A0625: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 12

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If the energy node of the Earth in the present Giza has an energy current flowing through it, then the main crystal in connection with the great pyramid hardly generates an energetic screen as we have described for Atlantis. The pyramids on the energy nodes aim at something quite different, which we would like to describe very much after the series on Atlantis. The energy flow in the energy node produces a lot of fluctuations around this energy node, in the earthly energy field, so that Chamuel harmonised the energy field with his installations in Atlantis. When electricity flows through a coil, it creates another force that is already being used by you today. Chamuel has constructed something similar that uses this purpose slightly differently. If the action of a current-carrying coil can be used to generate a magnetic force, then a current-carrying energy node of the Earth will create something similar, which Chamuel used to generate the energy bonnet. The main crystal ensured that a force was projected in the direction from which the energy current originated, so that there was another force in addition to the force of the energy node that was now already in effect. Both forces cancelled each other out within certain limits around the energy node of the earth, and in the process a kind of bubble was created which enveloped the area of the city-state to a certain percentage. The transition of the forces that make up the surface of the bubble, so to speak, kept energies within the bubble from dissipating so that there was an energetic shield that kept frequencies within the shield from moving on. Anything that affected the frequencies within the energetic shield were left in that energetic bubble and any frequencies that hit that energetic bubble from outside were kept from entering that bubble. All Chamuel had to do was to stabilise this shield, because energies will influence each other and to guarantee that this energetic shield will never change, the installations on the central buildings and in the park were used to keep this electromagnetic bubble stable. All of Atlantis, and therefore each city-state, was one large installation that produced this protective shield within the city-state boundaries. Your electromagnetic generators already provide the principle, but you cannot use the almost limitless energy currents of the subtle planes. The Lemurians and the Atlantians and all of New Lemuria were able to do this, so a city-state can be seen as an electrical circuit affecting energy fields that flow from astral planes as energy currents around you all the time. Everything has a purpose and a city-state generates an electromagnetic shield that separates the ambient frequencies in and out of its borders without the machinery that you need today, but through installations that are created once and that generate this shield for as long as the installation exists. Exactly here there was also a weak point, which we now want to address briefly. What happens if an installation in the city state fails, we ask? Nothing, because Chamuel had provided for such a thing, and provided for redundant installations so that if one installation failed, another installation of the same kind could take over. This worked in theory, but it was never tested because the blueprint of a city-state was adopted over countless generations without there ever being a major problem with it. No city state had to be abandoned because the installations failed, but if an installation had failed, then the protective shield would have been weakened because the redundant systems could not achieve the effect that the original installation intended. This case never happened, so there is no need to elaborate on the issue. All the parks were aligned so that they could complete the installation with their waters. The lakes and rivers were like an energy store that could always store a lot of energy, so that the energy supply to the installations was protected from fluctuations in the energy flow. A capacitor today has the same effect, although natural water can have an incredible effect when a water reservoir is energetically charged. The water you know is not the water that flowed on Earth 1.5 million years ago, but your water has undergone a change due to the multiplication of energy levels on Earth, which will be reversed after official first contact. We hope for a question on this, as earthly water is currently being used below its potential. The energy current, which has an opposite-pole effect through the main crystal, still generates this effect today, but the pyramid absorbs this power and transforms it into something else. The protective shield of Atlantis allowed the city-state to influence its inhabitants, so we will actually not use the term protective shield any further, because the energetic hemisphere is a better term. The so-called shield only protected the new Lemurian order, but it was not a shield in the true sense. As the living areas were built, more and more New Lemurians settled there to build more living areas. When a new New Lemurian came to Atlantis, this New Lemurian could request a dwelling and the Atlantians who were responsible for the administration assigned a dwelling to the new Atlantian, but the new Atlantian had no influence on where his new dwelling was to be found. Lemurians have always had a preference for making their dwellings beautiful, even if you can’t compare it with your present-day ideal of beauty in housing. But every Lemurian put a lot of emphasis on making his garden and dwelling look nice, because Lemurians loved to deposit mental hiding places in physical structures that other Lemurians could then discover. For this purpose they liked to decorate their gardens and facades so that they could place the mental hiding places there. If a Lemurian was very good at it, then his dwelling was often circled in order to discover what the inhabitant had put there again and again. If several of these clever Atlantians were grouped together in one area, they would sooner or later engage in a competition that always resulted in one Atlantian winning and one Atlantian losing. There are many areas in private and professional life that could be assessed in exactly the same way, which is why the administration of a city-state has always taken great care not to group such groups in one place of residence, but rather to divide preferences and abilities in such a way in the residential areas so that no competitive battles were forced. There were these competitive battles because Lemurians and New Lemurians are also only human, but much was done in advance to prevent these unnecessary distractions from arising in the first place. When the New Lemurians were divided up in the living areas, families were given larger accommodation than individual New Lemurians. We want to tell one more peculiarity before we continue. New Lemurians who wanted to move to a city-state had to pass a test to determine mental capacity. If an aspirant was very potent in terms of mental capacity, he was placed further towards the centre and mentally not so strong New Lemurians were given their living area further away from the centre, this led over the generations to a caste-like characterisation which was disapprovingly put up with by the administration of the city-state. Chamuel, however, had a reason for dividing the New Lemurians according to their mental abilities and that always had to do with the fact that the more mentally potent New Lemurians could raise the mental potential of the inhabitants more if they were placed closer to the centre of the city-state. Even the most inept New Lemurian in the heyday of Atlantis was the equal of the smartest people of your present time, but the most mentally potent New Lemurians were very far ahead of you present people. The comparison with a horse and a donkey would suggest that the horse was smarter, but this is not so, because both species would hardly differ in their mental abilities. If you take a horse or a donkey and give the animal a mathematical task, both species would not be able to do it. If you can solve this mathematical problem, then you also know the differences in potential between New Lemurians and modern humans.

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