ignored, it must not approach the city-state resident until that resident does something completely different. Should the New Lemurian respond positively to the contact, the following dialogue could be the beginning of training.

“I just can’t manage to sense the inside of the matter particle. I don’t have enough willpower and it’s gruelling”

“Have you ever used a different breathing technique to do this?”

“No, could that possibly help?”

“No, but if you concentrate on your breath, you don’t have so many unnecessary thoughts and then when you feel the inside of the particle of matter, you can freely unfold the rest of your consciousness in the particle of matter. That is definitely how it should happen then”

“Really? I haven’t thought about that yet, I should try that. Is there a breathing technique you would recommend?”

“Yes, if you want I can help you with that, it should be quick to learn, I know a good technique. If you want, I can guide you through it”

“Yes, that would be good, let’s start with that. What exactly should I do while doing this?”

“Stand in a comfortable position and try to create a ball of energy below your neck. You already know the technique. When the ball of energy has been created, concentrate on continuing to fill this ball of energy as you inhale, so that you get the feeling that this ball of energy is swelling and enveloping your head. When you feel that it feels good, then try to maintain the feeling. If that works so far, then try to focus on the particle of matter at the same time. When you have focused it far, then I help you to dive into the particle of matter. Once you have experienced the feeling of diving into a particle of matter, then you can repeat it again and again”

The spiritual being has now received permission from the New Lemurian to direct his consciousness to the extent that the Lemurian is able to project his consciousness into the particle of matter. Each particle of matter is structured differently within, so the New Lemurian has many opportunities to deepen his new knowledge. The spiritual being has successfully carried out its training and dissolves on the astral plane, so that the New Lemurian can also no longer perceive the presence of the spiritual being. In the next part we will first tell the same situation from the perspective of the masters and we also think that then many things will appear clearer to you, how the interaction of masters and disciples is designed, because all examples in their basic elements are still applied on earth today.

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