A0626: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 13

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If a New Lemurian wanted to marry, this event was celebrated in Atlantis just as it had been in Lemuria. The bringing together of potential couples was handled in exactly the same way as it had been in Lemurian times, with only one small difference. New Lemurians could not easily leave their city-state, so the conspiratorial network for these reunions that the Lemurians maintained had undergone a small transformation. In New Lemuria many festivals were celebrated and at these festivals the conspiratorial networks had all kinds of work to do to bring the potential couples together as well. In Lemuria, the family and friends of a Lemurian secretly made sure that the Lemurian could fall in love with another Lemurian, literally at first sight. The chosen ones of the gathering had usually already acquired a feeling that something was being cooked up, but they never knew with absolute certainty, so that often quite unexpectedly two Lemurians met in one place under very special circumstances, and in the process their most secret wishes miraculously came true. This conspiratorial network of Lemurians was extremely successful in Lemurian times, because not only the chosen ones noticed something that could indicate such a possible meeting, but also many other Lemurians, who had not yet found a partner, instinctively noticed that a conspiratorial network must be active again in their surroundings, so that no Lemurian knew with certainty for whom this conspiratorial network was planning a meeting. Since many Lemurians were now attuned to the fact that something magical had to happen, many other couples also found each other in addition to the chosen ones, so that such a gathering was not only extremely exciting for all involved and uninvolved, but also always successful, even if not always for the chosen Lemurians. In Atlantis, these festivals were selected for this purpose, so that conspiratorial networks planned these gatherings long in advance, what should happen how and where at a festival with the chosen ones, in order to make this moment a magical moment for both chosen ones, to possibly ensure that a new family could arise. New Lemurians were still free to dissolve a family if they realised their differences were too great, that is why there were not the firm bonds you make today when you marry. The New Lemurians, however, had a much more intimate partnership than was the case in Lemurian times because understanding with each other was fostered by the energetic hemisphere. If a couple found each other, then this couple could often be observed during long walks in the parks. Intimate expressions of love, as you practise them in most countries, also existed in Lemurian times, but Lemurians were always sane even in the phase of being in love, so that these meetings could be interpreted more like the first meetings of a couple trying to understand their future partner better and better. New Lemurians knew very quickly whether a potential partnership was going to be successful because the energetic hemisphere ensured that Lemurians in love did not wear the infamous rose-coloured glasses that suggested a distorted image of the future partner. New Lemurians were incredibly fond of laughing, their physical movements being similar to yours, but much quieter. New Lemurians were very well connected among themselves under the energetic hemisphere, so all conversations were held on the astral plane. Again, there was a difference from Lemuria that is very worth mentioning. The network that guaranteed a mental connection among the Lemurians was much weaker developed in Lemuria than in a city-state of Atlantis, therefore we can also say: The energetic hemisphere not only generated a screen that shielded the sphere from external influences, but this energetic hemisphere generated its own astral plane that was only valid for the respective city-state. This astral plane was as potent as the main crystal allowed, so that New Lemurians actually led two existences, which had not yet been envisaged for the human species at this stage of evolutionary development. The astral plane is deposited in the energy field of the ambient frequency, and the master crystal of a city-state ensured that all information on this city-bound astral plane was preserved. Even today, the main crystal of Atlantis has stored almost every piece of information ever thought by an Atlantian and this is a big problem for the spiritual world because we spiritual beings are not allowed to enter these city-bound astral planes easily. This sounds strange now, but we must actually receive permission to do so and only then may we enter this astral plane in such a way that the inhabitants of the plane can also perceive us. Every human being is inhabited by an incarnation and the partial consciousnesses of an incarnation in a human being correspond to a spiritual being that still knows everything and is capable of doing a great deal. It was no different with the Lemurians, only that this spiritual being in a Lemurian has different powers within an energetic hemisphere than outside this energetic hemisphere. We as spiritual beings of the incarnation of the writer have very many powers to train the writer. If the writer were to enter such an energetic hemisphere, then many powers would suddenly fall away, because these powers are bound to the astral planes of the earth. We would then no longer be allowed to train the writer and many sufferings of the writer would be abruptly removed, because we are responsible for putting pressure on the writer to such an extent that, in spite of the sufferings and the incidents in his life, he would be given the opportunity to develop into an ever more human being, just as we would like to be, because we are just as much the writer as the personality consciousness is at present. We develop further and further into the being that currently constitutes the writer and the writer develops more and more into what we as spiritual beings are now pretending to be, so that soon we are already one and hardly anything distinguishes us from the core of our being. If the writer were to create an energetic hemisphere, then he would indeed have the peace from our manipulations that he has longed for so long. We could then just watch the writer evolve and that is something no incarnation has ever wanted. We have animated this human body in order to gain many insights that we can hardly experience in this form and if we no longer have the opportunity to ensure that we can mature as a human being, then we will be denied many things that we desperately want to achieve. The writer is eager to find out how such an energetic hemisphere can be created and we will answer the question about this, which he has just placed at the top of his list of questions, even if every human being can negatively influence his or her development as a result. With the Lemurians it was not as drastic as with you humans, because Lemurians as a race had a completely different approach to things and therefore the spiritual being inhabiting a Lemurian hardly had to use cruel training. Nevertheless, the Lemurians are also trained, even today, but we will explain that in a future series on the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system. The New Lemurians gave permission to only a few spiritual beings to enter their city-bound astral planes to train the New Lemurians. These trainings were completely different from the trainings you experience on a daily basis, but these trainings were very effective and we were a spiritual being at that time that received this permission. We trained many New Lemurians, but we will discuss that in more detail in the next blog entry, so that you already understand what is to come when the official first contact with an intelligent alien species has been completed by you. You all find yourselves in an energetic hemisphere of the Earth that will be transformed again after the official first contact, just as it was at the time of Atlantis. Then all spiritual beings will have only limited access to these planes and also the spiritual beings that inhabit your human body will automatically lose many powers as a result, so that you will hardly have the trainings and also the brought about sufferings and you will not need them any more, because the years-long process of the official first contact will let you act much more human almost abruptly. When this process has been completed, you will be a completely different person who has hardly anything in common with the present person, because you will then be much more human, which the spiritual beings in you have been trying to train for a very long time. Some of you have already achieved this humanity, so that you no longer need much training.

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